Vanessa Hudgens: Candie's-isms Cutie!

Vanessa Hudgens: Candie's-isms Cutie!

Vanessa Hudgens is back as the face for Candies in the Fall 2011 Back-to-School collection and JJJ has a ton of new images to share!

The 22-year-old actress is bringing Candie’s-isms, the code Candie’s girls live by, to life! Candie’s-ism key rules:
– Candie’s girls believe you can do anything in heels
– Candie’s girls know sprinkles are a food group
– Candie’s girls never forget to treat themselves.

Vanessa filmed several TV spots for the new campaign but she’s leaving it up to YOU to decide the winning TV Spot, which will air on national television in late July. Voting starts TODAY on Facebook!

Stay tuned for TONS of behind-the-scenes videos and more exclusive pics! 20+ pics inside…

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Photos: Candies Brand
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  • Laura

    LOVE HER! Gorgeous as always.. <3

  • x

    She is STUNNING!

  • Ally

    obsessed with Vanessa. my fave site always features her on her celebrity fashion blog. you have to check it out. she’s a young LA stylist. go to google and search for her blog. It’s called Fash Boulevard

  • amber

    obsessed with Vanessa. my fave site always features her on her celebrity fashion blog. you have to check it out. she’s a young LA stylist. go to google and search for her blog. It’s called Fash Boulevard

  • Jenny

    So damn sexy!

  • annii


  • annii

    i want the exclusives ones!

  • Diamond

    I am blown away , she is BEYOND GORGEOUS ! She seems so happy , and is beautiful on the inside as she is on the out <3 Candies have some reallyy cute clothes , I think I’m goin to have to stop by Kohl’s and pick up a few things myself HAHA ! Anyways Vanessa looks great , and I can’t wait to see what commercial wins eventhough their all great : )

  • musicgirl

    FINALLY some vanessa news!! :) she looks amazing, she is the most gorgeous girl in the WORLD! <3

  • a

    It’s June 2011, why are they filming the Fall campaign before mid-June? Hell, why did they shoot it in June? wth? most of these campaigns are typically shot in September and released in mid-Septemeber.

    Shooting it in June is a little bit too premature and atypical.

  • ehryle


  • annii

    her body is amazing

  • annii

    lol actually the fall campaigns are actually released in june.

  • Haters Suck!

    DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. These shots are fantastic and Vanessa looks amazing. Very proud of her, keep going strong baby V.

  • bigfanofvanessahudgens

    I loooooooooove her! She is so awesome and beautiful! The candies ads of her are sooooo good:) the best model candies has ever had<3

  • Danielle

    She is the best!!!!!!!

  • lauren

    i have nothing nice to say, so ill just leave it at that.

  • peggy


    And like you own family no one cares what you think troll

  • carly

    She looks amazing. I’m so happy for vanessa, she has so much going on.

  • lauren

    why dont u use a different word instead of troll? seriously do you even know what that word means?

  • x

    She is stunning

  • peggy


    Yeah I know what it means at it fits you perfectly. Still trying to get someone to notice you since no one else does.

    THere you were noticed now go away

  • kerri
  • Lauren lipkin

    What did I ever do to u?

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  • kerri
  • kerri
  • gracemarie
  • laquida

    I’m so glad vanessa is back! I missed her and updates on her.anyways,damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! vanessa looks soooooooooo amazing,stunning,and beautiful!!! I’m glad that she is still doing her thing with candies especially for the fall back to school clothing! The pics are sooooo gorgeous!!! Love nessa!!!!!!!!!!:):):)

  • laquida

    I can’t wait for the commercial to air in July!! I’m so excited!!!:)

  • kerri

    Another pic of Nessa for Candiesbrand.

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    Vanessa is the most beautiful girl!!!

  • http://mikehla mike

    nice pic

  • Patworx

    @peggy: Peggy is right.

  • Digi
  • kerri

    @Digi: Thank you so much for posting that link.

  • Joochi

    Hooray!!! Vanessa news, the site was getting pretty boring with no news on her. She is every bit beautiful, poise and professional, she’s perfect for this ad.

  • my2cents

    Wow, she looks stunning and she makes the clothes look awesome.
    I love everything about the commercial, so cute.

  • oxana

    the cutest

  • ryan

    we want britney back!!

  • maeli

    love her

  • carebear

    Luv her clothes.

  • potaa

    love it! she’s so pretty <3

  • http://none juddy

    finally I missed her she’s so sexxxxxxxxxy <3

  • http://none juddy

    finallly I missed her she ’s so sexxxy like always <3

  • maria

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous……..every shot is fabulous!! She is a PERFECT model for their clothes…..they are young, fun, and flirty, like her. I’ve been loving seeing her in the Kohl’s ads every week and I can’t wait for these!! I wish I could say I had a favorite, but there are too many!!

  • dan

    she is amazing! I can not choose a favorite photo, one day I’ll marry this woman or she’ll kill me.

  • ZANE


  • pao

    Wow!! Gorgeous! ! <3

  • Tata


>>>>>>> staging1