Vanessa Hudgens: Candies Fall 2011 Videos!

Vanessa Hudgens: Candies Fall 2011 Videos!

Vanessa Hudgens is a talented girl — she can ride a bike in heels!

New pics from the Fall 2011 Collection just debuted, and JJJ has a few exclusive ones for you, plus VIDEOS!

Remember — Vanessa filmed several TV spots for the new campaign but she’s leaving it up to YOU to decide the winning TV Spot, which will air on national television in late July.

Voting is already under way on Facebook!

What are Candie’s-isms?

Vanessa Hudgens for Candie’s Fall 2011 – Sizzle Reel

Vanessa Hudgens for Candie’s Fall 2011 – B-Roll
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Photos: Candies Brand
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  • Telle

    yupi ¡¡¡¡¡¡ i pick up the second 1 but i must admit that the milk thing was cheese besides of that it’s Ok
    WE MISSED YOU V …btw what happened to vanessa’s fans these days i mean they’re getting lazy

  • kerri

    Great videos!!! She is so pretty i want to be her friend but i think i would be too insecure about myself because she is very beautiful.

  • Telle

    theres so many things that i would love to say¡¡¡¡ V
    i hope your put your best 4 your new movie & keep that amazing energy ¡¡

  • amber

    Vanessa has the best style. My friend is a young stylist in LA and she has a fashion blog where she always features Vanessa. check it out. google Fash Boulevard.

  • Diamond

    Wow , she is soo awesome , and I don’t think I can pick just one ! She looks gorgeous in all of them , but I think I am going to have to say 2 or 3 ?!

  • carebear

    She is 2 cute luv her clothes and her bubbly personality.

  • kerri

    Another cute pic of Nessa!!!

  • kerri

    Vanessa4candies was the no.1 Trending topic on Yahoo.

  • hermaione

    great videos …vanessa look very happy & it really help is that she has a high spirit & a good heart, i love the way that she & a few other girl celebs are not fake or conceited & for that im proud to be a vanessa & emma fan / keep in in real girls¡

  • troian

    damn she’s HOT & beautiful.

  • Haters Suck!

    Lovin these videos. Vanessa just seems like a natrually happy person. Personally I like the first commercial best but I’m good good with any of them

  • joan

    She Is BEAUTIFUL, HOT and TALENTED at The Same Time I Love Her She can Do wahtever she Wants She is Big enough i Love Her and i Will Support Her FOREVER

  • http://none juddy

    Beautiful,hot and sexxxy

  • annii


  • daniel

    she’s keep getting better & better with age.

  • tym

    I don’t like her. Zac is making himself ill because of her.

  • hermaione

    anyone know where is she? Cool videos

  • Haters Suck!

    that all depends on who u believe. As far as we know Vanessa can be in one of five different states. She’s somewhere as she has updated her facebook a couple of times but that’s really as much as anyone knows. Just hope she’s happy wherever she is and it’s good to get away from the paps from time to time.

  • sky10

    She is sooo bubbly and beautiful,it’s suit her all these Candie’s modeling stuff….but of course i’m mssd seeing someone with her.just saying.GOD bless you Vanessa.

  • kerri
  • Pao

    LOL! she’s so bubly I love her spirit!!! gO V! we miss U!

  • yets

    i miss her!!!
    thanks to Candies.

  • maeli

    gorgeous baby v

  • hermaione

    @Haters Suck!: well i hope that she’s happy too wherever she is but there are people that missed her..mostly her fans :’(

  • gleen

    BAD DECISION missi hudgens… i don’t like it

  • gleen

    1 more thing: why is she on a independent movie ? ????? c’mon indies movies are for people that act damn good i mean why is she on gimme shelter. that’s wrong i don’t believe that stuf
    MAD mda *€~#€€¬~¬~&%6

  • peter=_=

    freaking WOW ..her future husband will be a damn lucky man. DAMN IT her future husband will be a damn lucky man. DAMN IT sometimes i hate living so freaking far away hey don’t get me wrong i love my country but ya know vanessa is really special lady.

  • Angie

    @hermaione: She’s in NY shooting the movie Gimme Shelter and yes for real they started finally I can’t wait until it comes out. And I too feel the same way about her and Emma being real.

  • Angie

    V looks really nice I don’t care which TV commercial you got Vanessa so what more do you need right? She’s smokin!!

  • kerri

    She looks so pretty :)

  • Haters Suck!

    oh shut up. I’m tired of hearing that load of bull crap.
    Well obviously the people in charge think she can act just fine. She worked for her part, it wasn’t handed to her. She earned it.

  • laquida


  • My 2 cents

    They are all cute videos any of them would be fine. She’s gorgeous in all the outfits and accessories.

  • lolaa


  • lolaa

    i want more pictures

  • lolaa

    so cute

  • lolaa

    lol he is all the time with different girls.. he is not sad!
    I just want Vanessa to be happy <3 i dont care about him

  • lolaa

    @Haters Suck!:
    her facebook isnt a personal one, she has a social media team now. they are the one who update her facebook, her official page and eventually her twitter

  • lolaa

    love her

  • lolaa

    i miss her, i jus want ONE picture

  • lolaa

    stop girl

  • lolaa


  • ZANE


  • Roselovezanessa

    Wow…..I can’t say any thing ..she got it all,I love you nessa!!!!

  • peter=_=

    beautiful ¡¡¡¡¡

>>>>>>> staging1