Miley Cyrus: Sydney Sight-Seer

Miley Cyrus: Sydney Sight-Seer

Miley Cyrus teases us with a crop top underneath her army green jacket as she checks out some sights in Sydney, Australia on Saturday afternoon (June 18).

The 18-year-old musician, wearing Koolaburra‘s “Lucinda Deluxe” shoes, is currently on her Gypsy Heart Tour, and just completed the Manila leg of her tour.

“So happy to be back on the road again! Thank you Manila for such an amazing show! Hello Australia!,” Miley tweeted.

While out in Sydney, Miley and her band mates headed to lunch at wooloomooloo.

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Credit: Grey Wasp/Blue Wasp; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • samy

    i don’t like her but i think she is beautiful

  • keena

    Her outfit would be cute if she wasn’t wearing that jacket and had different shoes.

  • Dee Osment

    Aaww!!! I love her all smile… She deserves all the best… Go Smiley Miley :)

  • Briidgit Mendler Online

    it’s been a while since we had some Miley action :)

  • Lola

    I love the way her hair has roots, her ears are pokey-outy, her front tooth is crooked, her clothes don’t quite match, her voice sounds like shes been smoking for years, her tummy has a teeny tiny pooch, her sunglasses make her look like she has a uni-brow, and the way she just dosn’t give a sh!t about any of it. I love her, and every imperfection she has, cause thats what makes her absolutly beautiful. I don’t care what anyone says. Miley Cyrus is amazing. And always will be.Because shes real. #SmilersloveMileyRayCyrus

  • kayly

    OMG i can’t believe she is in Australia!!! Sadly I am not going to see her! :( Still luv her!

  • Blahhh

    i have no idea why she took her belly button piercing out. she has that scar about it now and its gross. Love her to death though.

  • Warren

    I love you beautiful, sexy Miley! I want you back home.

  • Warren

    Miley is so hot, but there is some nasty looking bald dude following her. Somebody should get this guy before he hurts Miley. JK

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    omw she”s back!!!!! but on the road to australlia 4 her concert >>> maybe she s tired but ofcourse she love her fans sooooo gogooog miley we miss u and we love u:)

  • http://deleted Warren

    @Lola: I don’t exactly agree with U. I love Miley’s beautiful voice and think she has the most perfect body. I love her smile and think she has the most beautiful face in the whole world!

  • mikey

    hope you having fun… ps.. i like the jesus peace around your neck

  • amtfan

    @Lola disagree. her body is perfect, her smile may be a little imperfect but I love it, her voice is adorable and she has talent. She doesnt give a crap about what HATERS say, that’s a good thing. To me, shes perfect, to me, shes beautiful. <3

  • Laura


  • helloo

    heyyy we can see her new tat on pic 4! it’s an anchor! i was dying to find out what it was lol

  • Lola

    @warren @amtfan Oh yeah I 100% agree..shes amazing but the fact that she does have little flaws proves shes human. And to me thats even more amazing..shes one of the only stars out there that dosn’t try to fix herself 10000% to make herself look like a Barbie Doll. I love every little thing about her just like you guys! Haha shes the best.

  • http://deleted Cant Be Tamed

    miley is amazing <3 she cares about her fans alot
    and she looks beautiful btw :)

  • http://deleted Cant Be Tamed

    i agree with everyone in this post ! everyone has a point going on in there comments
    but the thing that will never change is that miley is beautiful inside and out and is here to stay . her fans will never leave her because she will never leave them

  • blahblahblah

    I Love her so Feaking much at least she’s real :) , and haters I have nothing to say 2 you but you are only H.aving A.nger T.owards E.veryone R.eaching S.uccess .

  • blahblahblah

    Agree :)

  • headstrong

    @Warren: so agree with you.

    I love the outfit, i just dont like the red top though.
    I love her hair like that and tha smile makes me smile too :)

  • aa

    can’t wait to see her!!!

  • aa

    @Warren: That bald dude, is probably her body guard! lol

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    seriously … this chick ROCKS !!
    i wish she came to the mmva it was nothing without her :(

  • blahblahblah

    I know Right !!

  • gyu

    she is cute

  • Cassy

    Yeah, Indiana Joney, you little tease…