Bonnie Wright: People Admire Ginny

Bonnie Wright: People Admire Ginny

Bonnie Wright cozies up to a very hairy and somewhat scary looking cat in this new shot from Interview Magazine.

The 21-year-old actress opened up to the mag about leaving Harry Potter behind, keeping up with the cast and what’s next on her plate. Check it:

On keeping up with her cast mates: “We have definitely been able to still see each other. We did press in New York in April, all of us went to see Dan [Radcliffe]‘s play and saw him afterwards, and that was amazing. I’ve definitely seen more than I’ve imagined of people, luckily enough, people haven’t been all over the place too much. But I think what’s amazing now is just seeing the pathways people take. Going to see new films they’re in, or going to see plays they’re doing, or different things—that’s this whole network that we’re lucky to all have gained that from the film.”

On being a little like Ginny in a way: “I think it’s a mixture [of myself and her]. Sometimes you need to put your own characteristics into the actor, and you take different things from the character that you admire—sometimes you can’t see the boundaries anymore. I don’t know. I’ve always loved her—she is very fearless as a character, doesn’t really care what other people think, and she speaks her mind. I think that fearlessness is something that people do admire in her.”

On what she’s really doing right now: “I’m studying film and television in London. So that’s very interesting. I kind of went towards that: the idea of writing, storytelling, all the different things that go behind film; and I always wanted to go to art school, and it’s one of the big art schools of London, so that was a dream that I completed.”

On her upcoming film, The Philosophers: “It’s set in an international school in Jakarta. It’s called The Philosophers because it’s based around this philosophy classroom, before they graduate from their last year of high school from this international school. Their philosophy teacher is very sort of strange and corrupt. There’s a thing in philosophy called ‘thought experiments,’ where you basically imagine a situation that you go in as a group and put philosophical ideas into practice. We use our imagination, that we all create and think of, as this bunker that’s going to sleep ten people to hide out from a nuclear war, a [post]nuclear sort of world.”

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Credit: Alex Sainsbury; Photos: Interview Magazine
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  • Goose

    Great interview and I love the shoot.

  • sahina

    dude. she’s 20!

  • kelly

    adore it

  • HPgeek_21

    Is it just me, or is that cat looking a bit like Crookshanks?

  • michelle

    She is such a classy and beautiful young lady. I can’t wait to see her new movie.

  • Goose

    @HPgeek_21 It does look like Crookshanks. No idea it it’s suppose to be him in the shoot or not though…lol

  • Kl@$$y

    She looks beautiful. I love her!


    Bonnie is gorgeous. <3

  • jo_pley

    I had no idea cats came in that gorgeous shade of red. I wonder how long it took to find one that matches Bonnie’s hair.

    This was a great interview with interesting and thoughtful answers.