Glee Cast Will Graduate After Season Three!

Glee Cast Will Graduate After Season Three!

Did you hear the big news that the Glee cast is graduating next season? It’s true!

Creator Ryan Murphy told Ryan Seacrest that some key characters — Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Puck, amongst others — will be graduating and saying goodbye to McKinley High School at the end of the third season.

“That is true. I don’t think of it in terms of eliminating or replacing. Because I think the thing about this cast is people love them and they are incredibly talented. They’ve left sort of an indelible mark,” he shared. “The thing that I wanted to do and the cast wanted to do, we didn’t want to have a show where they were in high school for 8 years. We really wanted it to be true to that experience. We thought it would be really cool if we were true to the timeline.”

And since they’re graduating, that’s an opening for new people to join New Directions. So who do you want on Glee? Let us know your dream Glee cast!

WILL YOU STILL watch the show if your favorite character is gone?

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  • leah

    As long as kurt and blaine don’t leave I am happy

  • rutho

    i’m about to cry.

  • rutho

    and whoopeee first!! well.. second now :)

  • Briidgit Mendler Online

    NOOO! Cory is my fave! Well as long as Sexy Shuster and Jane are still in, I’m good.

  • persephone

    no way !

  • http://ijbieberlovex Sandra

    ahhh kill me!!!

  • Yarden

    No way, Glee without Rachel is not really glee!!!!
    This is so sad!

  • Yarden

    No way, Glee without Rachel is not really glee!!!!
    This is so sad!

  • Spencer

    obviously no! this sucks :(

  • anon


  • Rusty

    This is so sad. Glee is not Glee without the Glee Cast :(

  • http://foreveronefour nicole


  • Claire

    NOOOOOO, glee without rachel cant go on, I hate when series change the actors…

  • http://@andres_rrz andres r.

    I really want a episode in honor of Taylor Swift for third season… I can´t believe they sang justin bieber’s song an none of taylor! She has made history in the music and deserves that episode… I hope they warch this.

  • cissou

    Nope. Without Quinn and Finn just no.

  • Becky

    I think AJ Michalka should join glee! She’s talented, can actually sing, is a good actress and is beautiful and wears braces so she can be a geek!

  • lulu

    no! you can’t just change characters!! either close the show or show what the characters do after school!! like maybe they all get a job in broadway, keep it going! :(

  • Judes

    They should create a spin-off with Rachel, Kurt, ant Blaine in New York :)

  • a

    I DEFINITELY won’t watch.

  • Andie

    I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT PUCK…I just can’t.

  • Zana

    Glee without Rachel most definitely is NOT Glee. Glee without Rachel OR Kurt OR Finn OR Quinn or the others is even less Glee.
    I figured they’d graduate after season 3 and I’ve always been prepared for this to be a 3-season show. If they continue, but with new characters, I will not be watching. No way. I’ll be extremely disappointed if they do this.

  • http://Ortegajanine Janine

    No way!!!

  • Laura-c

    Kurt is only 16, is he going to graduate at 17 or what? It’s going to be odd. They better have one hell of a 3rd season to finish up story lines.

  • marz

    they need to end the show after season three… it’s gonna end up being a rip-off Degrassi. and they need to end it and leave it as the amazing show it is.

  • Katie

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I just got into glee, it’s my favorite show!

  • Rebecca

    It makes sense that certain characters would graduate, I just forgot about that component. But all I need is some attractive lesbians and i’m good.

  • Carolinaa

    NOOO! I loved to this guys. ♥

  • Patworx

    Guys, this is fine. Really. Replacing the cast is inevitable. I just hope that they include some good characters to replace the old ones. Also, cameos from former cast members would be much appreciated.

  • Sharmarie

    Whats the point of having Glee if all the show favorites are gone??? There’s no Glee without Quinn, Rachel, and Finn

  • http://Imjonboi JAke

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Rachel is GLEE!!!!! If they take away Rachel, Kurt, or anyone in Mckinley, I will NOT watch it! I don’t care if they are in high school for 20 years!

  • Mary joe

    ooooooooooook i am against of glee ending ofc and characters being replaced cause im a gleek as the 79764’84402283 ppl living on earth, but i believe that it’d be soo cool if justin bartha joined glee as well as some others such as emma stone, hailey steinfield, cody simpson, greyson chance, joe jonas, abigail breslin, natt wolf, china mclaine, lucas till, liam hemsworth and ofc Patrick Schwarzenegger


    What? NO. Well, personally my favorite character is Kurt, but I still love all of the Glee cast. :( Neither Finn, Rachel, Puck, or Quinn should graduate, I mean, they should but with the whole Glee cast though. :P Can’t they just add more people without taking anyone out? It won’t be the same, only if they still show them after they graduate like if they have a job or whatever. :) Grr. I don’t like this change. Pft, as long as they don’t take Kurt/Chris out, I’ll still survive a small part left.

  • http://lah_branz Lah’Branz

    before there wasn’t glee i was like the most nonliving thing/ a nobody in high school ! but after i watch glee, it had made a better person. i am not the same anymore. watching glee has open up my shell. so i would to give thanks and love to glee for making me a better person i am right now! i am looking forward to watch season 3.

  • Lah’Branz

    before there wasn’t glee i was the most non-living/ a nobody person in high school. but after i watch glee . it has change my life, i was not the same . so i would like to give thanks and my love to glee! you have change ME big time. i am looking forward to season 3.

  • Azalea

    Gosh ! No more Quinn?! Really?!
    Crying now

  • http://@countrygrl987 Sarah

    It will not even be Glee without Rachel, she is the show! And Finn and Quinn will be gone to, NO!!!! Rachel is the best character on the show and she has the best, most amazing voice ever! No more Finchel either!! NOOOOO!!! And Quinn is great too! They are all great! I will NOT watch it if the three of them are gone after next season! I LOVE GLEE!!!!

  • Kiara

    i dnt want finn, kurt, blaine and rachel to go
    but too add people they should be at least cute and young

    - Nick Jonas
    - Zac Efron
    . . . :)

  • miranda

    I like Glee, but I also think that this is a good thing. The currently has no proper storyline anyway. Only Sue and Kurt have proper stories and everyone’s already been with everyone. Just finish the third season with the current line up. It would make better sense if they start looking for new club members in the 3rd season, otherwise, the club will be empty again and it’s season one all over again.

    I think there are loads of other talented people out there that could be the next Glee. After all, just think that in real life, club members come and go anyway but they’re still talented. Sue and Will and Emma and Holly could still be there and they’re actually, sometimes better characters than “the kids.”

    The show’s called Glee anyway, not The Members of Glee. It’s a collective. Give new people a chance–who knows it might even make the show better. There are loads of talented people on YouTube that I’m sure would make great additions to the cast.

    No doubt Glee has inspired a lot of people and made them more comfortable with themselves and its also given people chances to shine. Chris Colfer was discovered through Glee auditions. Who knows, there could be more people like him–isn’t what the show is about anyway?

    I love the concept of Glee but I think the current cast has had a good run. The format of the show, since it’s set in high school, its bound to end. I’m sure you all saw that coming–let’s just deal.

  • stphsmptr

    i don’t want the cast to be replaced!! can’t they just show the original cast spreading glee love when they get to college??

  • Jess

    No I will not watch it… unless its really good. I agree with comment #7, Glee will not be the same without Rachel and Finn. So sad!!!!!!! i was hoping they will still continue their high school lives for at least two more years. It’s too soon for them to be leaving :(


    I’ll just be honest here, if Kurt leaves, I will NEVER watch this show again. Ugh. I seriously can’t believe this is happening. This is going to like ruin the show. The characters make this show special. That’s the reason I fell in love with it so much. I am seriously so sad.

  • natalia

    PLUS i want puck and quinn together again..and who cares if you exceed the time limit!
    i adore glee,i’m gonna be depressed if it’s over..i want them to be in high school for 8 years!!! is there a problem?? (lol) :):)

  • Kris

    Good decision. Great new format for a show. Some of them already look too old to be high school students, anyway.
    It’ll be fun having new characters to get into, will keep it fresh and interesting. If they stagger the older characters, there will always be continuity. Just keep Blaine and Kurt for a year or so longer, please! Love them.
    Still waiting for Adam Lambert to guest star. Tap, tap, tap…

  • Zana

    Rachel’s the main character, and my personal favourite, and I agree with everyone who said she is the show, or at least the main part of the show. The others help make the show too. This cast IS Glee. Anything else is NOT right.
    Besides, Rachel is the youngest of the bunch. Everyone else is older than her. This means that if she’s amongst those who graduate, they will all graduate. NONE of the present cast will be there in season 4.
    But even if SOME of them were, I still probably wouldn’t watch. If Rachel’s gone, and Kurt (who’s my second favourite), AND Finn AND Quinn (etc)… No. And considering they’re probably ALL leaving, there’s just no way. At all.
    If our beloved characters are graduating in season 3, then end the show after it!

  • Lindsey

    I think that the fact that they are willing to change the cast is good. I would hate for the show to only be one cast while in high school that would blow. However I do think that they should have had the new cast be sprinkled in and build relationships with the old cast so therefore it would feel less like a complete overhaul. Maybe have 5 new people join Glee let america love them too and then have the other people leave

  • Lindsey

    They do’t need to end Glee they just need to introducve the other characters to through the old ones (it worked kinda well for degrassi except that the new characters weren’t that different) by having new people intergrated into to the group before they leave the 3rd season when the orignal cast leaves wont be as bad

  • roma

    Coming up with another cast as they did will be hard, I just hope it’s not anyone from the Glee Project. Those kids are kind of annoying.

  • http://l.stein L. stein

    I thought pilot contracts were for seven years, not three. I hope those characters stay involved and singing. They would be a real loss and I believe the show will suffer.

  • Tyler

    I will still watch it, but i will not like it as much and my heart will be broken :(Without euinn of finn or rachel it wont be the same. ive always dreamed of working with them and ill never have the chance. it would have never happened :P

  • Tyler

    If we put it this way people, open spots for us!!……. but there is no glee without rachel, finn, or quinn. How the hell are the gona replace rachel?? i dont care if they are in high school for forever!!!! repeat some courses, fluck some grades! Come on! I guess this show is gonna become another “All That” when they replace the characters after they get to old to be on the show. Good news is that means the show will stay around a while. Bad news is there will be no more quinn :(