Selena Gomez: 'Love You Like A Love Song' Behind The Scenes!

Selena Gomez: 'Love You Like A Love Song' Behind The Scenes!

Selena Gomez is showing us around the set of her new music video, “Love You Like A Love Song.”

Shot around Los Angeles and Malibu, Calif., over three days, the 18-year-old actress/singer shared about the song, “I thought that the song is saying what every person feels when you’re in love with someone. For me, it’s like the honeymoon stage. ‘Love You Like A Love Song’ is about that first beginning and that rush and there’s a fun techno beat to it.”

Selena added, “The video is the craziest thing I’ve ever done. Sometimes when you’re in love, there are things you can’t really explain and it doesn’t make sense. That’s how I feel when I’m in love.”

Check out the video below!

Selena Gomez and The Scene — “Love You Like A Love Song” Behind The Scenes
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  • amber

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  • javi

    this video would have been more crazyer and awesomer if they let the pink horses stay in the video.

  • anonomys

    Selena Gomez,

    2008 – Sweet, Nice, Cute, Pretty, Humbled, Loved her fans, Role Model

    2011- Mean, Does Animal Cruelty, Ugly, Stupid, Hates Fans especially u JB fans, Bad Role Model and is now sending the wrong message:)
    Thanks alot Selena!

  • amy

    i already saw the music video it isnt that great it could of been better n wow u make someone hold an umbrella for u wow lazy

  • Bob


  • Patworx

    @anonomys: You really are crazy. Selena has hardly changed at all. You’re just another internet whiner.

  • Iloveselena

    Why did they cut out the pink horses? After she painted them. she could’ve had a BBQ!

  • Warren

    As Selena gets older she gets hotter. She really looks great in the vid.

  • ….

    @anonomys: Selena is one of the disney girls who changed the less! And how did you came up with hate her fans!? You’re just jealous!!!!

  • Septunio

    She’s still a nice girl, I mean, come on, she’s 18, let her experience her life, Teenage is hard enough when nobody’s watching, And people, stop punishing her for the pink horses, those things are normally the responsability of the creative director, not the artist.

    I never took a secong to watch her until I saw this video and listened to it, but she’s great as a singer and artist. The only thing I hold upon her is her terrible taste on boys ; )

  • Bijoy Das


  • http://cikzya yayash

    can anyone tell me who’s the guy ride in the car with Selena?

  • Miranda Cosgrove

    Actor & Model Charan Andreas is the 50′s boyfriend driving the car!!

    He’s my boyfriend. :)

  • Miranda Cosgrove


    Charan Andreas