Chloe Moretz: Saturn Awards 2011

Chloe Moretz: Saturn Awards 2011

Chloe Moretz gets a little fringy in Versace as she arrives at the 2011 Saturn Awards held at The Castaway on Thursday (June 23) in Burbank, Calif.

The 14-year-old actress took home the honor of Best Performance by a Younger Actor for her role in Let Me In.

Chloe tweeted her thanks, “just got back from the @SaturnAwards :) good night :) thank u guys so much for the award! x”

She also just returned from London, where she was filming Dark Shadows opposite Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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Credit: Brian To, Imeh Akpanudosen, Nikki Nelson; Photos: Getty, WENN, FilmMagic
Posted to: Chloe Moretz

    Her poses look as if she tries to emulate Vanessa Hudgens as her role model. The pucker lips and trampy stances. This is just the beginning.

  • JR


    Trampy stances? What the hell are you talking about?

  • Robmer

    @JR: Jealousy among females is powerful.

    Chloe, as always, is stunning.

  • Rob

    It might be jealousy. But really, what is a 14 year old doing making those kind of faces?

  • JR


    Imitating what she sees models and women on red carpets do?

  • Rob


    Are you defending her with that? She’s basically eye fcking the camera..

  • JR


    If you say so.

    You do realize there are dozens of photogs in front of her yelling to get her to turn and pose in their direction.

  • cam

    I love how she dresses for the ocassion. The Saturn awards celebrate sci-fi & fantasy, so she goes for a splashy colorful summer dress that has a sci-fi esqu invisability fade at the bottom and sleeves. Perfect!

    (I’m kind of bummed she’s no longer filming Dark Shadows tho. Her part must have not been very big?)

  • JR


    She’s still filming Dark Shadows. This was just a week off, allowing her to return to LA. Shooting on DS will continue for a couple more months at least.

  • alli

    She’s talented but here she just looks wrong /: Anyways, I like her:)

  • RDobbs

    Chloe, once again, beautiful as always, this time at the Saturn Awards!

  • Luck

    Like the guy above said: once again, beautiful! (And should I add sexy too!) ;)

    Marry me, Chloë!!!

  • Warren

    Hot woman! Chloe is so sexy.

  • josemontesdeocah

    Wow she looks awasome…she is the best actress in the whole world.. she is such an inspiration for many artist.

  • observerdude

    Yeah, guys… Great job judging someone based on… Uh, 5 photos?

  • lucas

    as told over the more beautiful every day

  • Stella


    I totally love Chloe, but I don’t understand the poses. She won’t become like Vanessa Hudgens, she’s got way too much sense, but that still doesn’t explain why her tongue is hanging out and she looks drugged. But don’t hate, because I still think she’s amazing.

  • Arnold

    LOL, She’s So Awesome I Like Her Style
    I Want To Be Your Close Friend Chloe
    IM Still Hoping :)

  • Hk

    Chloe… you are gorgeous…. but please…. you really need to stop make a pose like that… you looks like a girl who had PMS~!!!! wHY DON’T YOU have a big SMILE…! You’ll look beautiful more than ever

  • Miles

    Just an adorable girl/young woman, with lots of acting talent. I’m looking forward to how her career unfolds. I’m sure she’s going to be with us in movies for a long time to come.