Nick Jonas Kisses Delta Goodrem at LAX!

Nick Jonas Kisses Delta Goodrem at LAX!

Nick Jonas gives his girlfriend Delta Goodrem a sweet kiss as he arrives at LAX International Airport on Friday (June 24) in Los Angeles.

The 18-year-old musician was picked up at the airport by Delta, 26, who had arrived in Los Angeles earlier that day.

The next day, Nick bared his buff arms while getting into a car at a private residence in Toluca Lake with his younger brother Frankie.

Nick will be heading to Chicago on Monday (June 27) for the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search!

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: National Photo Group, WENN, Flynet Pictures
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  • http://wtvrrr ilovenickjonas

    my heart :(

  • smiley

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww snapp lol soo cutee

  • gabrielle

    awwww nick you can’t deny it now :)

  • emily


  • melannie

    oh shizz.
    This is kind of f***ed up. 18 year old boy AND 26 year old woman?!?!

    Who would have thought this way back then? when the jonas brothers were the example of “good boy” behavior?

  • B

    I have to say I’m unimpressed by this. Most of all, where the heck is his dogtag with his ring? I realize he is entitled to be happy and live his life, but he shouldn’t make such a public statement about abstaining and then just scrap it. He is continously talking about being a role model and taking this very seriously. He has failed as a role model if his ring and dog tag don’t make an appearance soon. It is totally his life and this has no bearing on my life, but it will have an effect many young people. Oh goodness, what must his mother think???

  • WOoahh

    using him—-what would a 26 yr old want with an 18 yr old, except to become famous in the US.

    also that’s the Jonas house!! live on Toluca Lake Ave, right near Ashley on Mariota Ave my aunt lives on Ponca and I always take the dogs for walks in hopes to see one of them lol but never have in 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bobo

    I have NO clue what a previously engaged 26yr d woman wants with an 18yr old boy…it boggles me. Disappointed in nick.

  • bsb

    Oh, Mommy!!!!!! Kiss Kiss.

  • erica

    in that first picture: she looks like a mom waiting for her kid to get out school. . . just saying xD

  • mellz89

    Nick looks so cute! But the kiss is eww eww eww..!! His aunt! Hahha..
    I think nick tried to beat justin..
    Nick : look I dated 8 years older than urs bieber!! win!

  • AllyItsMoi

    This is a nightmare..
    But I’m his fan so I’m gonna support him. Even if.. I’m just gonna stop here.

  • Luu


  • Rain

    I still think Nick is doing this to show Selena or even Miley. Whatever, as long as he stays away from Selena & bieber I am fine with it

  • kiki

    Okay, EWWWW!!!
    I actually like both of them, but this relationship is creepy!
    Nick needs to stop dating his babysitter and she needs to find a man her own age.

  • chanel

    I hateee NELTA aaghhhh ighhh!!! I hate you nick!!! :(

  • ella

    Um,I really hope that didn’t do what I think did with her because he promised to God to stay pure,when he said that,was it a joke?
    I hope he didn’t break his promise.

  • shelly

    OMG!!!! My eyes literally almost fell out of their sockets.

  • Kandace

    Cute pictures. They look happy and Nick deserves it. He’s only 18 so it’s not going to lead to marriage. They have a lot in common. Music, illness. He’s too mature to be around a teen.

  • me

    oficially i hate this b*tch -.-

  • lol

    where is the ring? omg

  • soughtful

    miley is so much hotter than her and more talented, but miley is out of his league now, and miley has a hotter body too.

  • ACG

    im so happy for nick. delta is so pretty! the age still freaks me out a bit cuz she’s 26 and hes 18…shes a little too old for him in my opinion but if they make each other happy then i guess good for them :) I agree with Rain, since Miley and Selena both moved on with Liam and Justin and like Selena is open with her relationship (the first time she admits shes dating someone) with Justin and now Nick is doing the same. hmm….



  • Christy


  • http://Facebook Niley

    ewwwwwwww get out GET OUT of Nick Jonas life. Find your own man.

  • http://Facebook Niley

    Miley Cyrus is way better then Delta. Miley Cyrus is talented and pretty same age as Nick and they make a cute couple. Niley forever
    Nick find a girl your age.
    Delta GET OUT OF Nick’s life.

    Delta ewwwwwwwwwwwww GET OUT.

  • untotallyme

    WHERE THE HEC IS HIS RING?! Joe and Nick are such failures… I love Kevin. these guys are no longer role models… makes me wonder if they ever were Christians in the first place

  • untotallyme

    @B: totally agree

  • foreverdclove


  • jackie

    You all are saying omg their not wearing rings. WHO GIVES A DAMN!!! Let them be! Jesus. Seriously you all are freaking hypocrites!!! Nick DOES wear his ring. And as for Delta she’ll be history in about 3-5 days. or something like that. Nick needs to find someone better than

    And as for all of YOU? Get over it. Their awesome it’s bieber who is literally going out with every girl he sees!!!

  • soughtful

    I find delta to old for nick it makes me wonder why can’t she find a guy her own age, what she has problems finding a guy her age she has to date a kid. sorry, but it is disgusting. people gave miley so much bs for justin but at least when they stared they were both teenagers and now that miley is with a much more handsome man than nick taller, hotter and better actor, makes me wonder what miley ever dated nick? I mean she can clearly get hotter guys than him, and as for delta a woman who can’t find a man her age something must be wrong with her.

  • untotallyme

    @melannie: fame has finally hit the jonas brothers. first with joe and ashley, now with nick and delta. they are no longer the example of good behaviour, let alone anything else good

  • Chris

    Can anyone help me pick up the pieces of my shattered heart?? Nick why would you do this to your fans?!! she’a a FREAKING 26 YEAR OLD!!! SHE’S FUCKING USiNG YOU!!

  • Ella

    SWEET NIBBLETS!!!!! This is the first time that I’ve ever seen Nick like this!!! He’s such a grown-up man now. I’m so proud of you bb! He’s not ashame to show his love even if there’s a ton of paparazzis around them!!! :’)

  • doremi

    Age is just a number. And that’s not illegal he’s 18…Nobody can’t fight feelings! Girls of his age are too immature and crazy!

  • jill

    so awkward…i wonder why he finds it ok to do this with her and never any of his exs..seems sorta fake to me…plus she just got out of that engagement for 7 years and like amonth later kisses him..kinda if it was miley or any other girl actress thats 18 dating a 26 year old guy everyone wouldnt thing its so cute and say age is just a number..double standards..

  • pippa


  • blahblahblah

    I’ll always prefer Niley even though they may never get back together . Just sayin

  • lulu

    know what makes it even grosser? she’s older than kevin and danielle!!!

  • anonymous

    i’ve just threw up.
    too much publicity for me.

  • Louise

    I don’t know what it is about this couple, like they just make me feel uncomfortable. Like he looks pretty natural kissing her, but when I see it I just feel uncomfortable like something isn’t right :/ And admittedly she doesn’t seem as happy to see him as he is her.

  • Hanabest

    This sickens me!!!!! I think I hate him… I think only…..

  • Alice

    I’ve been a fan of Delta’s since the beginning but ffs, she needs to take a break. It’s one bad choice after the next — how long has it been since she’s actually been properly single? Insecure since about 16 it seems.

  • AMie

    Inappropriate behavior for a role model. LOL. Another Jonas failed me. Hi Kevin! You’re so much better than your brothers :)

    “Age is just a number” – No, it depends on the situation. Just like this. You’ll see, they will break up soon after getting the fame they want.

    Hollywood love – Some are true but most of them are fake.

    Using each other just to get an attention from the public. SAD LIFE.

    The ring is gone and so the dog tag. What happened to you Nick? I thought you’re different from your brother, Joe.

  • Lauren

    CAN U GUYS JUST BE HAPPY FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    I’d be pissed if I had dated a Jonas Brother in the time when they were keeping everything secret

  • valerie

    Who cares about his ring, he looks happy
    and OK she is 26 but they look nice together at least he is more respectful with girls not like justin and selena, he touched all her ass…
    nick instead is sweet

  • WHATever

    @doremi: Agreed. Yeah, it’s weird, but when two people meet, have an amazing chemistry, enjoy each others’ company, and have fun, you don’t really think about the age difference. He must be very mature for his age, and she must have been pretty reluctant about a relationship with him. But after a while, you can’t fight attraction. Why do people freak out over who people are dating? That’s the whole point of dating… try out all different kinds of people to see what works for you. It’s not like he’s going to marry at this point. Geez.

  • steph

    This is cute! And delta is not using him! she is very successful here in Aus! Who cares how old they are!