JJJ Book Club: 'Ask Elizabeth' by Elizabeth Berkley

JJJ Book Club: 'Ask Elizabeth' by Elizabeth Berkley

So far in our JJJ Book Club, we’ve gotten really into new and popular young adult titles — but we’re also a fan of advice and nonfiction books too.

“Ask Elizabeth” is just one of those books that fall in that genre and it looks like Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale agree with us.

Vanessa, 22, shared about the book, “Teen years can feel lonely and confusing. ‘Ask Elizabeth’ brings girls the support and relift they need to know they are not alone!”

Ashley, 25, agrees, “There is so much pressure for teen girls to be perfect in every way—beauty, talent, smarts, success. It is great that girls have a safe place like ‘Ask Elizabeth’ to come together to support each other.”

Blake Lively and Hayden Panettiere are also fans.

“Ask Elizabeth” by Elizabeth Berkley utilizes her accrued wisdom to dispense supportive counsel on topics including, but not limited to, self-esteem, menstruation, peer pressure, adjusting to new situations, and hanging out with boys.

Add it to your summer reading list!

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  • good-one

    Elizabeth Berkley starred in what some still call one of the greatest movies of all time, while at the zenith of her acting career, after already having become a household name in a major hit television series.

    She is eminently qualified to mentor young girls and kudos for doing so and also writing a book about it.

  • http://thepundit.net craig stairs

    Shes’ got a few good backers. One that uses questionable pictures of herself everytime she has something coming out and another who has had plastic surgery.

    Should I mention that Ashley is half-way to 30 and still doing cheerleader roles.


    I love Ashnessa and i trust them so i will read that book.
    @craig stairs: Stop bringing down these two stars just because you aren’t making it in Hollywood. Jealously is a ugly thing.

  • Haters Suck!

    @craig stairs
    should I mention you’re a rotten evil human being who should rot on hell forever you stupid piece of crap.

  • http://lala aiwen

    wow!!i want to read that book too :D
    @craig stairs
    ==…be careful of ur words girl,u will get acttack from ashley tisdale FANS! just stop saying something that are nothing with this post

  • Joochi

    @craig stairs: You know everyone has flaws of some sort whether it be physical or emotional, and I suppose you don’t have any?, judging by the way you commented you have deep issues n flaws. No one is perfect but we grow up and learn from the mistakes in life, what about yourself.
    As for Ashley, she’s crying all the way to the bank, how bout yourself?
    Be carefull what you say in life for some damn reson it fires back at you when you are least aware of. Don’t judge, condemn or be down write hate full remember, it comes back ten fold.

  • http://twitter.com/pr0b0y Khoa (ronz)

    @craig stairs: As one of Ashley’s song called Not Like That, well it’s not like that, she’s 26 but she LOOKS young and Hellcats is most watched by young-adult, Hellcats has more adult elements to it then High school musical or The suite life, that’s an improvement of her roles !!!

    And u can say anything about her if u want. But the thing is that Ashley wouldn’t care !

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