Jake T. Austin is Huckleberry Finn!

Jake T. Austin is Huckleberry Finn!

Jake T. Austin is in final talks to play Huckleberry Finn, Variety reports.

The 16-year-old former Wizards of Waverly Place actor will join Super 8 lead Joel Courtney in Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, based off of the popular friendship in Mark Twain‘s classic novels.

Expected to start shooting in Bulgaria later this summer, the flick is being directed by Jo Kastner with Marcus Weinhart as producer.

HAVE YOU READ “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”? WHAT DO YOU THINK about this role for Jake?

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  • kittycat87

    blake michael should have been him not jake lol

  • ac

    Happy for Jake!!

  • namehere

    Holy shizzle!
    A few days I dreamt that Joel and Jake were in a movie together.
    This is the most weirdest coincidence ever!

  • http://@7ajm777 Allen

    To be honest, I see Jake as more the cunning and michevious Tom Sawyer and Joel as the Huck Finn character. Either way, I’m sure this will be a great adaptation of this CLASSIC American kid adventure story.

  • Belle

    shooting in Bulgaria

    WTF in the actual locations of the book please

  • Troy

    Congratulations to Jake but why are they filming in Bulgaria in all places? I’m sure it’s a lovely country but Tom and Huck had their adventures on the banks of the Mississippi why would you film that in Bulgaria? It just very strange to me/

  • A




  • marielle

    isnt he a bit too old?
    huck is supposed to be around 10/11 and Jake is like 16/17?

  • Patworx

    Good role for him.

  • V

    Haha. Remember in a WOWP episode, his fake name was “Tom Sawyer.”

  • http://julie93hsm julie

    well, i’m a bulgarian and may i say i’m so proud that they’re going to shoot here. it really is lovely, troy. i think they chose it because of the nature,a really unspoiled landscape, believe me. a LOT of famous movies have been shot in bulgaria the last few years – the black dahlia, war inc., hitman, connan the barbarian, they really r way too many. u know why here? cause everyone can speak english really good and it’s REALLY cheap to make a movie in bulgaria. so, jake, u’re welcome to come whenever u want :) we’d be thrilled with joy!

  • tory

    I’m confused also I am from Missouri and have seen most of the sites in the book (school field trip), there is no logical reason for not shooting here, Missouri is beautiful with plenty of unspoiled landscapes, it’s pretty cheap to film here plus Mark Twain and his friends actually went on those adventures here, not Bulgaria, no need to build sets because the sets have been up for years..

    Unless they are afraid of the rivers flooding but that can be planned for.

  • Melissa

    He can pull Huck off. I’ve read Tom Sawyer and he he could pull him off too

  • Belle


    I have nothing against Bulgaria, I just feel the same way
    @tory: does

  • http://bigbandswingkat Katelynmaire’

    Well I agree with @troy I mean they should keep it classic. But in Bulgaria it could also work out. They have made movies about TS and HF . Were they shot in Mississippi?

    And sometimes they go to diff. locations because its better for them to shoot. II believe they know what they’re doing.

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