Logan Lerman: 'The Three Musketeers' Trailer!

Logan Lerman: 'The Three Musketeers' Trailer!

Logan Lerman leaps ahead of a fiery blast in the brand-new trailer for The Three Musketeers.

Based on the Alexander Dumas novel of the same name, the 19-year-old actor plays D’Artagnan, a hot-headed young man who unites with three former legendary but now down on their luck Musketeers to defeat a beautiful double agent (Milla Jovovich) and her villainous employer from seizing the French throne and engulfing Europe in war.

The flick, which also stars Gabriella Wilde (who Logan shares a smooch with, too) and Orlando Bloom, opens on October 14th!

“The Three Musketeers” Trailer
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  • melannie

    pretty awesome!

    Both Logan and Orlando are looking really fit!

  • lwlfan

    Oh God! Logan looks so freaking HOT!!! And he kicks ass with that impressive sword swinging! The movie looks epic! I can not wait to see this!

  • Faatimah

    Love it.

  • jane

    nice one and people who got to see a test screening said it’s a really fun movie. can’t wait to see Logan Lerman play a badass d’artagnan

  • namehere

    So excited for the movie! XD
    Wow d’Artagnan is badass!

  • http://@cjennifer628 genevar

    This looks really really epic !!!
    I just can’t wait (:

  • ….

    Logan looks sooooo HOT, I can’t wait for the movie!!!! Orlando looks funny :D but he’s still cute!

  • Ella

    I seriously can’t wait to watch it !!!! I’ve never been into The Three Musketeers story but hey, LOGAN is on the movie ?????? I HAVE TO WATCH IT :

  • Miia

    Looks great! It’s quite weird to see Orlando playing the bad guy, but he actually fits into the role very well!

    Very excited to see this!

  • Angie

    Looks cool. Logan deserves more credit than the other actors he’s too good and some can’t handle it I guess he’s got oscar written all over his face. Hopefully this and Perks and Lonely boy in New York will really take notice–Hollywood awards I’m talking about. Team Lerman.

  • alistair

    Logan Lerman as D’Artagnan with some badass swordplay – count me in!

  • LoganLermanissofrikkinSEXY!

    oh my gosh LOGAN LERMAN is tooo freakin sexy!
    he is badass! can’t waaiiiitttt to watch this movie!
    looks epic!
    don’t even know what the Three Muskateers Is about!
    but since LOGAN’S inthe movie I WILL WATCH IT!

  • Yasemin

    OMG this looks sooo awesome !!! Can’t wait to see badass Logan !!! :))

  • Christina

    do they really need to put it in 3D

  • Wendy

    Logan Lerman is a beautiful Jewish boy.

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