Selena Gomez Meets Shia LaBeouf!

Selena Gomez Meets Shia LaBeouf!

Selena Gomez finally met Shia LaBeouf!

The 18-year-old actress was tricked by her team to go meet some fans and look who she ran into instead! “You guys suck, you used my fans as bait,” Selena joked.

Upon meeting Shia, he extended his kindness telling her, “It’s really great to meet you. You’re always so sweet to me.”

Check out Selena‘s “Best.Day.Ever.” below!

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Selena Meets Shia!
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  • Briidgit Mendler Online

    AWWW! YAY! I wish I could meet both

  • mmbop

    This is so adorable omg!

  • karina

    I wish I could meet Shia, he’s so hot!

  • andy

    She is the most adorable human being on earth! She is soo sweet.

  • diane

    that is so cute! this just proves that she’s a normal teenage girl.

  • Candice

    They are so cute! Well mainly I love her reaction and that’s sweet of him because she has had the hugest crush on him forever. I’m sure she will always cherish that moment :)

  • Wes

    I would be that way if I met her!

  • Susan

    How cute!

  • jane

    ao when is her team tricking her into meeting Logan Lerman lol

  • Dulcesol

    That is the cutest thing ever I cant stop watching it. I love Selena even more which I thought would be impossible :) <3

  • Amber

    OMG! hahaha Love her reaction. It was sweet of Shia to actually meet her. He’s not a jerk after all :P

  • lwlfan

    Yeah team, Jane has a good point. Selena has a major crush on Logan Lerman too. She even followed him on his Twitter. So you better get to work and figure out a way for her to meet Logan

  • AnonymousGuy08

    I wonder if Margo Harshman and Christy Carlson Romano feel the same way about meeting him as other girls.

  • hey

    ahahha i laughed when i saw her run! i would prob do the same thing ahaaha

    love it!

  • Mark

    Shia just kind of came and went though. He should have stayed for even just two minutes to chat or something. That was cool though. I’d love to meet my celeb crush some day: Kay Panabaker. But I know it will never happen.

  • bre

    awww that was cute how she was starstruck by another star love her <3

  • ac

    She looks sooo much better with a real Man not a Kid that hangs out with a 12 yr old (jaden)…. I would take her serious if she got away from that little Brat and got a Real Man.

  • reuilernhge

    she can have shia, i’ll take bieber

  • Ella

    Nice. I wish I could meet Joe Jonas..

  • http://my_iz nouf

    She’s adorable .. I wish i could meet her ..

  • jk

    awww I lover her reaction

  • A


  •!/MissAWESOME1234 shayla

    awww, she so adorable! if that was me and i was meeting either one of them, i would’ve done the same thing! lol ” you guys suck! you used my fans as bait!” lol i love her!

  • A

    priceless. i just have to say it….priceless :)♥

  • A

    +shia is just…sexy ;P

  • A

    @lwlfan: omg no just no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • Ana

    awwwww soooo sweet! She was so natural and I love her reaction

  • AK.

    Her reaction was priceless.
    And the part when she thought she was meeting a fan, is cute too.

  • samy

    she is acting like us 2of the biggest stars of disney yey

  • apple

    i just luv her reaction!!!!!!!!ha23!!!.I hope i was her so that i can hug and see my hollywood crush Shia labeouf!!!!!!

  • selenapck

    She is the most adorable person ever! She is soooooo amazing! i love her! And her reaction ***speechless***

  • http://blackhawk1989 mikcy

    wow, it’s really nice seeing them together, i hope we might be able to see them in a movie together because they are both funny and talented

  • http://@jasmineCjohnson jasmine Johnson

    omg this is so cute this made me like her even more

  • ….

    I really hope she would meet Logan Lerman!!!!!

  • Zara

    BEST VIDEO I’VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME. ADORABLE!! SELENA HAD SUCH A NORMAL TEEN REACTION :’) Even huge stars get startstruck. Selena = Adorable. Shia = Hot. Shialena FTW. Ahhh I love both of them!
    “You guys suck, you used my fans as bait” HAHAHAH lmao

  • anybody?anybody?

    She was in shock and that was adorable! She had tears in her eyes, it’s so refreshing to see such emotion and admiration! I would react the same way to meeting Shia, he’s at the top of my favorite actors, and he does genuinely appreciate her admiration. She’s always said she wants to follow in his footsteps and that she’s had a crush on him forever, so I’m sure he couldn’t help but appreciate her. Such a sweet meet! I wish it could’ve been longer, especially since it took so long for her to meet him, but he was getting made up so maybe he had somewhere to be. This was so cute, I hope when she’s older and has gotten past her Justin Bieber stage she can date SHIA LABEOUF!

  • Miia

    She was totally shocked when she saw him. It was adorable! Selena looked like one teenager meeting her celebrity crush :) Priceless!

  • susan

    Her dress is really pretty but kind of ill-fitting. It seems like its weight is pulling her bustline down, but when she pulls it up the lacy straps fall off.

  • a

    hhhhhhooooooookkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuppppppppp

  • Anonymous

    Biebs is a boy, but Shia’s a badboy.

    Also they’re both Disney kids. ShiLena forever! LOL

  • Angie

    Awww that is amazing Selena finally got her wish and her reaction it’s exactly what I would’ve done if I met her or him. I like him too he’s an awesome actor, him and Daniel Radcliffe.

  • http://Toemeseen Tomisin

    OMG!!! she is so adorable, fantastic, nd wonderful.. her reaction wuz speechless. luv them both <3

  • pup

    They need to hook up. Cutest celeb couple EVER. ^^

  • ally

    well and that’s the moment when she realizes that she’s actually dating a kid.

    she thinks shia’s soo handsome. I don’t know if I could say that about another man when I’m actually “in love”. the only person I find handsome at that time is my boyfriend and no one else.

    suspicous sel, suspicous

  • hALEY s

    I agree this was so cute! Selena tries to run away, and Shia chases after her /hugs her= Don’t we all wish our crushes can do that to us?!!!@selenapck:

  • javi

    i have to admit even if i like jelena i see these two together in the future he saw her up close he saw a hottie in a few years when selena divorses justin,nick jonas or me then she can date shia and co star in transformers 10 lol

  • lovelife

    her reaction was the best. she acted just like i would of if i met my celeb crush. i like justin and selena together but when her and shia where standing next to eachother they looked cute together. i no nothing will happen but they just look cute together

  • alistair

    Memo to Selena’s Team: When is she going to meet Logan Lerman her other celeb crush???

  • samara

    aww, i bet noone remembers this but they are both disney channel kids. honestly he is the only successful disney kid. it’s 11 years later from when even stevens was on disney and he is still majorly talked about unlike raven symone or (sorry to say it caue i love her) hilary duff. and in 3-5 years noone will talk about selgo (selena gomez) demlo (demi lovato) micy (miley cyrus) tehe I’m wacked i know it.

  • http://julie93hsm julie

    yeah, when i read that logan and sel r gonna star in a movie together, i was like: JACKPOT! really, they’re SO perfect 4 each other. and that stuped thing called justin, she’ll so dump him, when she meets logan! i really hope the rumours r true and logan’s gonna star in 13 reasons why. shia is great too, but logan and selena r the perfect fit. lolena LOL

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