Charlotte Arnold & Samantha Munro Graduate in New 'Degrassi' Opening Credits!

Charlotte Arnold & Samantha Munro Graduate in New 'Degrassi' Opening Credits!

Charlotte Arnold and Samantha Munro smile brightly in their graduation robes for Degrassi Season 11′s new opening credits.

After the debut of the hour-long season premiere, in which Keke Palmer guest-starred, JJJ got to check out the fresh new opening credits and theme song for the show–and we love them!

The theme song is sung by Alexz Johnson.

“I really pulled from my own experiences as I sang it, and it’s like… ‘Screw it! You can do anything!’ I wanted people to feel that when they heard the vocal. I really wanted it to be strong and powerful,” the 24-year-old singer/actress said.

of the new Degrassi opening credits?

Degrassi: Season 11 Opening Credits
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  • sarah

    who the hell are all these kids?? does anyone actually watch this show? i use to watch degrassi before jimmy was even in a wheelchair

  • Cassy

    It’s kind of lame. :[

  • billy

    totally whack! they shudve left the same song from season 9 and 10 or even 6-7. plus too many new ppl all at once! -__- not a good show anymore

  • Megan

    I haven’t watched the show since all the new characters were added, but I adore Alexz Johnson. I think it’s amazing that she’s singing the theme song.

  • Abby

    Sounds good, love Alexz Johnson!!

  • kirsten

    @sarah: Lol shut up.

  • Chelsea

    I don’t see why they keep changing the theme song it’s kind of annoying. Don’t get me wrong I like the singer, but it’s annoying that they keep changing the artist that sings it. I love that Jenna and KC are holding their baby and there are a lot of new characters. I would understand nineth graders coming in, but all of these kids are juniors and sophomores that have just popped out of no where.