Greyson Chance - 'Unfriend You' Video!

Greyson Chance - 'Unfriend You' Video!

Greyson Chance looks away as Ariana Grande moves on to her next boyfriend in the new video for “Unfriend You.”

The 13-year-old musician told MTV about his lead single off upcoming album Hold On Til The Night, “I think ‘Unfriend You’ is an amazing record because, one, it’s a breakup song, which breakup songs are always fun, and two, it’s referencing social media, especially in this day and age, I think it’s very important to reference social media in music.”

JJJ Fun Fact: The video was actually a special treat for party-goers at Ariana’s 18th Birthday Extravaganza!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Greyson’s new video?

Greyson Chance – “Unfriend You”
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  • Adriana

    Aw, Ariana looks so much older than Greyson! It’s a good song, cute video.

  • Alexandra

    OMG!! I love this video!!

  • Scott

    I thought a female was singing this song. Greyson sounds like a female.

  • M&m

    He’s 13 for cyring out loud!
    Why the hell is he singing about relationships and love?
    Stupid America

  • brenna

    their age difference is disturbing. he looks like he’s 11.

  • Lianne

    They toilet papered her house? Sorry Ariana that’s what you get for dating someone 5 years younger than you! Haha. Ariana looked beautiful <3

    But seriously, stupid song, stupid video. Except Ari!

  • s

    sucks LMFAO

  • A

    love the song but….greyson’s 13 and ariana is 18….

  • S.Emerald

    Greyson needs a new a creative director. So far all of his music videos have been strange & horrible.

  • SeL

    I like the song and the video. TPing her house was kinda childish though :D

  • Graysen

    O.M.G! Love that song but why would he put a girl thats like 5 years older than him in his break-up song?? Isn’t he like 13.. should he even be having serious relationships???

  • jj17

    @M&m: Wow your a pathetic loser!

  • Y

    Wow. They TPed her house? That’s one way to get revenge, i guess. But its excusable because they all look 11. Except Ariana, who btw, looks amazing. :) I love his voice, but I was mildly uncomfortable with him singing about love and whatnot. Just a smidge.

  • Yeee


    atleast his voice is manlier than Justin Bieber…and JB is like 3? years older than him. =.=

    and the age difference between ariana and greyson is sorta gross. I mean its gross now…when he turns 18 its gonna be ok.

  • luvgreysonchance

    I luv greyson,but,T-Peaing her house is a little harsh.even though if i was ariana i just wouldnt cheat at not a heartbreaker.of course neither is ariana grande.she only did that cuz it was 4 the video.
    anyway,ariana and greyson would make a cute couple if ariana wasnt 18.

  • http://facebook caitlin

    it is so cute but mess up love because the other guy ugly and greyson aint

  • Skyla

    I love you, Greyson, as I love this!!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    ariana grande is a freakin babe and i wish she was in every music video. greyson chance is just kinda, eeeeeeeewwwww. Shes a babe, man.

  • Jillian

    omg why all the hate? i get that Ariana is too old for him but he is still an amazing artist. and the video was soooooooo cute.
    I’m out.

  • richa

    love yaaa greyson (: …

  • http://Sure. alyson

    That’s so mean. Greyson is so talented!

  • guadalupe fabiola feria montes

    el video mas padre del mundo esto supera a todos los cantantes

  • Greys wife

    @Scott: Greyson michael chance is perfect. stop hating on him coz he’s damn talented

  • yolo

    but Ariana EWWWWW!!!! she’s not good 4 greyson ! she seems so much older than him… more than 5 years!!!!

  • yolo swag

    greyson you are soo talented keep it up :)