Jackie Evancho Debuts 'Nella Fantasia' on The Talk

Jackie Evancho Debuts 'Nella Fantasia' on The Talk

Jackie Evancho gives a big hug to Sharon Osbourne after her performance on CBS’ The Talk late last week.

The 11-year-old singer sang a track from new album, Dream of Me, called “Nella Fantasia.”

Jackie‘s dad Michael explained on the show how they keep the whole family involved in Jackie’s career: “My wife or I are always with Jackie and in addition, there’s always a sibling with her as well. Everyone rotates a trip with Jackie so that we’re all included.”

Jackie also performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno earlier in the week.

Jackie Evancho – “Nella Fantasia”
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Credit: Paul Drinkwater, Sonja Flemming; Photos: CBS, NBC
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  • Tori

    It’d really suck to be one of her siblings…I’d hate to be dragged around for my more talented sister…

  • good-one

    Sharon Osbourne was brutal. :(

    I winced for Jackie.

  • taketwo

    I can’t believe that all you got out of Jackie’s performance was how it sucks to be one of her siblings. Did you even pay attention to her singing? Having one of her siblings on trips with her I’m sure helps her from missing home too much. You don’t know if they enjoy being with her and seeing this new world that Jackie now is a part of.

  • http://twitter.com/selmanmumdzhu SeL

    Her voice is amazing!

  • Kentuckian

    Jackie is so successful, she is already a multi-millionaire, and she just turned 11. I,m sure Jackies siblings are benefiting from Jackies success. I,ve heard that she has already put money up, for all her siblings, for their college. Her oldest brother got to go with her to Great Britian recently. So Torri, I don,t think it sucks to be one of Jackies brothers, or sister. They are a close, loving family.

  • http://website richard nicoletti

    Torri: Maybe they’re not selfish like you. I would love to be “dragged” to Europe.

  • from the burgh

    Forget everything and just concentrate on her music, her emotional facial expresions, her flawless delivery. Bella Fantasia might be her best ever. I’m not sure her technique was taught since she has been posting her own videos when she was only 9 years old and it was evident even then. She has obviously mastered her art and we are spell-bound. Watch as she smiles at the end of her performances and we realize once again that she’s only 11 years old. Think back to when you were 11 – can you imagine singing songs in Italian or Latin to a world-wide audience? There are many things to observe in her audience as well. Jackie’s given us a newly found appreciation for operatic music, but many of us have one thing in common. We can’t watch her without becoming emotional. I hope her family is there for her at all times because she needs them at this tender age.


    @Tori: @Tori: Yeah. It’s terrible to travel to exotic places, stay in 5 star hotels, travel by limo, and share success with someone you love. I’d hate that!

    They are there to support their sister AND spend special time with their Dad or Mom. Jackie’s parents seem acutely aware that the family is a unit and the reason to bring the other children along is NOT to punish them but to share the spotlight with their sister and to spend special time with them so that the time with Jackie is less at any expense to the rest of the family. Jeez.


    @from the burgh: Jackie, like many young children is relatively facile with languages. It is interesting to note that a Frenchman, listening to her singing on Great Performances, stated that she sang fairly well in French but she had an Italian accent! If that sounds contrived, it isn’t. My daughter, who took Chinese when young and then spent time in China had comments that when in Beijing, spoke Chinese with a Shanghai accent (which is where her 1st teachers were from). People have criticized her Italian, which is ridiculous because she is SINGING the language… think American singers from Boston to Georgia. WE talk and sing with accents and dialects! Some people ONLY look to tear down talent rather than admire it. I presume it is a psychologic issue.

  • Kathiran

    american’ got stupid talent.. american is suck..

  • William Randall

    What’s wrong with Sharon? I find her emotion refreshing and besides Jackie makes me cry as well. Sharon is one of the many folks who have come to love Jackie. I find Jackie to be two very wonderful people. One who sings classical crossover music and a little giggly girl.

  • jlawler

    Jackie is singing in St. Petersburg June 20. For the first time in decades I’m proud of something America is sending overseas. For as long as I can remember it has been weapons technology and soldiers to kill people, fast food, rock music, and disneyland fantasy. This home grown national treasure will make us all proud.