Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Les Miserables Mates

Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Les Miserables Mates

Nick Jonas and girlfriend Delta Goodrem get all gussied up for a date night in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (June 29).

The couple joined a group of friends for dinner at Cafe Pinot before heading over to Ahmanson Theatre to catch a performance of Les Miserables.

Delta and Nick dined on gourmet foods while sipping some wine (for her) and iced tea (for him).

Earlier in the day, Nick stopped by the City of Hope, an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in Duarte, Calif.

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  • dana

    aww a little kid with his mother..

  • kelly

    delta looks soooo chic

  • Listen to mayday parade

    She’s using him… A 27 year old doesn’t just date an 18 year old for fun… I know he’s mature, but damn…

  • http://Facebook Niley

    OMFG Delta Goodrem back off Nick Jonas. Your killing me. Nick Jonas how could you ???? ewwww both of you find someone your own fucking age.

  • princeton

    les miz is playing at the ahmanson

  • Kandace

    They look cute together and they are happy. They are both adults so who cares if they are 26 and 18. Thanks for the pictures.

  • peggy

    Shes 26 and who the hell are you all dictating someone else’s life. He’s good looking, rich and famous and she’s well on her way – can any of you say the same?

    They are happy – get over it.

    And before someone makes a thing of of the wine/ice tea thing – Nick is a diabetic and alcohol causes your sugar level to rise and in some cases makes it unstablet – smart diabetics don’t drink.

  • anon

    delta is so pretty. & they don’t look so bad together


    I am happy for him that he has a girlfriend ..they look cute .

  • alex

    would there be a problem if the roles were reversed – a 26 year old guy dating a 18 year old girl? That is what Victoria Justice is doing. Personally, I don’t think it matters. A 8-10 year difference is not overwhelming. Take happiness where you can find it, period

  • Nati

    It’s so nice of him that he takes time out of his busy schedule to hang out with his aunt!

    Wait a minute? She’s his girlfriend?? Oooooh, Sorry!!! (Awkward!)

    Btw the fact that she can drink and he can’t it’s something that could be a problem in the relationship. (just saying! :P )

    I know that you all going to give me the same speech that Peggy gave about smart diabetics don’t drinking but hey, Bret Michaels drinks a lot and he is….. a smart diabetic?? (Sorta?)

    Okay, Who am I kidding??? Forget what I said on the last paragraph!


    People take a Chillax pill for pete’s sake!!! This post was meant to be a joke!!

    And to defend myself, in the words of Velma Kelly: They had it coming! Older women/ Younger men couples (and vice versa) are the perfect target for jokes! Just look at Ashmi or Deshton (Or whatever it is you want to call Ashton and Demi) They have come up with so many jokes about them that they could write a book about it. The good thing is that Nelta is trying to keep things in a low profile (emphasis on the word “Trying”) and all the comedians in Hollywood are giving them a break.

    Just pray that Chelsea Handler doesn’t find out about Nelta because not only she’s going to trash them, but she’s going to DESTROY THEM on her show!! Remember how “huge” of a fan she is of the Jobros (And yes, I am being sarcastic!!)

    The way I look Nelta? If they stay together, Good for them!! If they break up!! Ces’t la vie! Life goes on.

    As long as Kenielle stays together and strong (and with babies!! tick tock tick tock guys!!) and Joe stays single (I like him better single. He’s nicer when he’s single.) I’m happy!!!


  • pAT

    If I hear that trite term “If she/he/they are happy, then I’m happy” one more time, I will scream. Please people. A person can be happy doing almost anything.
    We don’t know what is going on in this relationship, why it’s happening or whatever. We can only speculate.
    In peoples eyes it’s a pat on the back if a young guy like Nick dates a hot, beautifull 20 something woman like Delta.
    Its not a pat on the back if a older 20 something or over woman date a teenager or a much younger guy. It is just not looked at that way probably because “most” and I stress most, women are a little bit more mature, nurturing and settled than guys.
    Most men/guys, no matter the age, like the beautifull, sexy, hot woman/girl, no matter the age or maturity level of the woman/girl. As long as they look good-very good.
    More power to Nick and Delta. Keep your eye firmly on the objective is all I have to say.

  • Jmp3000

    Now I can see why he doesn’t mind holding her hand down the street, she looks stunning. Just poking fun at you Miley and Selena fans, both of them are gorgeous in their own way.

    I just think Nick is growning up and he needs to think of himself one’s in a while and stop thinking about what people going to think or is she going to get hate mail from his fans. He is just living his life and by the looks of things having fun! Go for it Nick, just don’t forget about the Music, I stress againg don’t forget we are waiting for some more music.

  • concerned

    seriously??? a WINE for HER and an ICED TEA for HIM ?? seriously ?? :))) this is way too funny..this is such a facade

  • http://- 009

    this is awkward..

  • shanghai

    Dont care about the age difference because I always thought Nick way older than his years. Gorgeous as she is they do look a bit odd together – in some pics he really still looks like a kid and she looks even older than her years.

  • erica

    @peggy: that would be valid if he was even old enough to drink in the first place. and she’s only ‘well on her way’ BECAUSE she’s dating him. otherwise she would’ve stayed irrelevant to everyone except her owns fans. . . did we see any posts about her here BEFORE she was with Nick.

  • janie

    Nick is hot, so I don’t blame her. I’m 27 and I’d certainly hit that.

  • Christy

    Delta has great legs

  • http://Facebook Niley

    I’m a true Niley fan and i’m sticking to it. Nick and Miley were true love and will always be. But Nick and Delta ughhhh Delta is just using Nick. Well you know what Delta Goodrem get your fucking hands of Nick Jonas. Fuck You Delta Goodrem

  • clara

    No offense, i don’t really have to much of an opinion on their relationship, i just think that whenever you see pictures of them he looks like he’s with his mom or his aunt.

  • lulu

    her being able to drink whilst he can’t says it all.

  • bsb

    He looks like a child next to her. So young and so small!

  • wow


    The only reason they made sure to say Nick had ice tea is because he is under age for legal drinking & the Jonas machine ALWAYS makes sure that they get THEIR agenda and point out there. More BS from the Jonas camp.

  • Lauren


    u r soooooooooooo stupid, Nick is smart enough to not drink underage.

    He really did have iced tea

  • Ella

    Seems like they’re really taking good care of each other. <3

  • wow


    I believe he had ice tea but the fact that they made sure to say so is
    very very much the Jonas PR team at work. & you are stupid if you still believe all the phony goody goody garbage about the younger Jonas’ Nick & Joe because it is very obvious they are not innocent at all.

  • Lauren


    If u hate the Jonas Brothers then stop commenting on their posts.

  • wow


    I guess the same should apply to those who have the hate for Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift – don’t you think.

    and by the way, I don’t hate them, I just call it like we can see it. In fact Kevin is the only Jonas who truly seems genuine, and I like him.

  • Lauren


    All three of them r genuine, not just Kevin, even to their fans

  • Speak Now


    Wow, you need to get over it. Niley is DEAD and Delta isn’t using him. Delta is successful enough.

  • peggy


    Funny I knew who she was before she started dating him but then again I have a life outside of what other people do with theirs – when you have your own life you don’t feel the need to judge someone elses

  • http://@atoraline85 andrea

    No explanation needed on who was drinking what lol
    btw she’s wearing Valentino! sporting perfect shoes and a perfect boyfriend! way to go Delta!

  • Roxy

    Please just be a light-hearted briefly fun and done relationship.This isnt wrong at all, but it doesnt look “right” lol. They are super gorgeous but look awkward together.

  • germaine

    Everyone just needs to calm down..i don’t believe that they are even gonna last thatt long,Nick is prob just dating someone older because he’s prob still fascinated with this mature and well developed woman who looks very good. But we all all know Caucasian women tend to age really fast and wayy faster than males, so delta may still look good now, but it won’t be long untill she really looks 15 years older than him in time to come.. soorelaxxx.

  • monica

    @dana: XD tht was a good one

  • ali

    victoria justice is 18 and her boyfriend is 26….

  • ali

    victoria justcie is 18 and her boyfriend is 26…

  • Jowly

    stop hating on Delta, yes ALL we know she’s 26 but is not her fault, Nick is an adult and he knows what he’s doing. so, please all the haters GET A LIFE, why she isn’t be in love with a boy of 18? The love hasn’t age. Delta is a fighter like Nick. he’s SO happy. Really, stop hating on them.