Harry Potter: Learn About The Horcruxes

Harry Potter: Learn About The Horcruxes

Rupert Grint leads Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson through the rain in this new featurette for Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part II.

Emma, 21, explained of the horcruxes that have been destroyed, “Harry’s already destroyed the diary, Dumbledore destroyed the ring, that’s two…” and then the locket.

That’s four more to go — in just two and a half hours! Eek!

“As Harry starts destroying parts of his soul, Voldemort’s slowly starting to lose his mind,” Daniel, also 21, adds.

Check out the featurette below!

Harry Potter: Learn About The Horcruxes
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  • HPgeek_21

    WHAT THE HECK! DAVID YATES MESSED UP MORE! Harry does have a special connection to Horcruxes but they aint no spidey senses! Harry already knows what the horcruxes are supposed to be and when he sees it he knows!

  • Jason


    Just shut up.

  • Kate


    There are differences between the books and movies, this is just one of many. Although I do wish they would stick closer to the books, I can’t wait though. This is going to be epic.

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