Inside Ashley Tisdale's Birthday Party!

Inside Ashley Tisdale's Birthday Party!

Ashley Tisdale wraps her arms around boyfriend Scott Speer as they celebrate her birthday along with the 4th of July weekend in Malibu, Calif., on Saturday (July 2).

The 26-year-old actress was surrounded by tons of family and friends. Just some of the people you know: Zac Efron, Carlos Pena, Samantha Droke, Robbie Jones, Matt Barr and Heather Hemmens.

Big sis Jennifer, mom Lisa and niece Mikayla were also spotted enjoying the party.

Ashley will be heading to Las Vegas on July 15th to celebrate even more!

Be sure to also check out Zac giving the birthday girl a piggyback ride on the beach!

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Albert Michael; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • http://deleted Cant Be Tamed

    im so glad there still together ! because on ocean up they have a pic of her & zac kissing and i thought they broke up or something !
    happy birthday ashley

  • Sara

    OMGGGGGGG, ASHLEY IS SO BEAUTIFUL *-* zac is so hoooot, omg!

  • http://deleted Cant Be Tamed

    ew samantha droke whats she doing there ?
    ok maybe shes ashley’s friend but i still dont like her

  • peggy

    The picture with Scott makes the Zac pics look even worse. She and Scott look like the “just friends”.

    If this is damage control. FAIL!

  • http://WWW.ASHLEYTISDALE.COM johana


  • HPgeek_21

    I love that Ash and Zac were together! I totally ship them! Scott is cool too but Zac is better!

  • Miranda

    zac and ashley look like friends, zac and scott are friends, ashley and scott are dating

  • andrea

    F*ck you all, Ashley and Zac are like brothers, she’s dating Scott. Zac is Ashley’s best friend ex.. she won’t go out with Zac even if she were single.
    There just friends trying to have fun, the only diference is that they are followed by the paparazzis man..

  • peggy


    It wouldn’t last they’d kill each other fighting for the camera and be jealous of each other’s success.

  • HPgeek_21

    @peggy I highly disagree! Both of them get more publicity together and recently they both would hide from the paps!
    They are cute together and have great chemistry no matter what so they could date if they’d like but I know Ashley would never date Zac after him and Ness broke up but Ness moved on faster than Zac so it wouldn’t mean it was wrong! I can still like them together even if it wont happen!

  • HPgeek_21

    Can Sam and Carlos just admit their dating! There is no other reason why he would be hanging out with Sammy at her bff’s birthday!

  • vale

    global furor with photos from yesterday!

  • joanne

    ARE Sam droke and Carlos pena dating???

  • HPgeek_21

    Well they say they arent but then all these pictures of them kissing and hanging out surface so it is safe to assume they are!

  • kim

    Jared, great save with this current post. What happened, were ashleys people all over you with the last one? Trouble is, this whole thing was so staged.

  • federico

    its so hot!

  • hhh

    Zashley is so not happening ppl!

  • amtfan

    I love them so much <3 zashley and scottley :)
    and this isnt staged stop being a jealous zanessa fan. this was friends having fun.

  • kami


    The picture with Scott makes the Zac pics look even worse. She and Scott look like the “just friends”.

    If this is damage control. FAIL!
    yes, the day after omg, what did we do and the rep trying to do damage control. too late for that. lol

  • peggy


    You better hope it is staged cause if its not he looks like a slime (well he has before) and she looks looks like a fame chasing houchie who disrespects her boyfriend

  • karla

    It looks like was a great party!(:
    Happy for Ashley. Love her <3

  • lalla

    zac what are you doing??!

  • Candy

    SOOO CUTE <3
    Happy B’day tizzy <3
    lov u so much <3

  • Candy

    zashley 4ever <3
    haha :P

  • taylor

    @peggy: Scott doesn’t seem to mind them being so close so I don’t see why anyone else should. It’s their relationship and their business. It’s stupid for other people to judge when they really don’t know anything about it.

  • Lubarus

    Love Scottley:) and… Zashley:)

  • ashley fan

    I think ashley gave a good birthday party!
    congrats ashley ..

  • iara

    ash is so beautiful *.*,love to see her and zac

  • rene´

    dear just jared I GONNA HAD A GIRLFRIEND THIS

  • peggy


    Scott not minding (and we don’t know that for sure cause public and private are two different things) has actually nothing to do with it – there are a many things a man may not on the surface mind but as his woman you should have boundaries if only to make sure you are respectful and not embarrass or diminish him in the eyes of others.

    Ashley’s position shouldn’t have been “Scott doesn’t mind so why not” but “I have to respect my relationship because of how I feel about Scott”.

    And she and Zac could have frolicked and had fun without photos like these.

  • Ha ha

    Why were they alone on the beach anyway? Where was everyone else?

  • Ha ha

    Seems to me that they were staged. They seemed like they were putting on a show for the cameras. If this is true then know wonder Vanessa didn’t want to be there. That entire scene is pathetic for everyone involved if you ask me.

  • ashley fan

    @Ha ha other images can be viewed all at the beach!

  • Ha ha

    Who’s snapping all of those pictures? Did they hire professional paps to attend this party? Evidently this party was a public event which leads me to believe those pics of Ashley and Zac were staged. I guess they are getting desperate. There could be no other explanation in my opinion.

  • griffin

    Yeah Ashley is career desperate and the pics were staged. I am sure her boyfriend won’t be all that cool about it when he sees the photos. Who would? Zac is a prize douche and she is well…not much of a friend to Vanessa. You don’t grope, fondle and kiss your “best friend” publicly knowing full well there are photographers there without having some sort of sick agenda. Especially if they are the ex of a so called good friend. Then tweet pics of you and your current boyfriend to try and make it all seem okay. What a tool she is.

  • Jane

    omg….i love ASH BOD

  • hhh

    Really guyss? Really?
    You actually think you can judge someone elses life or moral. you don’t even know ashley, zac, vanessa, and neither scott! You don’t say how they feel about it, cause you simply don’t know anything about them, all you know are stuff from the internet and things they say. What if it’s ALL staged? I mean not only the photos, but everything else. They are in fucking show biz, so they follow the rules so they keep being on it. You guys don’t know a single thing about them, not at all.

  • lol

    Damage control 101. Why don’t this girl’s publicists just give it a rest.


    GREAT PARTY!! wonder where vanessa is :S love ashley and zac is sooo HOOOT -.- one lucky girl there xD i want a piggyback ride too!

  • mykamicks

    Happy Birthday Ashley. She really loves spending her Bday in the beach.

    Peggy has some points. Ashley by giving a least a little courtesy for her BF out of Zac’s gestures while enjoying some fun with him on the beach. Anyways, the outcome of the pix I must say its only for fun. No intention or whatever. I believe Zac & Ashley are sensitive enough towards their friend or ex.

    The way I look at Zac’s when he kisses Ashley, I just imgaine that he is kissing his old flame Nessa. ( remember the Turks & Caicos, Hawaii escapades..??) Just one thing in my mind, he still misses Nessa. lol!

  • florence

    @peggy: Excatly both Zac and Ashley showed no respect for Scott what so ever, for me more Zac becuase how would he have felt if he had seen photo’s of Vanessa and Scott doing the same thing I bet he would have flipped which would be a normal reaction, after all you don’t have your hands all over a so called friend, you don’t hold the back of your friends head to kiss them that is a very intimate action between bf and gf, and you certainly don’t kiss their necks with your eye’s closed like Zac’s was doing to Ashley, it reek’s of being staged as with all the photo’s of them they are both looking at the camera and when Zac is kissing Ashley’s neck she is looking directly at the camera with a big grin on her face.

    You greet a friend with a hug and peck on the cheek to say happy birthday NOT the way they were both acting.

    And you can guarantee that Zac will go into hiding again now and the frown will be back.

    And the photo’s she tweeted of her and Scott they look more like a brother sister photo, the one’s of her and Zac look more like gf/bf.

    Bottom line they BOTH knew they were being photograped, both loved it and Zac yet again shows what a douche he is and how much better off Vanessa is without him and his womanising ways.

  • Elaine

    hahaha omg this looks so bad ashley just has a like one very boring picture with Scott and then a nice lively pic with Zac holding her and kissing her on the cheek.

    I feel bad for Scott, because obviously Ashley and Zac have an attraction towards each other. I promise I’m old enough to know attraction when I see it and I see it.

    I’m not gonna get into the fact of morals and bring Vanessa into it blah blah cuz honestly I have no emotion ties to these people to care how people feel towards each other. All I know is is that Ashley and Zac look cute together, always have, and alway will.

    There’s a reason why Zashley fans exist. All these pictures that accumulated over the years just gives away too many facts.

    P.s. I’ve had a friend call a guy her brother/best friend and a few month later they were dating ;)

  • justme

    Sorry I little lost here but, who is the boyfriend? ._.?

    because in this photos (and the previos ones) it looks like Zack is the boyfriend and Scott the best friend, did I miss something? :/

  • zj

    It’s funny how you guys think you can judge a person by the pictures the paparazzi wants you to see. Those paps made tons of money for taking those shots, and that’s what they want you to think Ashley and Zac did because they’ll earn more money.
    It’s pathetic that you guys think what they did is disrespectful for Scott. Scott was there, enjoyed the party WITH Ashley. If Zac and Ashley had innocent fun for like 5 min. and the paparazzi took advantage of that, it doesn’t make them mean or bitches.
    If Ashley wanted attention that much, why would she try THREE times to deny those rumors via twitter? And the first time was BEFORE the pics even surfaced. She clearly said “zac is my brother/best friend”, later she was grateful to have her ‘man’ (Scott) and then posted a very sweet picture of them kissing. If that doesn’t prove that they’re relationship is fine, then I don’t know what will for you drama-loving people.

    And this THEIR relationship for god’s sake. Who are you to defend scott/attack Ashley??? Ugh. It’s just too stupid.

  • emma

    vanessa is on the set of ‘gimme shelter’
    she will attend Pure nightclub

  • demi

    ash’s body<3

  • demi

    she is sooo beautiful
    love zashley and scashley

  • Merlin’s mum

    It will never happen, but it would be nice to here the views of someone who actually knows them and not the demented hate filled rantings of a load of no-nothing ‘fans’. I am sick of a lot of you coming on here just to spew unproved hate. None of you know them in reality and are judging them on rumours spouted by other people who don’t know them either. So if I get this right.. If you are in a relationship you can’t have fun with your friends and if two of your friends separate you can’t like one of your oldest friends anymore. Zac knew Ash for a long while before either of them ever met ‘V’. Now unless you know what these people are actually thinking, shut the hell up with all your hatefilled rubbish.

  • Lawrence

    I thought it was kinda strange that Scott wouldn’t be there*lol*, looks like they all had fun. :)

  • kerri

    Great to see them together :) I don’t know why everyone made such a big fuss about her and Zac? They are good friends/ brothers/sister. Ashley loves Scott.