Jasmine V Tweets New Song Lyrics!

Jasmine V Tweets New Song Lyrics!

Jasmine V lets out a great big smile as she hits the stage at grand opening for the Microsoft Store at Westfield Shopping Center on Friday afternoon (July 1) in Century City, Calif.

The 17-year-old singer tweeted the songs she performed in front of Nick Jonas — “Last night, I performed “Werk,’ ‘[All] These Boys’ ‘Just Friends,’ ‘This Isn’t Love,’ ‘Jealous” and ‘Last Breath.’”

Jasmine even took to Twitter to tweet some of the lyrics from one song: “love is like music… no one can influence u…u like what u like/tell me why love lies makes me wanna cry.. love suppose to be my friend/u said you would be, everything you’re not to me …”

ARE YOU EXCITED for new Jasmine music in July?

Jasmine V – “Jealous”

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  • jj17

    Love me some Jasmine V!

  • samy

    who is she

  • bunnie1303

    honestly, no im really not

  • Mellz

    who is she again? eww..

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    shes very pretty and talented but her songs suck !

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    looks like she gained a few poundsbut shes not fat i repeat shes not fat

  • Mary

    bitch ._.

  • soughtful

    omg, she is a good singer better than selena who can’t sing. hollywood record should be promoting her not selena.

  • http://19_jessica_98 Didi

    Ok..who is this girl. never heard of her….her music is “ok”, nothing special…NEXT!

  • http://facebook Heather

    I love her! She will be the next big thing! <33

  • http://facebook drake

    she’s pretty & can sing wayyy better than that skinny selena chick. I like her.

  • mishybc

    Her boyfriend (the guy rapping) is hot!

  • Zara

    I hate Jasmine V, she’s a famewhore and she sings nasally. Worse than Rebecca black tbh. She’s famous just cause she was in Bieber’s music video -.- and now she thinks she’s a huge celebrity. And her gay boyfriend also a famewhore disses JB every day on twitter. Jealous much?!??! He even made a rap video dissing Bieber, i mean he’s such a douche!! I hate both of them famewhores.

  • http://twitter.com/shaymarietv shay

    i love her music ! to all the people who want to know jasmine is an upcoming artist signed to sony epic. true she got more fans from being in justin bieber’s music video and going on tour with him. but thats not how she got signed. jasmine has been singing and doing concerts for years trying to make it, before anyone even heard of justin bieber. (no offense to justin ). and to all the haters get over your selves stop making this personal . you dont know jasmine personally to be judging her. if anything judge her based on her music. not all this other stuff i hear. you only know bits of pieces of her you see in videos. she’s here to make music thats all, just as any other artist they never asked your opinions on their personall life its always and only should be about their music.

  • http://@erikkaJay erikkaJay

    she is so flat . . . her low range sucks.

  • samy

    it’s funny that some people don’t like selena because she is dating justin but we all know that selena the best role modal ever so we have to respect her

  • kay

    wow some people are haters ! first of all shes way better live den selena hands down ! shes hella good at singing . shes way prettier den selena, not to be rude . buh her bf is a bieber hater who needs to get a life . I love Jasmine !<33

  • http://@BellaRingston Isabella

    @samy: She kinda dated Justin Bieber and participed of baby video :) ohhh she was on tour with justin bieber , she was singing OVERBOARD

  • yeahhhhhhh

    yeahhh she is so talented and deserves more success!
    your time will come Jas…
    and well his boyfriend looks really hot…you are lucky, take care of him cause he loves u girl.

  • Jaelene

    Im sick of people saying she got famous because of the baby video. She got NOTICED not famous, considering the fact that she was talented ever since she was young and was in tv shows.

    If you hated her so much, why would you even waste time to comment or to even click the link that says her name. I bet the haters are selena’s fans anyway.

    Other than that, jasmine’s amazing :)

  • jasminator123

    im really excited…can’t wait

  • Jasminator

    Omg! More than excited!!!!! I’ve been waiting patiently! And i know it’s coming really soon! I just can’t wait!

  • Jasminator

    Omg! More than excited! I’ve been waiting patiently and i know it’s coming soon! I just can’t wait!! :)

  • yoyo

    tired of people saying she sings nasally are you dumb you cant sing throught your nose stfu thats what ignorant people say when they cant realize someone has a strong voice selena gomez she beautiful and a great role model but she cant sing not at all people are supposed to be born a singer not forced to be a singer just cause your on disney channel she’s all autotuned its crap im sorry but no no selena cant sing she’s just another autotuned up pop singer adored by annoying ignorant little kids listening to garbage i have nothing against her she’s a very beautiful person but no she cant and stop comparing her to jasmine their 2 different people