Selena Gomez: 'We Rented out the Eiffel Tower, No Big Deal'

Selena Gomez: 'We Rented out the Eiffel Tower, No Big Deal'

Monte Carlo debuted at the number five spot at the box office this weekend.

Stars Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester dished to MTV about the perks of filming abroad.

“We got up in the Eiffel Tower,” Leighton shared. “But it wasn’t just go up for a trip, we got there all alone. It was just us at 5 a.m. when the sun was just rising. It was really beautiful.”

Selena added, “We rented out the Eiffel Tower, no big deal.” Sure, no big deal.

Cory Monteith chimed in on his particular shooting schedule: “I worked probably one out of five days in the shooting schedule. I have four days a week off, and I was able to roam around Europe, so I saw 10 countries a month. It was incredible.”

DID YOU SEE Monte Carlo this weekend?

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Credit: Larry Horricks; Photos: Twentieth Century Fox
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  • andie

    hell yeah i saw monte carlo! woulnt miss it for the world…;)

  • samy

    she is the most beautiful girl in in the world!

  • jj17

    Ouch! Monte Carlo tanked!

  • selenapck

    i haven’t seen the movie… but I really really want to!

  • ness

    it just sounds like she’s bragging. Im sorry, but Selena Gomez is pathetic. Her mainstream music just shows that she’s in it for the money and not the passion of the music. She can’t sing, but yet she has a better career than the songstress Demi Lovato. I hate those who buy Gomez’s album

  • good-one

    rented the Eiffel Tower. Whoa. impressive.

  • Zara

    LOL guys she was being sarcastic when she said ‘no big deal’. SENSE THE SARCASM!

  • Zara

    She’s being sarcastic alright. CHILL.

  • chloe

    i had te tower eifel rented fo my 13 birday :)

  • Dayum

    Some people don’t know the Sarcasm Language :))

  • samy

    i really like demi and selena my i think selena is good role modal she never did something bad that is why i like her

  • headstrong

    @samy: you like her just cause she neve did something bad? rotf.

  • http://deleted mariana

    i agree with her. the eiffel tower is not that impressive. and i’m not saying that because i’m living in paris.

  • none

    It came in at number 6. It was a flop at the box office.

  • Nolan

    First, Selena deserves better than that douche Bieber.
    Second, Selena Gomez looks like she is 14 yrs old in that picture.
    Third, give Selena three years and she will be the next Disney star to look like a mess and force most parents to think twice about thinking of her as a role model: Lohan, Miley, and soon to be Gomez.

  • http://@Truedemetria Caroline

    im not seeing monte carlo, not a big fan of selena

  • http://lucynda lucy

    i want wach the movie ,because i love selena

  • Chantal

    @Ness Shut up, she was being sarcastic. I can’t believe people like you just feel so good on writing the exact opposite of things when they aren’t really true! She’s fully dedicated to her acting career, and she does singing because she LOVES music. That’s a passion!
    Get your facts straight before stating.

  • Lovedelena

    i love both demi and selena. i agree that demi is much better in singing and selena is better in acting. but selena is just learning so you don’t have to insult her -.- i bet you’re not really that good in singing and even if you are that doesn’t mean you can call people lame in singing and stuff. so STFU, k?