Ashley Tisdale: Bright Blue Ray Ban Beauty

Ashley Tisdale: Bright Blue Ray Ban Beauty

Ashley Tisdale channels her inner hippie in a Free People “Tah-Loo” hoodie as she leaves a friend’s house on Thursday afternoon (July 7) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress, donning bright blue Ray Bans and a Chanel purse, will be heading to NYC for the weekend.

Ashley will be participating in TimesTalks with her Phineas & Ferb cast mates.

Thanks to our friends from MissTisdale for letting us know about the Facebook LiveStream too. It all starts @ 11AM ET on Saturday!

15+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale

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  • Gonzalo


  • Lubarus

    i love Phineas&ferb:)

  • Lubarus

    i love Ashley!!!

  • Lubarus

    She looks beautiful:)

  • emily

    she LOVEs free people and i love her

  • florence

    What no big smile for the pap’s this time Ashley oh forgot Zac is’nt their to be her ‘ brother’ so there’s no point in smiling for the pap’s.

    I hope when she goes to NY this weelend that Vanessa does’nt talk to her after her behaviour with Zac.

  • hhh

    @florence: U MAD??????????????????? HAHAHAHA Zac and Vanessa are done, just deal with it!

  • Xoxox

    @hhh zanessa will always
    Forever !
    Doesn’t it seem like Ashley outfit
    Today is turning into Vanessa style (hippie look)
    First get
    Ex now her
    She really need to come up with something creative
    To get notice in holywood

  • shedevil

    She looks great. I think being a brunette really suits her. Haters are going to hate. She and Zac are adorable together.

  • Courtney

    She looks cute.


    Seriously? Does Vanessa OWN the “hippie” look? Come on now…

  • kerri

    Cute :)

  • samantha


    1) If Zanessa was forever, they wouldn’t broken up.
    2) We know that ashley and vanessa have alot of similar clothes, they’ve done that since they first met & stated it in interviews. If you were a good Vanessa fan, you’d bloody well know that.
    3) even then, i don’t think vanessa would wear this, vanessa never wears anything white or crochet like. if she does. it’s a brown colour.
    4) have some respect for your idol’s best friend. For a while there right after Hsm2, Vanessa didn’t have any jobs going for her either.
    5) if you read ashley’s tweets, you’d also know that her and zac are only just friends.
    6) just.. you know,shut your fucking mouth. :)

  • Marine

    Wow, haven’t been in this website but nothing has changed… Always the same people hating and creating drama, that’s pretty sad; I feel for you! Are you THAT stupid? I think some people who comments here need to calm down and shut the hell up!

    If you don’t like Ashley, then why do you feel the need to comment and say negative things? Are you sure you don’t like the girl??
    Still this stupid war again? Wow, you need to move on right now. Hating on a guy because he’s not with your favorite girl? Hating on girl because she spend some time with a guy she has known way before her best friend who is in NY and has moved on? How childish of you!!
    For your information, EVERYBODY calls after paparazzi, even your favorite girl… This is how it works in Hollywood!! It’s time to understand that all of this people are in contact w/ paparazzi whenever they want. Just enjoy the pictures or shut it or get out of here!!

    @Xoxox: One of the most stupid comment I’ve ever read here. Thank God every person who had the hippi style first didn’t say anything bad about Vanessa… Look around you a lot of persons have this style –’. You’re just trying to find something to hate on Tisdale.

  • hhh

    @Xoxox: it seems that the only thing that last forever is people’s ignorance! isnt it?
    And it’s totally a Ashley outfit, I think you should take a look at other ashley’s candid, that soo her!
    Indeed, if she’s trying to be Vanessa, think she should just wear no clothers, aint better that way? Kinda easier!

  • laquida


  • Mara

    I love her style :)

  • Mara


  • Lubarus

    Very pretty:)

  • Lubarus

    Looove her^^

  • http://WWW.ASHLEYTISDALE.COM johana


  • vale

    perfect woman!
    i love the pics and ashley tisdale.

  • just sayin

    Haters are so pathetic, go do something with your lives instead of posting comments on somebody you “hate”, if you hate her why would you waste your time? To feel a little bit better about your pathetic lives by saying rude stuff about somebody who is more successful than you’ll ever be? I love Ashley and I’m so glad all her fans are coming together to stick up for her.

  • VanFan

    First of all, you need to learn how to spell and use punctuation.
    Second, she was smiling over the weekend because it was her birthday and she was at her party and having lot of fun. In these pics, she’s not really not smiling. She does have a sort of smile, just like most people who are out walking to their car to go off and run errands.
    Third, why wouldn’t Vanessa talk to her? They are best friends. I bet they go out to have a belated birthday celebration.

  • selena

    she looks amazing

  • SugarSweet

    Gosh Vanessa fans can be so delusional. Did she copyright the hippy look or something? What an utterly ridiculous thing to say. Ashely has a great body and rocks pretty much everything she wears. I love this look on her. And I don’t believe she and Vanessa are best friends. Good friends maybe, once upon a time, but that’s not the same thing as a BFF. I think they all sold us this BFF thing because that’s what Disney does, all their stars are BFFs’. Please. Let’s get real people.

  • Lris

    Beautiful and stunning!!!

  • Luiza

    Omg I Love her so much!!!
    So pretty

  • http://larry2004 sarah

    I love Ashley and her stuff.

  • ray ban

    beautiful, love her…….