Drake Bell & Daniella Monet: 'A Fairly Odd' Interview, Part I

Drake Bell & Daniella Monet: 'A Fairly Odd' Interview, Part I

Check out this exclusive, new shot of Drake Bell and Daniella Monet from A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!

JJJ was lucky enough to catch up with the two earlier this week to chat about the movie, which premieres THIS SATURDAY. Check out what they told us:

Drake on the appeal of the movie: “I am such a fan of this show. I still watch the animation. The characters are some of the greatest…Cosmo and Wanda’s comedy was on the same level with me. And to be able to bring Timmy Turner to life…I jumped at that instantly.”

Daniella on a grown-up Tootie: “I’m still a fan as well. The evolution with Tootie…bringing her into this more nurturing demeanor, it was a good change-up. Her character in the cartoon was so crazy and fun, I thought to merge the two. I’m all for that [change]. I was wanting them to throw pie in my face and change into classic Tootie with her braces and pigtails. I wanted to do it all. It was so much fun.”

Drake on seeing a 23-year-old guy in 5th grade: “I’d probably call the cops if I saw one in reality. I’d also assume he has to be really good at long division. But that’s the thing about Timmy Turner…when you watch the movie, Timmy doesn’t seem like he’s 23. He seems like a big kid and it really doesn’t make it creepy.”

Daniella on her favorite scenes: “We both really dig that scenes where they unveil the park and it’s brand new (They show the tree coming to life). The music is so warm and cozy, and inviting and magical. It’s all the feelings that you get when you watch those movies that touch the kid in you.”

Drake on the opening of the movie: “There’s not a kid in the world who’s not going to be hooked when they see the pirate battle scene. When they see this scene, they’ll figure out why Timmy can absolutely not get rid of his godparents because even if you’re 23-years-old, you want to have a pirate battleship bust through your walls, have a sword fight and then all magically disappear and be cleaned up just like that. Then you’re off to school like nothing happened.”

Stay tuned for more of JJJ‘s exclusive interview with Drake and Daniella TOMORROW!

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Credit: Ed Araque, Dexter Quintol; Photos: Nickelodeon
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  • Cammie

    Why is Timmy still with his fairy godparents?