Selena Gomez is a Pathetic Polo Player

Selena Gomez is a Pathetic Polo Player

Selena Gomez hides her sleek dark hair inside her black hoodie as she leaves the Metropolitan in London on Thursday morning (July 7).

The 18-year-old actress, wearing AllSaints‘ “Lila” tank chatted on her iPhone for a couple minutes before stopping to take a few pics with awaiting fans.

Selena recently chatted with the Bellingham Herald on her not-so-spot-on polo skills.

“You want to know a funny story? In the original script, Grace was supposed to be good at polo, and Cordelia was the one who didn’t care. But I had two straight weeks of polo training and I was so bad at it that they rewrote the script! I could not get it. The polo stick was so heavy, and I was already trying to focus on the horse. So in the end, they taught me how to ride western style, which was easier for me. That was better,” she shared.

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  • andy

    She looks amazing!!! Loving her outfit.

  • ka

    why is she so silly? she’s pretty but she stupid

  • Marie

    I think now she is dressing more like her age; making her look even more beautiful and mature =)

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    Selena looks soo different here in a good way, i mean her style. For a second i was like is that her! she looks cute though.

  • V

    Whoa. Selena looks very different here… love her outfit though.

  • Natasha456

    i didn’t even recognize her at first! She looks so cute.

  • Amber

    She has the best fashion sense!

  • samy

    i like her hair

  • Chantal

    Love her! So posh! Very nice to see her fashionista side at times too, though she is known for a very casual style, just adore her!
    God, I hate the title of this article though, JustJared, c’mon now?

  • Candice

    she looks fabulous! love her hair so much!

  • http://twitter katheryn

    selena looks so good and fabulous!!!!!

  • callie

    i love selena gomez so much i wish i could meet her

  • http://selenagomez callie

    i love selena gomez so much. and i wish i could meet her

  • http://selenagomez callie
  • http://larry2004 sarah

    I love your pictchers and viedos! :)

  • http://larry2004 sarah

    I love selena gomez so so much it makes me screem i want to meet her!!! :)

  • headstrong

    I’m not too fond of her new style

  • cam


    Actually Selena appears to be very mature & certainly not dumb. She has made and is making very wise career choices (more than some of her counterparts) and will be around for a long time.

  • ness

    @cam- Ya you’re right her choices have been smart… not! They’re not her own choices. Her publicist and management team tell her what to say, what to do, and how to act. So shut up. She isn’t even her own person. I personally would never be a fan of someone like that.

  • ness

    She’ll be around for a long time because she knows how to play her fans. You’re all like puppets on her string. And i hope that counterpart little comment wasn’t towards Demi Lovato because honey, she’s the one true blue musician out of all these little teens.

  • Shayna

    haha, that’s hilarious! But it totally worked for the script! :D

  • Shayna

    Dude, you don’t even know her! Have you ever met her? No, I’m sure you haven’t. She’s truly genuine, and you’re too blind to see that. She’s a real person, and a grown adult who makes her own decisions. She talks all the time about how she has “creative control”, a.k.a., she makes all the decisions! So get over it, and quit flaming people that you’ve never met, and never will meet.

  • sabrins

    She is not STUPID! Plus, she is pretty and dresses her age. I am fifteen and my friends dress older than her and they look stupid

  • demi4eva