Daniel Radcliffe: 'Nobody Wants to See Actors in Bands'

Daniel Radcliffe: 'Nobody Wants to See Actors in Bands'

Daniel Radcliffe shows off his hat tricks in these new shots from USA Weekend.

The 21-year-old actor opens up tot he weekend mag about just wanting to be an actor for now, loving the relationship he’s in and not crying himself to sleep. Check it:

On the end of the Harry Potter franchise: “The Harry Potter films finishing comes with the same inevitability as aging. While there’s sadness for things that won’t be the same again, experiences I’ve had now that I won’t have again, it was always going to have to end. So I’ve been prepared for it for quite a while. I’m not crying myself to sleep at night, luckily.”

On being in a great relationship: “It’s a nice feeling to suddenly meet somebody and go, ‘I’m really happy with you, and I like the idea of coming home to you at the end of the day.’”

On staying away from starting a band: “I couldn’t be in a band — or I doubt I can. Similar reason, really. Nobody wants to see actors in bands, just like we don’t want to see musicians in films. [Laughs] It’s like when musicians start talking politics, stick to what you do. I’m generalizing massively here, but one of my biggest problems with actors is actors have an assumption that they can do anything, which annoys me. If you’ve got actors on a set and there’s a problem, they’ll suggest an answer. Its like, ‘No no no no no, you don’t know. There are people who’ve been working on films for 20 years. They know. Ask them. You’re not very useful to us now. Do your acting.’ Actors have a tendency to think they can just do anything. Look, I can sing, but that’s not to say I would be a good singer in a band. I’m doing a musical at the moment, but it’s not the same thing. I have a deep love for music and rock music particularly and bands, but I don’t think that’s in my future.”

FYI: Daniel is wearing Billy Reid for K-Swiss sneakers.

15+ pics inside…

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Photos: Matt Hoyle
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  • liz

    i want to see you in a band danrad! you’re so hott!

  • cazzaaa

    I’m sorry Daniel, I love you and everything.. but have you heard of 30 seconds to mars?!
    One of the best bands ever fronted by an actor.

  • RN012

    I don’t know who he’s dating, but he better not marry her anytime soon.

  • Dan

    @RN012: get out, creephead. He can marry anyone he wants.

  • emily

    @Dan: “creephead” ROFL

  • alex

    WOW – The answer to actors being in bands/singing is one of the best things I have heard regarding the subject. The folks at disney and nickelodeon need to see this, do not turn these kids into singers. none of the disney kids can sing – and its unfortunate because I love Good Luck Charlie b/c its normal, but its seems Disney is trying to make Bridgit Mendler some sort of singer now – just stop. The same goes for Nick – Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice cannot sing without the help autotuning.

  • reese

    yeah hes talking about you selena

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ Have It hollywood

    Daniel as a singer. Funny thought :)

  • Melissa

    Dan ♥

  • liz

    i agree that musicians should not act though. unless you’re really good like maybe as a character role kind, like that keith richards

  • kbrasena

    he is not hating from anyone he is just thinking if you have a talent in terms of acting this doesn’t mean you have the same talent for singing or even it is the case if you’re an actress this shouldn’t allow them to make albums just for the sake of gaining money and he is right.

  • kbrasena

    but of course if you’re fully talented you can make your dream come true but again this should’t be making a decent record just to gain money

  • RN012


    No he can’t. Not unless that person is me.

  • janiece

    i couldn’t agree with him more with his comment about actors trying to sing and vice versa. i share the same distaste of models or musicians trying to act or actors attempting to make a music career with their fame. stick to what you know best and work everyday to improve

  • Really

    Some actors should not sing. And some musicians should not act. Like take Demi Lovato for example. She’s a good singer, but she’s a TERRIBLE actress, at least in comedy shows anyway.
    And Miranda Cosgrove, she really should not sing. And that other blonde girl from iCarly, should really not either.

  • Amanda

    Oh this was so refreshing to read. I get so annoyed when I hear Disney and such compare these modern day “triple threats” to greats like Gene Kelly. Stick to what your good at. Mr. Radcliff seems like a level headed guy and I’m very impressed with his work on Broadway!

  • http://twitter.com/selmanmumdzhu SeL

    I completely agree with him!!! Finally someone to say that! Everyone needs to hear it!

  • Chantal

    @reese Don’t include other artists who also enjoy experimenting to what Dan said, Selena loves what she does, and she herself said she doesn’t plan to make singing a full time career, she’s fully dedicated to acting.

    But yes, i do agree with Dan, many other actors of nickelodean for an example, are popping out of nowhere with solos and discs. It’s rather annoying.

  • Pursuit of Happiness

    (Unless you’re Jared Leto.)
    But yeah, what Dan says is true. Actors have the tendency to think they can do anything in entertainment, particularly singing. Stick to what you’re good at – acting – of course, don’t, if you’re a bad actor. Lol.

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    I love this man with my life!!! He’s so articulate and honest!!!
    Hollywood needs more people like him!!!

  • Angie

    Yes thank you Dan I’m tired of seeing singers becoming actors or vise versa most of them are only good at one of them very few can do both but still come on. Long Live Harry Potter. Hollywood does need actors like him not well I’ve already stated them before.

  • V Gone? HA She’s Still Here!

    Aww I love him.

  • Theresa


    seriously unless your like a natalie portman actress and a christina aguilera singer their is absolutely no reason for you to do both. theirs a certain boundary thats crossed when someone who already has their name out their for one thing (acting or singing) they take advantage of it and think they can all of a sudden do both, i find disrespectful.
    In selenas case, she became a “singer” and the only good thing about her songs is the music in the background and you could find a handful of girls on youtube that could sing 20x better than her. stick to what you know.

  • Harryfan

    Love Harry Potter & also love Daniel forever ! ^^

  • Seranya

    I’m happy that at least he admitted he’s generalizing massively. I agree with him on some level – yes, it annoys me too when I see actors that have nothing to do with music suddenly becoming singers or artists that have no acting talent starring in movies. But, if you really are good at both nothing should stop you from doing them both. Who says you can only have true talent in just one field? (take Jared Leto for example, like a couple other people have mentioned before) Of course, if you’re only starting a new career for the money, even if you’re talented, then it’s still wrong in my view.

    As for all the fuss about Disney girls… I really don’t get it. People seem to have a particular hate for them for no real reason. Yes, it is a bit annoying that almost ALL actors from Disney have to sing too… I think it’s a requirement by now on Disney channel – you’re either the whole package or you’re nothing at all! -_-’ But as long as they CAN do both, it’s fine by me. I for one like Selena, Demi and that other blonde girl’s voice and I really like some of their songs. As for the acting I don’t think they stand out in any way – negative or positive. They aren’t really bad actors, but there’s nothing incredible about them either. And the shows they play in are quite entertaining.

    Oh but the thought of Daniel being in a band is really interesting XD lol I’m glad that he can distinguish his abilities from plausible careers though. Just because he can sing doesn’t mean that lifestyle suits him, he’s so right. Even if I would’ve loved to see Dan on stage, I don’t think he’d be comfortable with it…