Daniel Radcliffe Dishes About Ginny & Harry Kiss

Daniel Radcliffe Dishes About Ginny & Harry Kiss

So, we know all about how awkward and quick the the kiss was between Rupert Grint and Emma Watson — but what about Harry and Ginny?

Daniel Radcliffe told Fandango about one particular smooch between him and Bonnie Wright‘s Ginny.

“There’s a couple of kissing scenes. There’s even a kiss in the heat of battle at one point, which I have to say was my suggestion [laughs]. It’s done in a less dramatic way, just like you’re going out the door in a rush because it’s potentially the last time they see each other. If I were in that situation, I would kiss almost anyone if I thought the end was coming,” he shared.

ARE YOU A FAN of Harry and Ginny together?

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  • michelle

    I love Harry and Ginny together, although I still wish they had written their first kiss scene like it was in the book. I blame the screenwriter for changing that.

  • emmie

    I love Harry/Ginny! I think they’re amazing together. Ginny is perfect for Harry and vice versa. I’m looking forward to see this kiss in the middle of the battle.

  • carmen

    I’m actually a fan of Harry and Hermione…
    They are very similar in many ways…

  • Bicker ing love

    I love Harry/Ginny together. Been waiting for it ever since I read the first book. Looking forward to the mid-battle kiss, they are so well suited.

  • Lila

    I can’t stand Ginny! I’ve alway been routing for Harry&Hermione, and even more for Ron&Luna. I just love Luna. I would have been happier if Harry dated Dobby or even Bellatrix Lestrange or even Ron himself, but not Ginny! She was perfect for Draco though…

    (Don’t get me wrong: Bonnie Wright is like really cute.)

  • Dreaming

    Harry and Ginny are awesome. I love how she’s the only one who can put up with Harry’s mood swings in the books.

    So excited for the new movie!

  • http://misfits1985@twitter crystal castellanos

    @michelle: i totally agree i didn’t like that they changed it

  • ella

    I love Hary and Ginny together! They are soulmates <3

  • liz

    dan and tom pls

  • vivi

    everyone who read the book, will know why ron & hermione and ginny and harry are perfect.

  • Louise


    Exactly, if you have read the books, you would know that hints were always left in each book and even the films up to the final book.

    Ron and Hermione were always meant to be together and I have to say they were always my favourite couple. The same applies for Harry and Ginny though, from COS on.

    And besides, the way it played out means that these guys are always going to be in each others lives and most importantly are a family.

  • LALA

    looking forward to this kiss! The couple has been absolutely trashed by the movies but this looks like it could be their best moment yet :D

  • Val

    I love Ginny and Harry, though I don’t like how they portray her in the movies. I would get why people who only saw the movies don’t like her… Its not Bonnie’s fault, its the writers… In the books she is strong and brave, in the movies its like she’s too foward at some points.. I also agree with michelle about their first kiss’s scene. They should’ve done it like it was.

  • lauren

    I absolutely love Harry and Ginny, and I’m looking forward to the differences from the book that are there because they didn’t break up (which was like, “Come on, Harry!”). Ron and Hermione are great, too – the thing about Harry and Hermione’s relationship that I love is that they’re brother and sister, they really are, but at the same time they’re such a big “could have been.” Because it could have happened. Which is cool.

    But yeah, Harry and Ginny FTW. :P

  • Rory

    I can’t stand Ginny, she’s just too boring in the books and even more (if that’s even possible) on screen. I can watch an entire scene with her and not even notice she’s there. She’s just not interesting to watch (or read).
    The Harry/Ginny storyline wasn’t given much attention, and I believe that’s happened because it’s no secret how not interesting this couple is. Jo could’ve written a new caracther with an interesting background to pair up with Harry, I mean, he is the lead, he deserves THE girl. And THE girl in the series, strong, bright and loyal female caracther is Hermione, I think that’s why people have cheered so much for this couple to happen. Now THAT would be interesting, two strong caracthers together.
    And to make things worse for the cannon community, Daniel has amazing chemistry with Emma and ZERO with Bonnie, so…

  • kelly

    ron and hermione
    harry and ginny

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  • Unknown

    Well, i dwell from Australia and have seen the movie and the kiss well put but they stuff up the ron/hermione kiss sooooo badly. the movie was brilliant but the some scenes towards the end were a little disappointing in relation to the book,

  • by

    i really love ginny and harry ….. is my favorite couple

  • nadia

    I lv Harry and Ginny
    though why did they change the first kiss

  • terri

    I have nothing against Ginny but Bonnie didn’t convince me they
    belong together. Rather it wasn’t enough screen time or what
    they didn’t fit together. I felt Hermione and Harry had more moments together and thought they could end up together until she started having feelings for Ron. Still puzzled why that happened. I think Luna looked best with Harry and they had connections or chemistry. She helped Harry in a few situations which made her seem normal not looney and we see she is clever and she could be fun too. I think her personality would of drawn Harry’s out more.

  • terri

    haha i agree and have done it myself. A much better character than Ginny. Unfortunately Ginny didn’t get much time in the book or on screen.
    Ginny is ok but not a fan of her being with Harry. It doesn’t look right or make sense.

  • elk165

    NO WAY not hermonie and harry. ron and hermonie. defintely not GINNY AND DRACO. harry and ginny

  • http://yahoo shewit

    i think harry potter and ginny weasley are a perfect couple i don’t know why those other people says no their not!! i always try to skip some pages in the harry potter books to read ginnys parts!!!!!!!!!

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