Selena Gomez On New Album: 'It's Really Empowering'

Selena Gomez On New Album: 'It's Really Empowering'

Selena Gomez recently sat down with to chat about her upcoming tour and her new album.

Check out what the 18-year-old actress/singer had to say:

On ‘Who Says’: “It’s a very powerful anthem and it’s something I can relate to and it’s something everybody’s gone through, so I’m glad that song’s out there. Fox heard the song on the radio and thought it was the perfect kind of message for our movie. I’m just glad it happened that way.”

On the feel of the album: “[It's] more positive, which I haven’t really done a lot of. ‘Naturally’ and ‘Who Says,’ which are my biggest songs, are both very positive, but most of my records are kind of intense break-up songs and a little bit repetitive with what I’m singing about…It’s a really empowering record and that’s just more of the place I was in, so I wanted it to be really powerful and to be something that was inspiring.”

On what her tour will hold for fans: “We’re dividing it into four sections. We’re going to have wardrobe changes. There’s going to be dancers — I will not be dancing most of the time. They’ll just be back there getting the crowd pumped up. We’re going to have fun screens in the background. It’s just gonna be a huge party. I wanted to make it like a PG-13 rave.”

ARE YOU GOING to a stop on Selena & The Scene’s tour?

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  • http://justajredjr shamilah

    I personally love all of Selena’s songs, especially ‘Outlaw’ on her new album :D it’s amazing! i love how she mentions ‘little bit repetitive’ because thats what i love about her songs, that she keeps on repeating a line -it makes it much better & catchy! I hope selena gomez does a tour in the uk -I Really Want To See Her!

  • Naomi

    If I’m going to be honest, I really didn’t like the album. The only good song of the album is We Own the Night, which needs to be the next single, but I highly doubt that Hollywood Records will release another track. To me, most of the songs sounded so generic. The album is going to do good anyway just because she’s Selena Gomez. I’m not hating on her, just giving out constructive criticism.

  • http://deleted hi

    Her Album was THE BEST yet! ;)

  • Erika

    I love ‘Who Say´s’ :)

  • V

    “Hit The Lights” and “Whiplash” are my favorite songs. They are catchy and have a good beat.

  • samy

    i love all of Selena’s songs, but i didn’t like love you like a love song

  • Chantal

    Bought the album already! Love it!
    I agree with @V on her song “hit the lights”, she has to do a music video for that song! It’s as inspirational as “who say’s” & really catchy.
    She may not be the bestest singer on earth but hell yes is she by far the best youngest artist to have such meaning to her albums & songs with a techno feel.
    Well @Naomi, I understand where your coming from, but the album does have many good songs, practically the only one I hated was “bang, bang, bang” which sounded a bit cocky. BUT, all of the rest had a catchy, dance based, meaning to it.
    Can’t wait to see her in Costa Mesa!

  • Jacob

    Hello selena how are you I just wanted to say your thebest ever I like your music .and keep up the good work.

  • Alyssa

    Selena Fans go check out Alyssa Reid!!

  • good-one
  • MissHollyDiva101

    My Fave Song On Selena New Album Is That More Like It Because It A Good Dance Song.

  • Kitty


  • http://hotmail ashley

    hey i loved the album selena rocks!<3 her shez the awesomest oolala i love selena evry song WHO SAYS shes MAGIC i do i LOVE HER LIKE A LOVE SONG sez awesome NATURALLY and other songgs always TRUST IN HER