Dakota Fanning Films 'Now Is Good'

Dakota Fanning Films 'Now Is Good'

Dakota Fanning shows off her short, short hair as she films scenes for Now Is Good in London on Monday afternoon (July 11).

The 17-year-old actress stars opposite Jeremy Irvine (pictured) and Kaya Scodelario, in the flick based off of Jenny Downham‘s novel “Before I Die.”

The flick follows a girl (Fanning) dying of leukemia who compiles a list of things she’d like to do before passing away. Topping the list is her desire to lose her virginity.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Dakota’s chopped off hair? Do you think it’s a wig?

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Credit: JJ/IR; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Will

    Now, al the celebrities wants the same pixie cut of Emma Watson LOL!

  • Will

    I know, that she cut her hair for her new movie role! But looks exactly like Emma when she cut one year ago!

  • Bee

    That book is amazing. Dakota and Kaya are perfect for the roles!

  • soughtful

    she looks so old with it! i THINK she would look lovely with long waist hair is just she don’t look good with it.

  • knock nok

    she’s always looked kind of depressed with long hair. this looks nice

  • good-one

    Googling yielded no clues. Perhaps we’ll wait and see.

  • emily

    I think that it’s very interesting that she has short hair now considering she allegedly refused to shave her head for “My Sister’s Keeper”. She does look like Emma Watson though !

  • tena54

    Wow taht is a shocker lol, i hope the roles will be great for her and and she will get praise for it becasue she has hasint gotton any for a while know so hopefully she will for this role :)

  • amanda


  • jajahsu

    I hope its a wig!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t suit her at all :(

  • Erika

    Forget Dakota – who’s the HOTTY in the blue/grey sweater???

  • aa

    I don’t think it suits her, but I understand if she had to get it done for the movie.

  • kym

    omg people she didnt cut her hair because she wanted to. it was probably in the contract for her to do it so she could portray her character. Of course she looks horrible in this pic. its a still from the movie shes supposed to look like shes dieing from leukemia. I dont think it has anything to do will emma watson will. personally, i think it looks like a wig. I like that she looks so much different from herself, it shows that she is really dedicated to her role. and from the description it sounds like this might be a good move. i might even read the book.

  • Beforeidie

    Your wrong not all of the celebritys are getting there hair chopped like Emma’s and Dekota has had hers cut because she is playing a girl dying of Cancer!

  • Troy

    Back in 1970 (like everybody else who frequents this board that was before my time) a move came out called “Love Story..” It was about a rich kid who fell in love with a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Over the course of the movie the girl gets cancer and dies but before she dies she progressively gets more beautiful. Thus creating what would come to be known as the “Ali McGraw (named after the actress in “Love Story”) Effect” which was that when an attractive young woman was stricken with a terminal illness in a film her beauty just grew along with the disease. AS far more recent example of this was Mandy Moore’s character in “A Walk to Remember.” (An otherwise good movie don’t get me wrong)

    Form the still it looks looks the producers of “Now Is Good” are moving away from that ridiculous trend and just may be keeping it real. If that is the case I say good for them and good for Dakota for taking the part.

  • urfunny

    its a wig…….so another article from “people mag” wrote

  • Star

    Hopefully it’s a wig.

  • Julie

    Ewww! I hope that is a wig.

  • kylie

    hey! kristen starred in a movie exactly like this! it had the exact same plot n she even wore a wig similar to dakota’s new hair for it!!

  • songbird2751

    Technically Sharon Stone was the first actress to sport this short do, several years ago!

  • tIA

    omy goodness! why is she taking on such a provocative role? I know shes growing up, but I wish such talented actresses wouldnt feel as if they have to star in sexual flicks just to make a buck! Maybe its not Dakota, maybe its the movie industry itself–always have to include sex like EVERYBODY goes to the movies for that B[ Its gonna be difficult to see Dakota in such a grown up movie considering Im older than her and Im used to her looking like a little girl…she has that little girl face even now! GAH!! Dont grow up so fast Dakota! i pray she doesnt end up like Lindsay whats-her-name…

  • J

    First of all, it will fail, she can’t act. Second, is that a boy pictured? What is up with these girls and these boy cuts?

  • Piper

    She looks like a younger version of Sharon Stone when Sharon chopped her hair off into a pixie cut.

  • Meliza

    I think it is so stupid to put on your #1 list losing your virginity. And who would want to have sex with a person dying, I mean, won’t you feel horrible or something?

  • http://noorul12 noorul tayyaba

    You do know that she happens to be wearing a wig..right?

  • genta

    Nothing good will come of this. We are being flooded with coming of age films of dubious circumstances and quality. Dakota is doing one, Emma W is doing one, other Emmas have done or will do. It’s the latest fashion after the fantasy franchise sagas are coming to their ends. But all of the just-ex-teen stars need some sort of occupation, don’t they? The end of cinema draws near.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Nickdnh Nick

    Dakota Fanning looks 1000x better with long hair.