Demi Lovato: 'Skyscraper' First Listen!

Demi Lovato: 'Skyscraper' First Listen!

It’s finally here!

Check out the premiere of Demi Lovato‘s new track, “Skyscraper!”

The 18-year-old singer and actress tweeted, “This isn’t just a single or a song to me.. This represents the strength of an incredibly difficult journey I’ve been on that will hopefully provide the faith and inspiration to others going through the hardest issues of their own.”

Demi also wrote on her blog, “I am still on a personal journey dealing with my own issues each and every day, but the best advice I can give to anyone going through a rough patch is to never be afraid to ask for help. My biggest wish for this song is that it’s able to inspire others and urge them to keep moving forward no matter what the odds.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Demi Lovato’s new song “Skyscraper”?

UPDATE: Audio has been removed by request of Disney. Apologies.

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  • Jessica

    A M A Z I NG
    no more words

  • SUp???

    i luv this song….new favourite!!!! :P


    omg its amazing! so inspiring!

  • Tessa


  • Jordan

    This song is beautiful and inspirational, just because it isn’t ‘fast’ doesn’t mean it can’t be a hit. There are plenty of party songs out there, and given her recent circumstance, i think this is a beautiful and classy way to make a comeback. This song is truly amazing…and i’m sure everyone can relate. “Would it make you feel better if you watch me while i bleed” – who doesn’t have people out there that just love it when you fail…she is standing up for herself. And the whole notion that “you can take everything i have, you can break everything i am” – like her eating disorders and cutting addiction did, she is showing to us that she has put her life back on track, and so can many others that are being haunted by the same demons that took over her life.
    That’s what i think at least.. lol

  • http://indym3 molly

    Good for her to put something out first that has real meaning to her. Not every first single has to be catchy. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album; hopefully it has some variety so we can hear her full range–she is so talented and I want to really hear her belt one out!!!

  • Lilo

    Wow, I’m really impressed. I hope this becomes a big hit for her.

  • lexie

    im addicted. her voice is flawless, like seriously, im not even a really big fan of hers, but her voice is epic.

  • karina

    just bought her song. It’s truly amazing. really inspiring to see how she has overcome all those things she went through.

  • candycrazy

    i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    good song

  • charlotte

    Demi is amazing! I love skyscraper!

  • good-one

    We were afraid, that on her meds, she would no longer be able to feel the full range of her emotions. Now, it’s pretty clear, they all obtained through.

    Beautiful song, Demi.

  • i love demi

    Yessss Demi! you will be “rising from the ground”! this girl is pure TALENT!

  • Wess Hill

    I live for Demi I love u and all you stand for….so proud of u

  • kiki056

    This song gets more and more beautiful with each listen. I’m so glad that she decided to go with her heart and put out a song that is meaningful to her. Not everything is about making money or outselling everyone else. Sometimes you have to do what is right for you and it is obvious that this song is a reflection of where she has come from and where she is now. Amazing!

  • rachel


  • doug

    Like the song, but it’s co-written by Toby Gad and reminds me of another song he co-wrote, “Me Without You” on Ashley Tisdale’s “Guilty Pleasure” album.

  • fallon

    @Jordan: wow! well said…. :)

  • V

    @doug: That’s my favorite song from Ashley’s album. It’s a beautiful song, and this is as well. Demi is beautiful and gorgeous. Her song will climb the charts, reach the top.

  • V

    @doug: That’s my favorite song from Ashley’s album. It’s a beautiful song, and this is as well. Demi is beautiful and gorgeous. Her song will climb the charts, and reach the top.

  • samy

    i really didn’t like it sorry

  • caroline

    Sounds good, should do well.

  • Danielle

    absolutely amazing there are no words its on repeat

  • Dahena

    Literally got chills hearing this song
    so so so beautiful!! she’s such an inspiration<3
    even after everything she has gone through to see
    her overcome & keep moving forward each day
    is such an inspiration :)

  • or

    wow i’m really proud of her.. amazing !

  • any

    LOVE LOVE LOVE………she is so amazing!!!!!

  • Linah_xoxo

    I love this song…..AMAZING…..:X

  • http://Sauanakid Cecilie Hopstock

    This is just so beautiful!

  • Chucky

    Wow, love it!
    To be honest, I didn’t expect such a good song!

  • Jocasta

    so beautiful… you touched me with this song made me see that no matter how hard be diffcult we can always overcome, become a Skyscraper

  • Angelina

    is above expectations is beautiful and it is impressive! Now I feel so good hearing this song as a Skyscraper

  • Emma

    wow.. is incredible Demi exceeded expectations!

  • Louise

    I am speechless this song is perfect is a great inspiration for all

  • Ellen

    now this is the MY MUSIC

  • Clarie

    is unbelievable the strength of Demi is undeniable and her talent also

  • Gisele

    is so beautiful..

  • Samantha

    is so inspiring this song is incredible steals my breath, in my dreams to imagine a beautiful and inspiring music would Skyscraper!

  • Sarah

    is so special..

  • Megan

    this song is the first song of the year which is really inspiring and is of girl more strong, talented and BEAUTIFUL

  • Vicky

    Its awesome! I love this song! Go Demi!

  • Lara

    the music is incredible the voice of Demi makes us bored!

  • Ashely

    she was sure everyone can identify with this song

  • Isabella

    I can spend all day listening to this song because it is perfect!

  • Rachel

    my playlist now is just #Skyscraper

  • Lise

    is inspiring = is Demi Lovato

  • Dominick

    I am thrilled that music is more than anything I imagined, I loved!

  • cam

    I agree – I think you captured the soul and meaning. Demi has succeeded in touching people with her music – awesome!

  • http://my_iz nouf


  • Ella

    Amazing song. Welcome back to the music scene Demi!!! (:

  • christaline

    It’s awesome, she is becoming a true artist!

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