Vanessa Hudgens: 'Stupidly Busy Working on Gimme Shelter'

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Stupidly Busy Working on Gimme Shelter'

Where in the world is Vanessa Hudgens?

JJJ knows the fans have been wondering where the 22-year-old actress has been — she’s in NYC working on Gimme Shelter!

Vanessa wrote on her Facebook, “Hey guys, what’s happenin? I have been so stupidly busy working on Gimme Shelter. I’m so excited and proud of the work I’ve been doing and let me tell you, you all are going to be SHOCKED with how I look in this movie. It’s crazy sauce. Lol.”

“Only one more week of shooting till I’m done! Xx V,” she added.

Psst, also check out her up-and-coming new, official website!

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Vanessa in Gimme Shelter?

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  • BabyBooZanessa

    Finally ! I want to see more of her soon.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Yep, yep, yep ! I honestly cannot wait for this movie, it’s going to be so different !! Excited. :) I’ve missed seeing her out and about but it’s good that she has her privacy. :D Good luck with the movie Vanessa !

  • Warren

    Hot and sexy woman!

  • http://fanpopgirl peter

    i miss this girl so badly it’s been a while now damn i’m so excited for gimme shelter to come out i know she is going to blow people’s mind with tremendous work!!!!!! I have a huge crush on vanessa she is just so SEXY………………………..Love this girl

  • http://fanpopgirl zanessa

    love is girl

  • Angie

    I already knew that and yes I’m excited to see her in this. I hope I’ll be shocked and surprised I hope she will wow me and the rest of her fans. Keep on rockin Vanessa.

  • Tata

    Finally, some news about V!!!!!!

  • http://fanpopgirl ben


  • http://fanpopgirl ben

    she is so nice to her fans i meet her once and she is so kind and her smile is just to die for:)

  • maria

    this sounds so different from all her other movies…i’m so happy for her, this could be what her career needs.

  • jEN

    Im super excited for Gimmie Shelter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kerri

    Nessa i been missing you too much :)

  • selma

    I knew that too! But It’s still nice to finally se a vanessa post:-) love her, can’t wait for gimme shelter!

  • vfan

    I miss her!! Cannot wait to see the movie!! xx

  • yets

    i miss her!!!

  • maria

    Happy and busy is good with me!

  • sky1o

    i mssd her,GOD blss you Vanessa and to your new movie.

  • cau

    Oh goooood i miss her

  • lauren

    how do you ”stupidly be busy”?

  • reese

    i like how she is always busy still working just liek zac its niceto see that she finally has some movies under her belt other then hsm and the next one is with brendan fraiser so instant box office hit

    unlike ashley who only ever at the gym or on the beach

  • biker mike

    Ok that cant be her facebook page, it has some of the hacked nude pic’s she has sued to keep off the net, just jared recheck this

  • selma

    Love love love her!!!!!!!

  • Haters Suck!

    I miss my favorite Hollywood girl as much as anyone but was this post all that necessary?
    Anyway glad filming seems to be going well and hopefully she gets home safe. Can’t wait to see this movie and I want to see some on set pics. Plus it’s got Vanessa and Rosario Dawson I love that mother daughter combo.

  • muse

    I cant wait to see Vanessa continue on with her career. She really does outshine others and its good to see her changing genres of movies and trying different roles. Shes amazing and its sad that people cant see that.
    I see her as a growing and amazing actress who will only ever continue getting better and better.
    Haters need to stop the negativity and open your eyes to her. Once you do, you’ll agree with me and her fans that shes not a little girl, shes not a disney child star, shes not a s**t or whatever atrocious name calling you mouth off, but a growing and maturing woman who is living out her passion and dream of being an actress.
    I admire her and cant wait for the world to love her as much as we do.

  • http://lala aiwen

    missssssssssssssssssssss eu VANESSA!!!!
    i can’t wait the movie!!!! aww!!it will be very super great hahaha!!!i want to watch baby v with a big stomach hahaha!! cute!!<3<3
    keep going vanessa hudgens!!u always be great :D

  • Joochi

    @muse: I totally, 100% agree with you and the best is, you said it from the “Heart”, love you for that. Yes, can’t wait for this movie to come out I already purchased the Beastly DVD, saw Suckerpunch too in fact, saw all her movies this one will be awesome:).

  • aNA

    love you Nessa

  • biker mike

    I dont think the facebook page is real, it has hacked pic’s that vanessa sued to have removed from the internet, she wouldnt post them herself, jared check if it is her page

  • kami

    “gimme shelter” is a movie i will definitely see.

  • my2cents

    I am so curious by what her look is gonna be. I love Rosario as her Mom although she must have had her at 16 in the film. She looks incredible in the Candies campaign each photo of her is prettier than the last and LOL at it’s crazy sauce she’s so funny.

  • pao

    Wow I love V, and I love Beastly!! And for sure this movie is gonna be a hit!!

  • laquida

    I’m so glad Vanessa is back,I missed updates on. I’m glad she stayin’ busy with her movie gimmie shelter! I’m curious to know how she gonna look in this movie too! so excited! I love the pics! God bless you vanessa! I’m so proud of vanessa and love ya girl! My favorite! and I love beastly and bandslam! Keep up the excellent job!:)

  • laquida

    Haha on crazy sauce so funny!

  • annii

    aweee i miss her so much

  • annii

    @Haters Suck!:
    lol true.. but i guess JJ knows that V posts are the ones with more comments… i mean, even without new pictures, her post get comments!
    and everyone is missing V!!

  • annii

    do you guys saw the picture of Rosario in the Gimme Shelter set? she looks SO DIFERENT!! cant wait for V pics.. i hope we get something little from the set!

  • annii


  • annii

    oh…. <3

  • amtfan

    @reese excuse me? Ashley has her own production company that she goes to practically every day, that girl is working her butt off just like the beautiful Vanessa is and I think its bull crap how you compare them and bad mouth Ashley when this is a VANESSA POST!

  • http://ALYXXXX KKK

    Is anyone voting 4 her in the teen choice awards for Style icon? I am!

  • my2cents

    @annii: I believe she plays her Mom addicted to crack. Pretty heavy stuff.

  • Joochi

    @amtfan: It’s cool, both these young women have their shall we say, “Gifts” in the business and we are both thankfull for that, there is no need to get huffy I’m sure she meant well. We should learn to read and move on with these so called sites people may sometimes comment beyond what they actually mean so don’t take it so harsly you also have a valid point too, and good for you.

  • kami


    i assume you don’t read much or understand english. it’s like saying you’re “crazy busy” or “insanely busy” or “damn busy.” same idea.

  • Mark

    Love Vanessa! Hope the movie does really well.

  • annii

    so Vanessa is going to be at the Capitan America premier?.

  • annii

    i also read that Vanessa cut her hair really short! is that true?

  • Haters Suck!

    This was nice to find. Glad V helped!/elephantproject

  • laquida

    @muse: Beautifully said! I agree with you all the way!

  • Jen

    :D V! Be back! :)

  • annii

    @Haters Suck!:
    I LOVE how Vanessa supports great causes

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