'iCarly', 'Degrassi' & 'Wizards': 2011 EMMY Nominees!

'iCarly', 'Degrassi' & 'Wizards': 2011 EMMY Nominees!

Congrats to the casts and crews of Degrassi, iCarly, Victorious and Wizards of Waverly Place!

All four programs were announced as nominees for Children’s Program at the 2011 Emmy Awards this morning! They’re up against A Child’s Garden of Poetry.

Ariana Grande, star of Victorious, tweeted, “Congratulations to @DanWarp & @Victorious & iCarly! Nominated for Outstanding Childrens Program this year… I’m so proud & thrilled! ♥”

Other nominees who caught our eye: Friday Night Lights (for Dramatic Series) and Modern Family (for Comedy Series)!

Check out all of the nominees on JustJared!

WHO DO YOU THINK will take home the trophy?

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Credit: Bruce Birmelin, Olivia Bee, Lisa Rose; Photos: Nickelodeon, Disney Channel
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  • Olivia

    To be honest, I am rooting for iCarly! They are verry creative and have great actors and actresses! Yeah, i will be watching! Go iCarly :D

  • http://gravatar.com/nickp91 nickp

    This isn’t the first time Degrassi has been nominated for an Emmy Award. Kids of Degrassi St. won an Emmy in 1986 for the episode “Griff Gets a Hand” and Degrassi Junior High won in 1987 for “It’s Late.” Degrassi Junior High was also nominated for an Emmy in 1988 for the episode “Great Expectations

  • peacechick123

    i want degrassi to win. but most of you will say wizards probably. and no i don’t have anything against wizards. i just think degrassi deserves it more because it’s a little more realistic.

  • http://www.bridgit-mendler.org Briidgit Mendler Online

    This is nothing new for iCarly or Wizards but congrats to Victorious ! I am rooting for you guys,

    But what I don’t understand is the hype around Modern Family and Raising Hope. I tried to watch both shows and they”re just FLAT.
    Raising Hope is like the Fox Remake of “Good Luck Charlie” . But I don’t think neither shows are worth the hype. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Patworx

    I would say iCarly.

  • rollinginthedeep

    Wait…..Degrassi is NOT a “Children’s Program” so why was it nominated in this category? Are blowjobs,sex,more sex,drugs,abuse,rape,etc….kid acceptable now?

  • kweeniej12

    icarly please win!!!! all the other shows doesnt got nothing compared to you

  • Lola527

    Aww, Congrats to all! But especially Degrassi! Those kids do a phenomenal job, they deserve it:)

  • folwerpower

    Degrassi is NOT even a kids show and shouldn’t be on the list!

  • folwerpower

    Actually, I’m correcting myself. Degrassi IS NOT a “Children’s Program” and shouldn’t even be on a list with shows actually geared towards an audience of Children.
    FYI,Degrassi is at the very most a 16+ show(teen/late teen) show and features many subjects not even allowed/shown/discussed on an actual kids show (It features teen pregnancy,and even worse subjects that I I won’t state because I don’t want a report for naughty language or something)

    You can read the season of Degrassi episode summary’s that was nominated for this category below to see what I mean.
    Or better yet, watch the show and tell me if you think a 4-8,9-14 year old should even be watching it.

    +if this is consider a program for Children nowadays… I’m surprised they didn’t have the American version of “Skins” on their list as well :P

  • mckenna

    @kweeniej12: Degrassi rocks

  • judy2012

    Wizards of Waverly Place is nominated for 2 emmys……and im pretty positive that they will be taking home the gold for both nominations…..but thats my opinion……

  • Anastasia

    Wizards all the way! It’s their last year & have gone through so many years of success! They truly deserve it!
    Magic has to win this year, first was Harry Potter, now WIZARDS!
    Watching the Emmy’s!!!

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