Miley Cyrus: Food Truck Treat

Miley Cyrus: Food Truck Treat

Miley Cyrus settles her hungry stomach as she grabs a bite to eat from a food truck in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (July 13).

The 18-year-old actress/singer, who just returned from her Gypsy Heart Tour along the Pacific Rim, will be heading back out to perform at the So the World May Hear Awards Gala.

Miley will join the likes of Meat Loaf and Reba McEntire to recognize those who have made a commitment to helping others and affect positive change in the world.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation joins forces with celebrities and athletes alike to raise awareness and deliver the gift of hearing to those in need around the world.

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus grabbing some grub…

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Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • http://@BruCampi Brunela

    I guess she thinks she needs no bras, well, anyway, she looks good, I like the new hair, short is better, but I love her curls

  • headstrong

    awe she looks so cute! love the new hair!!!!

  • mk

    Her natural hair is way better than with those extentions

  • Smiler

    she’s finally back! she looks so happy and free in the pics and I love the new hair cut! she’s amazing! =]

  • good-one

    @Brunela: Miley needs no bra. Her shape is ideal. Don’t get me started on breast implants. They are a caricature. Reconstructive surgery is one thing, or to balance symmetry, in other cases, understandable. I could write tomes on why females are made to feel inadequate and why they think such augmentation will fix that. Or maybe it’s just a personal preference, but I don’t think so.
    Anyway, it’s good to see Miley is safely home for now.

  • amtfan

    She is so gorgeous. I love her hair like this. :)
    I’m glad to see her smiling. I love her smile. <3

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    i miss miley so much <3
    she looks like every normal teenage girl she rocks

  • Andrew

    miley affects positive change in the world? last i heard she was grinding around in a bra and leather hot pants on stage and fliming herself doing drugs, all for the tweens and little kiddies who love her to see… far over shadowing whatever charity work she’s supposedly doing in my opinion.

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    i love her so much!! i mis her !! she soo simple and thats the thing i love her:)

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    i miss her:L) love her so much!!!! i feel so happy cuz i see her now:)

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    i love her so much!! i mis her !! she soo simple and she’s so cute !!

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    i love her so much!! she’s so cute !!

  • YAY ME

    she looks amazing I love her hair gooo miley !!!

  • Emily

    last time i checked she’s paying millions to charity and your not.

  • Smiler

    @Andrew: too bad nobody cares about your opinion Andy! like it or not Miley’s way better than any other celebrity and she doesn’t need the approval of losers like you!

  • headstrong

    @Andrew:how sad is that superficial things like how she dresses is more important to you than the charity work she does?. sad.

  • GermanKitty

    So her “world” tour is finished? She hasnt even been to Europe! :(

  • LUCY


  • Tia

    Miley we love. Stay sweet. God bless you.

  • lola

    @Andrew: I feel sorry for you, because your ignorant!!! I guess you need to understand giving back to your community before you can start putting Ms Cyrus down.. and as you can see she’sjust like another teenager who can eat food truck and not ashamed of it…. she can afford to eat in afancy restaurant, but as you can see she is like you and me down to earth…We love you Miley

  • adureh

    @mk: She’s still wearing extensions, they’re just a lot shorter and thinner

  • Jessssss

    i haven`t seen that tatooo is awesome!!

  • http://deleted Cant Be Tamed

    miley Cant Be Tamed <3
    i love the support she tweeted for demi ! Memi <33

  • Warren

    Miley probably used all the ketchup. I usually like mustard more myself. Miley even looks pretty eating.