Selena Gomez: Girl's Life August/September 2011 Cover Girl

Selena Gomez: Girl's Life August/September 2011 Cover Girl

Selena Gomez amps up her hair on the August/September 2011 cover of Girl’s Life magazine.

The 18-year-old actress/musician opens up about saying goodbye to her Disney stomping grounds, the ‘vicious’ internet and even dishes out a bit of love advice. Check it:

On coming to terms with social media: “There are worse things than someone disliking you and people on the Internet saying this or that, but I can’t lie. It hurts. I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. I don’t like it in general. It’s vicious. Every choice that I make when it comes to my personal life, my films or my music, I always say, ‘Would my fans be proud of that?’ If I did something to kind of upset them, it would really crush me.”

On her own love advice: “Love is beautiful. It’s hard but so wonderful.You should enjoy it and make sure the person betters you. I’ve been told I keep my heart guarded. My advice is to have fun and to be prepared for anything.”

On letting Wizards go: “I just tried to take everything in. I cried so much. The whole crew on that show has played a huge part of my life. They all watched me grow up and helped raise me in different ways. I feel like I’m still the girl from Texas that moved to L.A., just older and a little bit wiser.”

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  • andy

    Mark my words: This Girl is going places!!!

    She looks stunning on the cover.

  • laurent

    @andy and as alwasy im so agree with you!

  • sam

    I LOVE HER!!

    but i want she dump bieber TT’ she’s getting so much hate…

  • YAY ME

    EWW her nose in pic1 looks so BIG just like PIG nose she’s using JUSTIN to get more fame she’s soo fake !!
    GET A LIFE selena gomez U HATE the internet because u have alot of haters on it that’s why ?????

  • laurent

    @YAY ME even with her nose shes still more gorgeous and hot thant you will ever in your fucking life moron! you a complety loser with no life talking about get a life? very funny!

  • sam

    haha that pic maybe is not the best of her….but still gorgeous
    and you are a stupid jealous btich ;) GET A LIFE AND A REAL BOYFRIEND LOOSEER.

  • lexie

    @YAY ME: i dont understand how you can tell someone who is successful in life, with a great job and a good boyfriend, to go get a life when you’re sitting on a computer…wasting your time…insulting her. YOU are the one who needs to get a life.

  • jo

    have you seen her singing with justin bieber karaoke and kiss each other?!

  • iloveselenagomez

    YAY ME: seriously just shut up, its people like you who make me sick, and did i hear you say to her”go get a life” well i wonder what your doing with your life other than insulting people and telling them to go get a life. OH and she has a life, your looking at it, and she is freaking stunning, no wonder justin likes her, because she has a real personality unlike you, she is not wasting her life like a fatso just sitting on the computer insulting people, you are a jealous,mean,selfish ass, she is rich,stunning and has an amazing bf

  • o

    Truthfully, I am tired of seeing her face. She is everywhere and over publicized. This is her fourth time on the cover and 3rd on the back to school issue. She is a good actress, but she’s not that pretty and her voice is painful to listen to. She is just not genuine.
    P.S. She is NOT more gorgeous than anyone else.

  • http://SELENAGOMEZ.COM iloveselenagomez

    YAY ME: So Tell me what your doing with your life?……… Oh, and sitting on my computer like a Jealous Ugly Fatso, Insulting people is not an answer…! At least she has a life, its called acting,singing and song writing, and tell me, what do you do other than sit at your computer telling her she..”has no life” well let me answer that for you… your life is to sit at your smelly computer and insult her like a jealous ass.. am i right. Well let me tell you something.. JUSTIN BEIBER will NEVER like you so shut up and leave her alone you jealous idiot… She is freaking stunning, more prettier than you will ever be,.. if your so stunning than her tell me why i havent heard about you in the news becoming “Americas Next Top Model” just shut up you jealous ass, everything about her is PERFECT so shut up and go away you idiot.

  • Ashley P

    Haha gross…
    She looks fat. And since I’m actully fat I get to say that

  • V

    @Ashley P: How in what way is she fat? Don’t call yourself fat or others fat. It shows low self confidence. Everyone is special in their own way. Go listen to “Who Says,” “Perfect,” “Skyscraper,” “Fireworks,” “Born This Way,” etc. There are plenty of songs that has to do with boosting your confidence.

    “I feel like I’m still the girl from Texas that moved to L.A., just older and a little bit wiser.”
    This shows that Selena is still the humble girl she always is.

  • t

    She looks stunning (as always). @Ashely P: fat? seriously? she’s one of the skinniest people I’ve seen. And don’t waste your time here if you’re just gonna say nasty things about Sel.

  • annii


  • PK

    She is stunning, and so sweet to boot. I am so happy that she is stepping it up and embracing her older fan base.

  • annii


  • annii


  • annii


  • samy

    some people hate selana because she is dating justin that is crazy selena is nice girl and a good role modal

  • armyofkitties

    her nose is huge!

  • Chantal

    @yayme @AshleyP @armyofkitties So what? Like your any perfect. -_-
    Get some respect & dignity, don’t like her, or like to see her? GET OVER IT.
    Thank you @Andy. Your words of kindness & support mean much, some one with some damn grace & sense in talent.
    Message to everyone who hates or critisizes on Selena: If you don’t have nothing nice to say, DON’T SAY IT AT ALL! The internet is as shitty as you people who like to hate on young celebrities that are just trying to do what they love.

  • Chantal

    Oh & BTW, loving the cover, she looks so classy in black!
    Buying the magazine, thanks Jared! x

  • o

    Selena Gomez is not fat. I do have to disagree with the good role model part, though. She has said the ‘d’ word in her new songs “Hit the Lights” and “Whiplash.” I don’t know if you like 6 year olds walking around saying it because Selena said it! Also, in the song “That’s More Like It,” she is talking about how a boy should wait on you constantly. “Make my dinner bring it to me: that’s more like i-iT.” We don’t know if she’s nice or not because I’m sure not many people have met her.

  • Anastasia

    @o: What? That’s nonsense, I don’t mean to bicker but she is a good role model. Since when is 6 yr olds her only fans? She has many fans that are in their 20s that have grown with her and I don’t actually consider “damn” as a bad word? Most kids and teens theses days have the mouth of a sailor. -_-
    Plus those two songs are very good, so don’t be so over analyzed in one simple word or phrase that has absolutly no bad intentions.

  • yeahbaby

    @lexie: well said ! (Y)

  • yeahbaby

    @o: d word ? i’ve heard of the f work, c word and b word but c word !?!
    also she is a much better role model them most of the young girls in hollywod!

  • shelly

    @Ashley P: its people like u who call skinny girls fat well doesnt have to be a skinny girl but any girl fat who cause anerexcia !