Victoria, Selena & Demi: Different & Alike In Good Ways

Victoria, Selena & Demi: Different & Alike In Good Ways

Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are quickly becoming the first names you think of when we say young hollywood.

There are tons of differences between the three 18-year-old actresses, but there are also a lot of similarities.

“Well, we obviously all have the singing and acting thing in common,” Victoria shared with Latina mag. “I would say we’re all pretty hardworking and driven at a young age. We all have crazy, hectic schedules and I’m sure that they work really long hours as I do with not a lot of days off. You have to stay focused and realize that you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.”

“I think it’s a great thing that young Latina girls have role models to look up to and can see girls on TV that resemble them,” she added.

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  • EMMA

    I love all of them :)

  • A

    Victoria is basic and doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Demetria and Selena

  • Brittany

    Oh please why would they include victoria ewe!!! And Demi is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • jen

    I don’t really agree with this article. Although, these might be the somewhat prettiest young hollywood stars, Victoria Justice is not in there.

    Most adults do not know who Victoria Justice is. I do definitely agree with Selena Gomez, for example, because most adults know who she is! And Demi Lovato, but I think a third would be Miley Cyrus is who we think of as “young hollywood”. Not as an influence! But we just don’t typically think of Victoria Justice when hearing “young hollywood”, she has not done as much as these other young stars and shouldn’t be in the same category.

    Just when we hear “Young Hollywood”, we do not automatically think of Victoria Justice. Only point I’m trying to make. Sorry.

  • leighton

    nobody thinks of victoria justice when “young hollywood” is mentioned….

  • The Voice of Reason

    Latina? Technically yes, but they all look White to me. I guess that’s the point though. Disney/Nick know what the hell they’re doing

  • Ego

    I like them all. They’re all pretty cool. But Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez combined can’t even measure up to Demi Lovato. Maybe in terms of acting, they’re adequate. I’ll admit Demi isn’t the best actress. But in terms of singing? Demi pretty much knocks them out of the park. No questions asked.

    If I had to chose someone, my vote goes to Demi. Hands down. I’m actually insulted that you think Victoria Justice is a good singer. Psh.

  • Sampie

    What about Miley Cyrus she earned more than these three and she has a blockbuster movies and a platinum album. She should be #1 on the list

  • Sampie

    What about Miley Cyrus she earned more than these three and she has a blockbuster movies and a platinum album. She should be #1 on the list

  • Ego


    There’s just one problem with that statement. Miley Cyrus sucks.

  • Ego


    You’d be right except for one problem. Miley is mediocre. And america is finally seeing that.

  • Olivia

    They do look alike :) Its also kinda funny because Selena Gomez and Demi Lavato are friends in real life! Thats so cool!

  • shelly

    I think the reason why people don’t think of nick stars such as miranda cosgrove and victoria justice being classified as young hollywood is because nick stars generally have less scandals than the disney stars. When you google image ‘disney nude pictures’ you get a gargantuan amount of racy pictures from the likes of vanessa hudgens, adrienne bailon and miley cyrus compared to googling ‘nickelodeon nude pictures’. Although Victoria Justice isn’t in the news every day, all the girls have popular TV shows, popular singles and great fashion, which makes young hollywood, young hollywood.

  • lol they do not look white

    they do not look white at all they all look full latinas to me and am white if i saw them walking down the street i will never say they where white because they dont look

  • alyssa

    Demi selena are cute day by day

  • Lila

    I think Miley is not on the list because is for the LATINA mag, and Miley is not latin at all…in my mind neither Selena or Demi are latin, they don’t even speak weak spanish.

  • samy

    selena and demi are the best role modal ever love them semi delena

  • OlympicFan


  • sarina

    I just love Victoria Justice,she is sososo amazing,she definitely can represent young hollywood,just like shelly said, popular TV shows, popular singles,great fashion and good acting :)

    Selena may not be good at singing,but I like her song xD
    and for Demi,good singsing skills

  • Angelina

    Demi Lovato is the BEST!

  • kym

    @The Voice of Reason:
    On one hand i do agree with u. Its the same that they do with african americans. They get the lighter skin ones that are mixed. But at the same time, its still good that minorites are represented even if there is sort of an underlining prejudice along with it.

  • kym

    @jen: ya but they were talking about latina representation in young hollywood. Otherwise miley would probably be added.

  • JJJ (the person)

    My three favorite teen stars!!!!!!!
    And they’re all latin, like I am!

  • anybody?anybody?

    @kym: I had a problem with them being labeled “Latina” as well. Although it’s nice for Latinos to watch TV and see someone like them on there, there’s more to being Latina than looking it. How about speaking Spanish? Living the culture? Celebrating your heritage? One song in Spanish does not make you a Latina. But I guess it’s all in baby steps, right? And it does pertain to other cultures as well, not just Latinos.
    And why would Miley Cyrus make this list?? Do people NOT read the entire post before commenting? This is about LATINAS in young Hollywood.

  • Ella

    Wow. They’re like my favorite young female hollywood artists. (:

  • wildjustice037

    @shelly: Pretty much. Victoria and Miranda haven’t been sent to rehab, wished death upon for being with a famous singer, etc…that’s probably why their name aren’t as known as the Disney stars.

  • Aria

    I love that all of these girls are on this list!! They are all super talented and I can’t wait to see where their careers go!
    I just love Victoria Justice! She seems so grounded and relatable – not that Demi and Selena arn’t – I just think that Victoria is a really great role model for young women today.

  • Bobish

    Please… Victoria is prettier than both Selena & Demi combined. She also has the “IT” factor if promo in the right direction.

  • SeL

    Everyone hating on Miley get the f*ck off and get a life! You are nothing compared to her!

  • alexandria

    victoria is a great role model for all girls .. she most definitely is mine =)

  • isabela

    lets be honest there are a lot of difference and not of all are positives.
    selena cant sing, cant dance, but she can act
    victoria cant dance, can sing and act
    demi can sing dance and act terrific :)

  • http://deleted hi

    Why’s Demi in there? That fake bitch is only crying everytime I see her, which is like in 3 interviews in like 3 years. She aint working as a Celeb. She doesnt deserve any success, because she’s A FAKE. Miley Cyrus should’ve been up there! ;)

    Selena Gomez is d only 1 up there, that DESERVED her spot. ;)

  • khi

    lets be honest there are a lot of difference and not of all are positives.
    selena cant sing, cant dance, but she can act
    victoria cant dance, can sing and act
    demi can sing dance and act terrific :)

    honest? how is that honest?
    selena can act. like CAN.
    victoria can act.
    demi can SING. NOT ACT

  • val

    @The Voice of Reason: I’m 100% latina and I’m white :) what’s wrong with you??

  • headstrong

    @Sampie: they didnt mentioned miley cause this is for the latina magazine and Miley is not laitna xD

  • lulu

    @The Voice of Reason: that’s because “latino” isn’t an ethnicity, it’s more an origin meaning you’re south american. Latino/Latinas can be white, black, asian, native american etc, these girls are white latina :)

  • http://Katiewulbrecht katie

    Ok lets get this straight Selena can’t act, can’t sing, AND can’t dance! Victoria can sing ok and is a really great actress but she can’t dance. Demi is amazing at all of them! No one can sing compared to Demi! Seriously she is the best singer out there plus based on camp rock she can dance really well and she also is a great actress… I mean did u see her on greys anatomy! Selena has no talent whatsoever! For the singing she sucks and she just uses auto tune! And she sucks at dancing but not as much as singing! And she can’t act either! Victoria isn’t the best singer but she is pretty good but her amazing acting skills make up for that! And she isn’t a good dancer bu she isnt as bad as selena at it! Demi is the most beautiful out of these girls and in my opinion the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen! Victoria is also very pretty but not as beautiful as Demi! And Selena I don’t consider very pretty and she is a fake slut!

    And I would also like to point out that it shouldnt matter if they are Latina or not! White, Latina, Asian, african American…. It doesn’t matter what you are! We are all equal!

  • mawa

    seriously people? you’re getting mad because victoria is mention in the same article as demi and selena? wow, They all put in the a lot of effort to the shows that we watch, the least people can do is support them even if you don’t watch their shows you don’t have to ALWAYS compare them to other teen stars we know you CLEARLY praise. don’t be so catty, please just chillout ladies

  • Eli

    HAHA! All these comments are funny xD the only reason Selena is famous is because she is dating that justin dude. Demi is famous and a great singer, i’ll give ya’ll that, but she is famous because she publicly went through a tough time in her life (and she has a great voice). Victoria is the one who DESERVES to be on front page news. She has had 0 controversy and is EXTREMELY talented. It’s honestly a shame that all you little fangirls/boys come on here and diss Victoria just because she isn’t your definition of “famous”. Back in old-Hollywood (and for all you who don’t know what old-Hollywood is, i mean back when you HAD to have talent to make it big) Victoria would be bigger than Demi and Selena put.together. You.Do.Not.Truly.Make.It.By.Riding.On.Somebody.Else’s.Fame. So, long story short, Victoria, you win. Never mind the pathetic disney fangirls.

  • sam


    Demi was a big flop until her rehab bussines….

    victoria is irrelevant ;) i prefer ariana grande.

  • la mas flow

    me encanteria ser selena gomez, tienen mucha suerte ya que sale con justin bieber, culiada, bueno demi lovato me cae bien, tiene linda voz y victoria justice me gusta como actua, nada mas. Pero me parece sierto que despues de los episodios que vemos en la tele hay mucho trabajo y dedicacion,

  • http://@lovatcjam jackeam

    Nobody is better than Demi Lovato… Such a strong woman and the best role model!!!

  • kat

    even tho victoria isnt that well known as demi & selena, i think she definitely deserves to be.

  • Anastasia

    WTH? Selena is TALENTED. Just you hypocritical people don’t see it! Your too soaked up on the hate and think just because she has a clean act & knows how to pull herself together & keeps her mistakes to herself makes her a fake person? YOU DON’T KNOW HER! I am no die hard fan of Selena’s but I have seen her grow over the years & I am truly proud of where I see her today!
    I’ve seen partly all her movies & her TV show and looking at her from a critics view she highly overcomes both Victoria & Demi.
    Don’t get me wrong, Demi is a fabulous singer & can act at a comedic average level, & Victoria is very spunky and captures the eyes with her sarcastic aroma.
    But don’t say Selena has no talent whatsoever, because she sadly for you she does, and I hope to see her progress a load in her acting career just like Nicole Kidman said about her, because I do prefer her focusing on that other than singing, though she sings alright, not horrible! She does it for FUN not competition, she doesn’t want to compete others, she wants too express herself through music, & if you don’t like it, WHY ARE YOU LISTENING TO IT?
    In this case, Selena represents more of the Latina actresses than Demi & Victoria, since I rarely never see them do anything in Spanish, other than Demi singing a Spanish Camp Rock Song.
    Selena is recording her last album in Spanish entirely & is more related to her Mexican traditions, food, & culture so to speak from a interview ive seen.
    All these 3 girls are marvelous people, if that’s one thing I can assure you all on. They all are amazing people to look up to, strong, hardworking, and dedicated to their family, fans, & backgrounds.
    FYI: Many latinas have pale skins & Mexicans too, ya know!

  • Anastasia

    Oh & to that girl @Eli who said about “OLD HOLLYWOOD”, your right.
    You had to have talent to make it in the industry, and that’s why these 3 girls are making it BIG!!!
    Selena didn’t gain power by the biebs, just a bit more spotlight.
    She & Demi have been woking their arses off since they were young to make their dream happen & show their talents to the people, and now everybody is seeing it! If you don’t appreciate a person’s success don’t judge it & disrespect them & their fans by your pointless comments on a website. Simply reply a person by saying their wrong & making your own good point of view.

  • Jane

    Honestly if you’re gonna put a Nick star in this article then it should be Miranda Cosgrove not Victoria Justice. Miranda has been famous and in the business much longer than Victoria has. Not many people know who Victoria Justice is unless they’re kids, everyone I know really don’t know who Victoria is but they know exactly who Miranda is. So this article is jacked up.

  • art

    Victoria is the best but they’re all hot.