Vanessa Hudgens: Makeover for 'Gimme Shelter'!

Vanessa Hudgens: Makeover for 'Gimme Shelter'!

Check out Vanessa Hudgens‘ new look for her upcoming movie Gimme Shelter!

The 22-year-old actress filmed scenes on her last day of shooting on Friday (July 15) in Newark, New Jersey.

Vanessa sported a shorter new ‘do (sources tell JJJ it’s a wig!), a lip and eyebrow piercing, and some baggy clothes.

Gimme Shelter is about a pregnant homeless teen who flees her abusive mother and seeks out her biological father.

Earlier in the week, sources tell JJJ that Vanessa wore a fake baby bump and donned a cleaner look while filming scenes at the Airmont Diner in Airmont, New York.

of Vanessa Hudgens’ look for Gimme Shelter?

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Credit: Jackson Lee, Jason Merritt; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • vee


  • carly

    i love vanessa <3 can’t wait for the movie
    She works hard in everything she does and stays true to herself!

  • http://none juddy

    Finallly my girl is back <33333 i miss her .

  • Kelly

    Sorry but it’s not a wig, she did infact cut her hair. As confirmed by @MamaGH (Vanessa’s Mom)

  • Diamond

    WOW , this transformation really shocked me , but at the same time shows us that Vanessa is a dedicated and hardworking actress ! I respect and love her soo much more than I already did before because she’s taking risks and working really hard for this movie ! I am super excited about this movie , and cannot wait to see V play a different role ! I love you Vanessa , and all your fans are soo proud of you and are going to keep supporting you ! God Bless ♥

  • lauren

    what age is she this movie?

  • Megan

    WOW! scary! “crazy sauce” :) love her

  • zanessalost

    this is everwhere now thanx jared she looks uber crazy luv her “crazy sauce” comment she said we’d be shocked I cant wait to see the Movie Rosario and Brenndan are in the movie ok I’m excited for her !!!!!

  • teamhudgens

    @lauren: 16

    I’m so excited for this movie!

  • Anibal

    OOOOOOMG I WAS IN SHOCK WHEN I SAW THE PICTURES!! I thought she really had cut her hair! It shows that she really is an actress! Love her so much.


    Holly SH****iiiiittttt!!!! she wasn’t lying about the shock part jeez she’s different. I AM SO SEEING THIS. PEOPLE BETTER BE SURPRISED BY HER WITH THIS IF NOT THEN WOW! SOMETHIN’S WRONG WITH THEM. V is just ———wow.

  • Haters Suck!

    I saw these earlier today and my first reaction was Holy $hit!!! I couldn’t believe it to use her words I was shocked. I seriously must see this movie. She may look different now but she’s still my favorite Hollywood girl.

  • Haters Suck!

    Oh and jjj as someone else pointed out that’s her hair and no wig as confirmed by her mother.

  • Jazmin

    OMG! Can’t believe that’s her. Just gotta love her dedication. Cat wait for this movie.

  • jj17

    Not going to lie, didn’t see that coming!

  • nany

    OMG i can´t belive!!!!! Is she?? I love you baby!!!!!


    OMGGG i see no difference! LMFAO JUST KIDDING :)

  • Wes

    OMG! I’m excited to see this!

  • annii

    OMG i love her!
    im so proud of my bb <3



  • annii

    this! so proud <3

  • annii

    this! so proud <3…


    Damn! That’s Vanessa! Wow…

  • anybody?anybody?

    oh God, I hope that’s a wig because despite her beauty, she does not rock this look well. And I hope for her sake the movie’s good or else this’ll be the movie where she looked like the spawn of a lesbian and homeless man. But she’s got guts letting people ugly her up like this, hope the role is worth it!

  • e

    I really don’t mind this look, I think she looks pretty great, it’s unusual sure however not in a bad way, I love seeing actors who aren’t affraid to change their looks to fit their characters and who are willing to try new things, and for me tis says a lot about what kind of actor Vanessa wants to be, she wants to be a character actor and not a “I’m-always-going-to-look-like-myself-in-every-role” actor.

    @Haters Suck!:

    You know Haters Suck! You me and several others have been right all along, according to MamaHG (that would be Gina Hudgens, Vanessa’s mother for those that didn’t know) Vanessa is very happy and she is single and her and Josh are JUST friends, now for me as for many of you wouldn’t care if she was dating him, he’s a great guy with a great personality but some others have just been downright cruel towards him and towards Vanessa for possibly being more then friends so now we can clear this up once and for all, Vanessa and Josh aren’t dating, they are just friends and Vanessa is happy and single, I know some people are still going to believe what they want but hopefully at least some will stop saying that Vanessa cheated with Josh etc. since now both Vanessa and Gina have said it (and I think it’s better to listen to two people who are actually involved then some haters sitting behind some computer), as for Vaness and Josh being just friends I’m just happy that Vanessa has someone in her life that she can really count on to be there for her and as a fan, that makes me happy as well.

  • GG

    I don’t see how cutting her hair makes her a dedicated actress….it’s part of the job.

    Anyone else think that she kind of looks like a young Johnny Depp though?

  • laquida

    Omygoodddddddddddd!!!!!!!!! Wow! I’m am shocked at how she looks for the movie! I know this movie is gonna be a great and amazing one! Vanessa is shows that she can go out of the box and work on diverse movies! She is growing better and better and doing a great job! I’m so proud and happy for Vanessa! Love ya sooooo much! Vanessa! Congrats on the movie!:)



  • e

    I think some peoples judging of her and the movie is exactlly why Vanessa have been working hard to not have any pictures of her as her character come out just yet until the film is finished and she have time to get herself together again, then people would only see maybe the trailer and then the movie and be surprised when they see her like this while she actually have lines and show her characters personality as well as just how she looks so that we only would get the full character and not just picks like these so on that not I feel sorry for Vanessa, since this will be such a new thing for her she most likley wanted to wait with this.

  • lerner

    Not much of a transformation. She still looks unclean with morning breth.

  • j

    I didn’t know it was possible for her to look even uglier.


    Wowza. Seeing how she looks right now. I so can’t wait for the trailer to come out much less the movie!!!!. We finally get to Vanessa in a totally diffrent light other than the goody two shoes Gabriella Montez..

  • Skylar

    Someone please direct me to the tweet where Vanessa’s mom supposedly says its not a wig. :)

  • myakmicks

    Cutting her hair and with that looks for the movie it really SHOCKs!

    Cutting her hair doesnt makes her a dedeicted actress, but definitely she is a RISK TAKER future actress. ( ex Halle Berry, Natalie Portman even Dakota now) Willing to give and vary her personality according to the Roles she portray or will portray. VERSALITY comes naturally on hers.

    I love her getting different kind of roles from main character and even willing to give shot even just a supporting roler. That is the so called stepping a ladder one step at a time for reaching SUCCESS.

    Go girl, keep on a right track….

  • Christine


    No, it’s not part of the job at all. Look at actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson for example. They look the same in every single film and wind up playing the same characters all the time because of it. They always play those safe, pretty, girl-next door roles. Actors and actresses who are more free with their looks also show a willingness to branch out and try different things. When you look at these pictures you don’t see Vanessa at all, you see the character she’s playing, and that’s whole point of acting. Say what you will, but many women in this business would hesitate before allowing themselves to be shown on the big screen looking the way she does.

    As for how she looks, the final product is truly shocking. But in a good way. It’s a complete transformation. You can see she’s even gained some weight for the role, which is good because she’s supposed to be playing a pregnant teenager. She always looks beautiful, even in candids, but here she just looks grungy and… not nearly as amazing as she usually looks. I like that she’s going all in for this role. I really hope it is big for her.

  • Skylar

    @Christine: took the words right out of my mouth darling (:

  • larry

    i think your bueatiful <3 but i like the old vanessa better :/

  • Haters Suck!

    unfortunatley you and I both know that’s not gonna change a thing. It is what it is.
    a fan asked Gina if Vanessa cut her hair for real and Gina said yes.!/MamaGH/status/91926243611639808

  • Joochi

    I give her props for being so daring and challenging herself to better her craft and profession, she’s a risk taker and it’s All Good! She is growing lepas and bounds and I am so very proud of her for shutting out the white noises of the hater’s and staying true to herself and taking on projects that will only make her a matured and wanted actress. God Bless You Vanessa. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Skylar

    @Haters Suck!: Thanks! And wowww! I’m trying to get into acting and I must admit, I would hesitate before taking a step like that. She’s so brave (:

  • Katty
  • Katty

    Even if she did cut her hair off, we can’t judge it at the moment. Right now it looks greasy and gross and unbrushed. We can only judge when she is in either normal clothes or on her way to an event, whichever comes first.

    She is beautiful any way!

    And haters will be haters, they like hating and are good at it. Let them be, you won’t change their mind arguing with them.

  • Lyn

    I can’t even believe thats POSSIBLE! WOW.. but you can’t really erase her beauty for an instance.. :))

  • http://JustJaredJr friend

    I’m guessing this is what she looks like without all the makeup..

  • Jen

    I’m looking forward to this movie! :)

  • Skylar

    More pictures at


  • My2cents

    Wow, Vanessa was right we are shocked. I love it she is not Vanessa she is Apple her character. The best part is this proves she is willing to do whatever they ask of her for the sake of the film. She also proves that she is not vain in any way shape or form, I just love her!

  • Olivia

    WOW! What a transformation! She looks…. diferent :) Not a good look when its not a movie :)

  • xo

    She looks like a dude lol. Never thought I’d say that about V cause she’s so gorgeous, but wow. Props for doing something different.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    That is absolutely SHOCKING ! Never expected the short hair rand piercings !!! LOVE IT. Definitely a different approach to this movie, so daring and so, so, different. Good luck V !!

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