Zac Efron: Racecar Driver!

Zac Efron: Racecar Driver!

Zac Efron dons a racing uniform while filming scenes for the Heartland on Friday (July 15) in Newton, Iowa.

The 23-year-old actor even got into the driver’s seat for a scene!

The film is a drama centered on an enterprising farmer whose plans cause problems within his family.

Zac stars alongside Dennis Quaid, Red West, and Maika Monroe in the film.

Next month, Zac will start work on his next film, The Paperboy, alongside Matthew McConaughey and Nicole Kidman.

10+ pics inside of Zac on set…

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Credit: Jeff Steinberg; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Selena

    Haha ahh yougot it right this time. Darn I want to race cars with him lol.

    He looks cool in that suit. But when I see a guy in those type of suits all I think is “it looks like its giving him a wedgy” haha.

  • nicci

    finally you changed jared

  • alexandra

    Hot damn!!! He’s so sexy in that uniform! :D

  • Skylar

    One word: LOVE

  • kim

    Great recover Jared. Now thats accurate and responsible journalism. Zac looks really sexy in his jumpsuit btw, but he always looks sexy!

  • Sara12

    I like him in uniform, but anyone else notice that his feet look smaller or is it me :)

  • Andie

    I love a guy in a uniform! ;)

  • Olivia

    He looks cute! Must be a fun outfit to wear :) Cant wait to see the movie! Cool pics!

  • florence

    Finally he’s decided to go back to work.

  • Selena

    @Sara12: I wonder if they didn’t have his size shoes or something because they do look super small here lol.

  • amtfan

    hey handsome ;)

  • http://justajredjr shamilah

    Zac efron has always been hot, but in these pic he looks incredibly hot!
    I love him in that suite ;)

  • Juliene

    Dayuuuuum. That is so hot!!!!!!!! I think my heart just melted… I love a man in uniform.;)

  • Allie

    Zac and motor sport. Two of my faves!!!!!!

    LOve that he’s working, love that he’s playing a racecar driver. Given his height, he’ll be a much more realistic driver than a basketball player. If Zac could take a photo with formula one champion Kimi Raikkonen (whos supposed to be racing at Iowa speedway this weekend), I’ll be a dead fangirl!!!!!!!

  • kerri

    Beautiful :) Love and support you Zac forever.

  • love

    is this just amazing or what?! :D
    love you zac!
    can’t wait to this movie!

  • Rileyyy

    Yes he’s better! Didn’t he have bronchitis or something? Anyway he looks hot and I love Dennis Quaid so I’ll def be seeing this movie!

  • storyteller


    Yeah, how awful of him to take a break and enjoy his life for a little while. I mean c’mon, are you serious?

  • Allie

    He filmed the Lucky One from September to December, then filmed New Years ever for a couple of weeks in Feb/March. He’s now filming 2 films back-to-back. He needs a break sometime. I hope he sticks to this schedule of a couple of films a year. When he used to do one a year – that was way too little for a guy trying to establish himself as a serious actor.

  • 1
  • cutie

    he is soooo hot in that racing uniform…
    I’m looking forward to this movie.

  •!/kuzanessaefgens kimann

    Drool worthy!

  • florence

    @storyteller: Yes I am because when Vanessa was’nt working and having a break and just like Zac took a break and enjoyed her life for a while she got slagged off for it and got accaused of just partying all the time, funny he has done the same thing and also hung out with his friends just like Vanessa but once again it’s okay for him to do that and get praised for his behaviour but Vanessa does the same thing and she get’s insulted for enjoying her down time and having a break.

  • florence

    Suprised he did’nt go rushing off to vegas to be with his ‘ good friend’ Ashley for her birthday bash again and get yet more photo’s with her.

  • Patworx

    @florence: More jumping to conclusion about Zac and Ashley. Just what we need.

  • megan

    omg that’s wrong he’s shooting in my town not ohio

  • aly

    Why don`t you just go and stop mention her or Ashley on his posts? You know, for not having anymore fight here we made a deal with her fans, they don`t come hating on Zac on his threads and we don`t go on theirs…

    So, Vanessa/Ashley opinion, go on their threads okay?

  • ava

    Is there ever going to be a day when people like Florence stop bringing Vanessa or Ashley into Zac’s posts when they clearly don’t belong? It’s getting a bit old hearing the same old re-hashed arguments about how horrible Zac is, to be honest. He’s working and so is Vanessa…on movies that could be career-changing for both of them. Can we let them be and stop comparing them?

  • aly

    @Ava, great words. I`ve been wanting the same thing for a long time… but they keep doing it, even do you asked them nicely dozens of time…

  • rose

    sexy I love Zac!

  • whatever

    Typical pretty boy movie for him……all he wants is to be a sex symbol. And he is such a tool. It’s always all about himself. Well, I ain’t forgettin’ his disgusting pics with his so-called friend, and leaving his buddy to drive drunk. He’s an a$$.

  • Lawrence

    Sexy Zac!.

  • kerri

    @whatever: Jealous much lol.

  • carebear

    luv him

  • whatever

    @kerri: JEALOUS??????? HA!!! Yeah, like I said, such a “good” guy. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • armyofkittehs

    omg this is like uber hot!!!

  • aly

    If you’re such a “good” guy why do you care what Zac Efron does?

  • Silverqt


    So you’re having a go at Zac because other people had a go at Vanessa? That’s really immature. Doing the same thing you dislike people doing is not going to get you very far dearie. And like others have said, it’s getting rather lame to see you bring up Zac/Ashley so often, are you like obsessed with them or something?

  • Silverqt


    What the hell are you talking about? You sound like a rambling, bitter fangirl. Get a grip.

  • Rishinie

    Omgosh, he’s so hot! :|
    i love him x

  • Merlin’s mum

    @whatever: Ryan is a big boy. If he’s stupid enough to try to drive drunk that is down to him. So having enough sense not to get in a car with your drunk friend makes you a bad friend, then so be it. Better thatr than wind up dead because of someone elses stupidity.

  • Merlin’s mum

    I have to say that I have had quite enough of the bitter, twisted haters on both here and JJ tonight. Some of these people need to stop and look at themselves before coming on here and being so damn full of s**t. Sorry. They are so keen to jump in and hate on others that they do not have the time to actually read what someone has said. You say something, factual, not a personal view or anything and within minutes you are being torn to pieces for daring to actually repeat….. A FACT!! What a terrible hateful thing to do. I mean I should know by now – V’s posts are for hating on Zac and praising V …and so are Zac’s ! How stupid of me not to realise that!! So therefore.. Zac is an ass and a douche and just a talentless pretty boy! Is that better now you childish morons!

  • Merlin’s mum

    really sorry for the rant. Zac is just a guy doing his job. So his job entails dressing up and pretending, that’s what actor’s do. And so he looks good dressed like that, Take away the hate and I’m sorry but any fool can see he is an attractive guy. He can’t help that, that is just him, whats he supposed to do? Go get himself uglified? if you don’t find him attractive or talented, then fine. But I don’t see why you need to be so damn negative or hateful. So he’s not to your taste, go stalk someone elses posts then. Easy!

  • whatever

    @Merlin’s mum: Uh, NEWSFLASH……”friends don’t let friends drive drunk”. Would have been REAL pretty if he would have killed someone on that effin’ sidewalk, or hit a tree and killed everyone in the damn car. BUT AGAIN, pretty boy’s looking out for himself, instead of thinking about a CARLOAD of his friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE makes enough damn $$$$ to get a cab or limo for them. Great friend…..NOT.

  • aly


    You were there with them to know that Zac didn`t try to convince them to go with him or get a cab or something? It was his friends choice if they went with Ryan, it wasn`t Zac`s… What was Zac supposed to do? Put a gun to their heads and say “you die if you don`t go in a cab or with me”? Really? You are brainless…

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • whatever

    @aly: And you must be young and stupid!! Going out drinking is absolutely a situation they should ALL be conscious about. Fraternities have designated pledges who drive the brothers home. EVERYONE that age knows about “designated drivers”. It is ABSOLUTELY something they should have ALL thought about. It’s sad that you keep giving him a pass on this. No, none of us were there, but Zac should have taken the keys from Ryan. A good friend would have done that. OH, but Zac is perfect, did no wrong, again. You people are sickening with your blind Zac love.

  • Sara12

    This whole we hate Zac thing is getting a bit old, if you don’t like him then why put so much energy into him.

  • ava


    I’m so sick of everyone saying we’re defending Zac because of “blind Zac love”. I’ll call him out when I think he needs to be called out, but this is getting ridiculous. Get some new material. I agree that someone should have taken Ryan’s keys but since when does the responsibility to do so fall solely on Zac Efron? There were at least four other people there who could have taken the keys from him…who says they didn’t try? Drunk people can be very bullheaded. Either way, it wasn’t Zac’s sole responsibility to make sure that Ryan Rottman did not drive drunk when there was a car full of people with him.

    There’s obviously people on this site who won’t stop trolling until they’ve done their “duty” to wake people up to Zac’s “douchebag” ways. Well newsflash, I and I’m sure many other people are aware that he can be a douche sometimes. He’s human. He does stupid stuff. He’s not perfect. I highly doubt anyone here ever thought that. Guess what, I realize all these things and I’m still a fan. So go spend your time on posts where you actually have useful contributions.

  • aly

    Nobody until now called me young… and stupid too! Lol. You see, i didn`t call you anything so please, can you do the same?

    Zac was there with Rumer, Ryan, Crawford, a girl and a guy. That girl later drove the car… Why didn`t she take the keys from the beginning? Why didn`t Crawford? Why didn`t Rumer? Why didn`t that other guy? Why is it that ONLY Zac Efron is to blame for Ryan`s fault? He wasn`t the only one there NOT drunk… Why only him? Why is ONLY HIS FAULT? Rumer is a good friend of Ryan`s from way long ago… even from before Ryan met Zac…

    Whatever, if you want to “open” our eyes… good for you, but it`s not your job… probably because we have them open and for a long time actually… You trash Zac and love Vanessa yet you are posting more on the guy YOU HATE Threads than on the girl YOU LOVE threads… This means you are more interested in him than in her and you are just a pissed off fan that needs to chill down a little…