Dylan O'Brien: Fans Have To Wait To See Me Shirtless

Dylan O'Brien: Fans Have To Wait To See Me Shirtless

Dylan O’Brien soaks it up in this new outtake from Troix Magazine.

The 19-year-old Teen Wolf star opened up to the mag about his ideal girl, his next project and when exactly his fans will get to see him shirtless. Check it:

On the girl of his dreams: “I don’t really have a type at all. If you look at my dating history, all of my girlfriends range from 5’8″ to 5’2″ and one is blonde, the other brunette. I just like ‘em all. I think the personality usually tends to dictate my attraction. If they’re funny, if they’re cool…if they’re not, I don’t really find them hot, even if they are (hot).”

On The First Time: “I’m going to be in this upcoming film called The First Time. It’s a romantic starring me and Britt Robertson. It’s a cute, quirky kind of Say Anything thing. It takes place over one weekend — it starts on a Friday night and ends on a Monday morning.”

On when the shirtless scenes are coming: “Fans wanna see me shirtless…that’s really weird. Y’know, they’re going to have to wait until this romantic comedy that I just did called The First Time releases, because I’m shirtless in that. I don’t think I’ll ever be shirtless in Teen Wolf, though, because Stiles is such a goob. He’s not the shirtless kind of guy; plus I don’t want to work out!”

FYI: Dylan is wearing Fidelity Denim in the shower pic.

Dylan O’Brien: Troix Magazine Shoot

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Credit: Lesley Bryce; Photos: Troix Magazine
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  • Ellye67

    Dylan O’Brian if you read this:

    You ROCK as Stiles. Your character is one of the main reason why i watch Teen Wolf.

    Seriously team Jacob, Edward, Damon, Stefan, Scott, Bill, Eric, Alcide … NAH NAH NAH

    It’s ONLY TEAM STILES all the way.

    Much love from a Canadian fan

  • niyt

    omg!! have to wait! how long is that???

  • anybody?anybody?

    @Ellye67: Agree completely! Stiles is the best character on Teen Wolf, I always want to see more of him. He’s the most normal of them all, and he handles these weird situations with as much finesse as any one of us would, that’s why we love him! And even though I LOVE Dylan, he’s right, being shirtless doesn’t go with Stiles, so sadly we’ll have to let him stay out of the gym LOL

  • janasia

    He is soooooo cute!!!! I love his character in teen wolf… He’s HOOOTT

  • debster821

    He… is…. so… hot!!!<3 its a shame that he is considered a nerd on teen wolf dylan is hotter than Tyler!, Tyler is good looking but not the” wolf looking” type, in my opinion! And he is the only” funny” character on the show! If u ask me, dylan and Tyler should switch places!

  • why do you need to know?

    The reason i want to see Dylan O`Brien shirtless is because i was wondering if he had a nice body like Tyler Posey,Tyler Hoechlin,and Colton.Plus i find him hot!

  • Ronda

    What about girls that range from 5’10″ to 6’0″?

  • Sarah

    You got in to the shower in $168.00 jeans on!! : )
    See I could be your silly girl.

  • Samantha

    I just think he is sooo adorable. Lmaoo he is soo funny in teen wolf .!
    Can’t wait to see him shirtless .!!

  • http://nonnennenenen cristiana:]

    omg he is sooo cutee!!!! i acutlly pissed me 19-.-…..stop oldering![couldnt think of a different word for it] yur character on teen wolf is amazing!!! yur the only reason i watch it!!!!!! yur amazing! its just tht simple haha

  • http://facebook kat

    your the most amazing guy in the world and your funny,sweet,and you the most amazing eyes in the world

  • Terrah

    Dylan O’Brien :) Gorgeous and captivating!!

  • Katie

    You’re so hot. I’m going To see that new movie right when it comes out just so I can see you shirtless(;

  • Haley Bogers

    Get up in there. Haha this guy<3



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