Emma Watson Starring in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Emma Watson Starring in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Emma Watson seems to be moving on from Harry Potter just fine!

Indiewire has reported that the 21-year-old actress is set to star in an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, with Oscar-winning director Guillermo Del Toro directing.

JJJ wonders who will play the beast opposite Emma in this new movie?

Emma can also been seen next in The Perks of Being a Wallflower along with Logan Lerman and Nina Dobrev. Nina told press that Emma “pushes the envelope” in the new flick.

WHO DO YOU THINK will play the beast opposite Emma in the new Beauty and the Beast?

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  • Ginny

    Gosh,I always thought Emma could be a perfect Bella and now she will be,how cool it’s?! haha

  • namehere

    :O You kidding me?!?!
    XD Emma as Beauty?! Hehe

  • miki

    exciting for her new role

  • miki

    she’ll be perfect Bella and i don’t know who’ll be play Beast!

  • Lisa

    Emma is sooooooo AWESOME!

  • Cynthia-Miranda

    Emma is so beautiful, she’s perfect(:

  • Brennabear

    Rupert should play the beast. I am just saying. He would be so perfect. I wouldn’t mind seeing them together in a movie again. I don’t even care if they are sick of each other.

  • B


    It’s “Belle” not “Bella”

  • Adriana

    She’ll make a great Belle! She’s beautiful of course.

  • vivi

    belle. her names belle, not bella.

  • RN012

    I can’t wait to see her as Beauty (I think Belle is just the name of the Disney version). I hope it’s really dark and gloomy and considering Guillermo del toro is producing, it probably will be.

    As for Beast, maybe Michael Fassbender?

  • Belle

    IDK why everyone is saying Bella, in the Disney adaptation it’s Belle. In the actual novel she didn’t have either name. Her name in the book was “Beauty”

  • Gabby

    I can’t wait to see her play Beauty and it’s been confirmed that Guillermo is directing! Yay!

  • daniella!!

    Ugh what is up with HollyWood these days? Like I must admit she is an incredible actress but I can’t picture her as Belle at all. She just doesn’t have the right looks. If HollyWood is going to start remaking all these classics atleast cast someone who can look the part.

  • ella

    I thought she had to look beautiful, not like Belle.

  • Gabby


    She’s not supposed to look like Belle. This has nothing to do with the Disney version.

    It’s an adaptation based on the French story. Emma’s character will not be named Belle. And she does look the part. She’s beautiful and she’s got experience playing determined, intelligent, and brave characters. It’s right up her alley.

  • samy

    YES! please Emma is perrrrrrrfectt! <3

  • Nina

    Emma it’s the perfect Belle, and Zac Efron as the beast!!!

  • Carla


  • dizzy

    If this is true, I’m so happy for her! I think she could be good in this. Also, you can’t go wrong with Guillermo del Toro.

  • whatever

    She is really a very average actress…….Have no idea why people think she’s so great. Looks wise too. Nothing special. She just happened to be in a stupid movie series…..how does that make her such a great actress???

  • Sarah


    you’re kidding right?

  • Sarah


    lol sounds like somebody’s jealous. Harry Potter isn’t some stupid movie series, have you even seen them? Have you even read the books? or are you illiterate?

    The last two Harry Potter movies are especially brilliant and no one else could have played the role of Hermione as well as Emma did. And I assure you, if you saw Emma Watson walking down the street, you would not just brush her off as “average”.

  • Chelsea

    @Sarah: I was thinking the same thing. You wrote what I had to say so perfectly. Anyway, this is beyond exciting! I love Emma Watson!

  • Joyce

    Tom Felton should be the beast! :D (opinion only)

  • http://@priliakartika lizzie


    i’m sorry, stupid movie series? i’m sure you’ll make a better movie series..
    and yes i speak sarcasm

  • Lisa


  • http://Miria3 Miria

    Tom Felton would be perfect in the role! They would have incredible chemistry!

    And Gabby is right, it won’t be based on the Disney film. The original is a 17th-C. French fairy tale, and I think Emma would do the role of Beauty wonderfully.

  • emmaryrose

    I agree with @RN012 with having Michael Fassbender as Beast. And I’m excited that Emma Watson’s going to be Beauty, the movie’ll be great! :)

  • Billa-tong

    She has the good look to do the Beauty but I think we’ll see her in that character when her hair’ll be longer.

    I don’t know who could do the Beast, someone rather manly I think ^^


    Tom Felton for the beast!

  • marian

    i think she goin to make me not like the movie, even though belle is my favorite. beause i think she goin to turn it in to another hp thing

  • ME


    And I think you make no sense.
    Emma’s not playing BELLE in this movie. She’s playing Beauty. This is not a live action version of the Disney film, little girl.

  • Just Interested

    YAY for emma ;) she’ll be great

  • duh

    can they get prettier than that and a good actress? damn, when these kinds of remake movie, it’s so uninteresting anymore and then it will get more uninteresting when they get actors like that.

  • jt

    yes yes yes she is perfect!

  • Kristin

    Wow!! Emma is really getting her career more progressive after Harry Potter!! I’m very happy for her!! I do not intend to be biased or anything but I feel like it’s good to see her former co-star (from HP) Tom Felton to portray Beast! Don’t you think? I can already see their chemistry on and off the screen.

  • Retha

    Michael Fassbender would be the perfect Beast to Emma’s Beauty! Dangerous and sexy!

  • Yay

    Ed Westwick should play opposite of her!!

  • khin

    Rupert Grint should be the beast <3

  • Melissa

    If you read this it tells you more actors who are going to be in it :)

  • Kasie

    Well it is possible that her name will still be Belle because her name in the traditional French Fairy tale was literally Beauty. and Belle is beauty in french.

  • Keitieln


    That would be AMAZING! <3

  • Dave

    Tom Felton would be the perfect beast :D

  • http://jazrobles Justin

    TOM FELTON is the BEST BEAST :) just like the cartoon version, the prince was blonde, right? :D then TOM FELTON is the perfect choice. :) they didn’t have a chance at Harry Potter for a pairing. So I hope this time, they’ll be able to pair up :)

  • kd

    I TOTALLY AGREE. Enough said.

  • Priscilla

    i think Emma will make a wonderful beauty. she’s an amazing actress and is gorgeous. i think Tom Felton should play the beast.

  • http://@narallia Lia

    Tom felton for Beast!! Feltson ftw :D

  • http://www.twitter.com/narallia Lia

    Tom Felton for Beast!! Feltson ftw!! :D

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