David Archuleta Finds 'Heaven' in The Phillipines

David Archuleta Finds 'Heaven' in The Phillipines

David Archuleta sings soulfully to a packed crowd at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Phillipines earlier this week.

The 20-year-old musician embarked on the Asian leg of his new tour where he performed “Everything and More” plus “Love Don’t Hate” for the very first times at the Ponds Teen Concert in Thailand.

David tweeted, “Had an amazing 1st time in Indonesia!! Thanks to Pond’s Teens Concert, Urbanite, and all the fans who came to the show!”

He added, “Great seeing everyone come out for both signings today! Ended the night trying some Filipino food like bistek, sizzling gambas and tapsilog.”

Check out his performances below!

David Archuleta – “Heaven”

David Archuleta – “Everything And More”

David Archuleta – “Love Don’t Hate”
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  • http://www.fansofdavid.com joelhss

    This young man is so talented. His performances are beautiful, clean, and so inspiring. I would love to hear him on the radio here in the states. Not happy with most of what I hear on the radio presently.

  • Judieann


  • sarah

    The best live singer EVER!!!!!!
    Just amazing!!!!!!
    He wrote all 5 songs in the Asian Tour Edition EP. Amazing talent.

  • rose

    Yes, his new songs are all great. But I’m still trying to come back from where he just took me with “Heaven”. I love when he does those really emotion-filled songs. Wow!!!!!! There is no other singer that can make you feel a song like David does. There are some great older songs out there that David should be singing.

  • alana

    David is just magical!

  • kiwi88

    Woah……hugh arena audience! Congrats David!

  • Jen

    He is so darn handsome! And don’t get me started on that voice! It gives me chills!

  • Jacquie

    He is magical!

  • http://JUSTJEROD Tami

    I have know since the moment I heard David audition for american Idol the Lord had blessed this young man with an “amazing” voice, an has personality an being is just as amazing. If he were to be heard through the radio and all the advertisment that some get…He would be on the top with his music, but unfortunantly he has to work extra hard for it, because he is doesn’ put himself out as a sex symbol, He never faltures on his respect for his music, his gentlness, and his truness to God. Sad people can’t promote someone that is truly talented an true to himself an his fan. BUT DAVID ARCHULETA YOU KEEP ON WITH……FLY DAVID ARCHULETA FLY……YOUR ARE SOOOO AMAZING AN A TRUE AN TALENTED SINGER……

  • waffles

    For the record, The Pond’s Teen concert was in Indonesia not Thailand. The vids for Everything and More and Love Don’t Hate are from his concert in Jakarta (Indonesia). David went to Manila (Philippines) next for the concert at the Areneta Coliseum where he sang this awe-inspiring version of Heaven! (SO beautiful, passionate, and perfect). David had several cd signings and 1 book signing event while in Manila. He arrived in Vietnam today where he has the first of two concerts tonight (tomorrow for us!). The Asian fans have been overwhelmingly excited and supportive and David deserves every ounce of the love he is getting there.

  • Kingston

    The guy is brilliant.

  • http://twitter.com/elaine_8s Elaine

    The spelling of Philippines is wrong.. It should be Double P not Double L..
    David Archuleta is so nice to the Filipino fans.. Its no nice of him.. not like Justin Beiber..

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    david we love u:) ur jsur amzing:)

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella

    PHILLIPINES? Seriously? Watch the spelling JJJr. ;)

  • Christin

    Pond’s Teens Concert was held in Indonesia, not Thailand. :)

  • linda

    the Ponds Teens Concert was held in Indonesia guys.. :)

  • Gen

    Philipines? :O

  • sunny

    David is such an amazing singer!! Love him!

  • sabrina

    yay filipinos&david! and it’s PHILIPPINES… -_____-

  • http://fansofdavid.com Kathy

    David’s talent surpasses anyones out there. His live performances takes you to a higher atmosphere, his voice is almost pitch perfect. I have been to three of his concerts and he never dissapoints. The International fans adore him as do thousands in the US. It’s hard for me to understand why there is a lack of promtion here. He doesn’t sing about sex or crude things and it is so refreshing! I pretty much only listen to him and rarely turn on the radio anymore. This is one talented and caring, kind young man.

  • Marietta

    David touched so many people with his performances! Loved the jacket and pink shirt! Can’t wait for David’s US Christmas tour this year!From one of your biggest fans!

  • Marietta

    Loved all the performances! Loved the jacket and pink shirt! Can’t wait to see David on his Christmas US tour this year! Luv David

  • Charlotte

    Too bad he was sabotaged in America by his label, Jive, after “Crush” came out by them telling the radio station not to play his songs or CD’s… They did the same thing to Ciara.

  • VirT

    Just as well no back up dancers or elaborate sets for David concerts the focus is all him and his AMAZING talent. The rest are just waste of resources and space.

  • caitlin

    He is ON FIRE!! AMAZING vocals!!

  • mirta

    “Everything and More”, “Love Don’t Hate” – just 2 of his new songs on his “The Other Side of Down Asian Tour edition”……… they were awesome!! David Archuleta KILLED “Heaven”, there was so much passion and love towards his fans…… simply the BEST ever!! Indonesia and the Philippines show David TONS of love and now it’s Vietnam’s turn. I am so happy they are able to enjoy his beatiful voice.

  • Vivian

    No doubt dude can sing.

  • Lucy

    Wow, can he make music!!!!!!!!!!!!! Terrific vocals…wish he would do shows in the US.

  • sarah

    When is our radio going to stop playing garbage songs with over-saturated autotune? I want to hear a song like this with genius vocals that touches my heart.

  • fauzibijak

    Anyway, Ponds Teens Concert is in Jakarta, INDONESIA. Not Thailand

  • DL

    DAVID <333 So much talent.

  • Jhm

    David’s ‘Heaven’ is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. His voice, his projection of the song goes straight to your heart. His pitch, his tone….gorgeous. No one else like him, honestly. I am so happy for David and his Asian fans on this incredible tour! All his performances have been amazing and his new songs are so good. I really want to see him in concert again!

  • archangel48

    I’m a patient person. When this country I’m proud to live in finally sees-the-light, David will be loved as he is in Asia. It’s only a matter of time…