Demi Lovato: New Album Out September 20th!

Demi Lovato: New Album Out September 20th!

Demi Lovato heads back into the studio to lay down more tracks in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (July 21).

The 18-year-old musician had a live chat with her fans today and gave them some very exciting news — an album release date!

Demi shared on Twitter, “Yay! Can’t wait for my BIG-HUGE-INCREDIBLY-EXCITING announcement on my live chat today!!” and then announced that her new album will drop on September 20th!

The new album will feature her new, and chart-rising single “Skyscraper.”

ARE YOU EXCITED for Demi’s new album?

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  • holly

    yes! I can’t wait!!!

  • Danielle


  • Listen to mayday parade

    Competing with Joe.. Predictable. I just hope she isn’t pushing herself too fast! Never want to see her down spiral again. Good luck Demi!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    EPP! Can’t w8! And I see some pissed Jonas fans on Twitter. LOL! Prob just mad cuz they know Demi’s gonna kick Joe’s @ss on the charts. #StayBitter

  • Koree


    lol couldn’t have said it better myself!!!
    Love you forever Demi, Lovatic for life!!! Ahhh, can’t wait!

  • Re

    @Listen to mayday parade: lol you forever! hahahahaha

  • Ryan

    Without question, Demi’s 3rd album will be not only the best of her career so far, but as well as the best overall album of this year. To go through what all she did & persevere as she has is nothing short of incredible. She’s grown up before our very eyes, sharing her struggles & successes along the way, & most of all, showed that she’s human, but that remaining strong & believing in yourself goes a long way. That showed w/ the release of Skyscraper (both the single & video) and will continue on w/ the release of this 3rd album on September 20th. #ForeverNAlwaysALovatic

  • bella

    Excelent demi , omg nuevo album

  • Ella

    It just kinda surprised me that both Joe & Demi’s album release will fall on a Tuesday. HA! Good luck for the both of them. They’ve worked so hard for their album, so I’ll gonna support them all the way! (:

  • AJ

    @Ella: um in case you didn’t notice, about 99% of albums come out on a Tuesday! And to everyone else, why in the world would they compete with each other?! Ya’ll are ridiculous. They both will be fine. Demi’s not gonna down spiral, psh please.

  • AJ

    Sorry, not to everyone else, just to @listen to mayday parade.

  • Mariana

    I am very excited for this album Demi has the most beautiful voice in the world

  • Olivia

    That’s incredible, wonderful and perfect will be the best birthday present of all ever

  • Emma

    the best news of the year! I am more than excited!

  • Brenda

    INCREDIBLE I am very excited I know Demi is working hard to make it happen

  • Jennifer

    she is incredible is very talented album will be perfect

  • Lara

    she’s a girl so special I’m really excited for her album but is now closer than ever

  • David

    wow.. That’s incredible!

  • Sophie

    That’s better than everything I thought is wonderful and I am very excited

  • Sarah

    GOOD! I am more than excited.. crazy

  • Daniel

    This is wonderful

  • Angelina

    I am very excited Demi’s songs are beautiful, inspiring, animated, dance!

  • Samantha

    She is working very hard so that she could offer us this gift

  • Katie

    this is so important I’m very excited!

  • Penélope

    She’s great I am so happy and I love the music of Demi

  • Penélope

    She’s great, I am so happy and I love the music of Demi!

  • Louise

    Demi is a girl so special and this album will be as special as she

  • Miley

    I am very excited actually can’t wait

  • Julie

    This is really BIG-HUGE-INCREDIBLY-EXCITING announcement !

  • Isabella

    This is really incredible is perfect

  • Kim

    This is very excited I’m very happy now

  • Melanie


  • Pamela

    very excited and happy because I love music and the voice of Demi

  • Pamela

    very excited and happy because I love music and the voice of Demi!

  • delta

    very excited and happy

  • Penélope

    This is so incredible I am very excited Demi is the best

  • Talula

    his new album will be perfect I’m sure Demi will surprise

  • Fernanda

    Demi is working hard and will receive full recognition it deserves

  • Victoria

    I am so happy and proud of Demi

  • Sarah

    She is incredibly, strong and inspiring

  • Mariana

    I am so happy I can’t wait to hear the album whole

  • Rachel

    Demi is very talented his new album will be a success that’s a fact

  • Rachel

    is incredible Demi is working hard to make it happen she is GREAT!

  • Irene


  • Amaia

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I’M SOOOO EXCITED!!

  • Aline

    I’m counting the days now to be able to listen to album all!

  • Vanessa

    I’m screaming so much happiness

  • Irene


  • Nara


  • Julie

    This is unbelievable is the best thing that could have happened