Tom Felton: There's So Much Cheering in America!

Tom Felton: There's So Much Cheering in America!

Tom Felton stopped by KIISFM on Thursday morning to chat with Ryan Seacrest about being a part of the biggest film franchise — Harry Potter — in history.

The 23-year-old actor shared about the fans faithfulness: “Every year we were kind of expecting no one to turn up or less people to turn up at the premieres and events, but they have come out in the thousands every year. Because they have been so passionate over the years. I think it all comes down to the stories, people are still just so passionate about the stories.”

Tom even dished about his own experience seeing the final film in theaters. Being in America, he had a different experience than being in England: “It was very cool, needless to say actually watching it with an American audience is a completely different experience to anywhere else. New York, we missed half of the film because they were just screaming and cheering.”

WHAT WAS YOUR favorite scene from the final film?

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  • Gabby

    It’s hard for me to choose a favorite scene, but I love the part with the dragon breaking out and the whole Room of Requirement scene and the part when McGonagall calls the statues to life and the Snape’s memory scene and the part when Neville cuts the head off the snake and the Bellatrix/Molly fight, and the part with Harry in the forrest and finally the fight between Harry and Voldemort.

    So, the whole movie basically.

  • Amber

    My favorite scene would have to be the 19 years, it was nice to see them grown with children. Also Fred and George “Are you all right Freddie?” = )

  • Vanessa

    I loved the scene in the forest where Harry is walking towards Voldemort,and facing his own death.My ultimate favorite though is the scene in which Harry breaks the elder wand,and stands alongside Ron an Hermione on the bridge.I felt like that scene was completely for the actors…there was no dialogue,they just held hands and stood there,there was no need of dialogue.
    I will truly miss these movies,they were my childhood, and millions of others childhoods.Harry Potter is the boy who lived…and who will always live in our hearts to many generations to come.HP brought to our generation what Star Wars brought to previous ones, a truly brilliant experience and inventiveness that rarely comes around.

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