Vanessa Hudgens: Bloomingdales Beautiful

Vanessa Hudgens: Bloomingdales Beautiful

Vanessa Hudgens hits up Westfield Mall on Monday afternoon (July 25) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress joined younger sister Stella and mom Gina at Bloomingdales and also picked up something cool to drink after her workout earlier this morning at LA Fitness.

Vanessa has been really into cycling lately — in fact, that was one of her favorite things about the Candies set! “My favorite set from the Candie’s shoot was… riding the bike because in between sets I’d steal the bike and ride it around,” she shared.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa and Stella shopping…

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Credit: Clint Brewer; Photos: Fame Pictures, SplashNewsOnline
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  • http://fanpopgirl ben

    She looks so damn SEXY wow can’t wait for her movie to come out

  • http://fanpopgirl tommy

    Can i marry her

  • http://fanpopgirl jazz

    So beautiful

  • http://none juddy

    i adore her smile <333

  • hhhhh

    her sister has a nice body but looks liek a hooker…vanessa is stunning

  • http://fanpopgirl jazz

    lovely women her smile is to die for so damn cute

  • http://fanpopgirl lauran

    Damn that smile

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Each time I see Stella, she just gets more mature. My gosh, I’m in denial that she’s 15.. And her legs ! Their legs ! Their legs are defined.. Nice to see some family bonding :D

  • Gw


  • annii


  • kami

    ♥ i can’t say this enough, she has beautiful healthy skin. ♥

  • annii

    im in love with her outfiit

  • critic

    stella’s legs has a perfect shape v looks old on her dress and shorter.. but the dress is nice

  • haha


  • peter=_=

    well hello there beautiful¡ damn lOOk at that though pose
    what i’would do to meet her one day

  • ehryle

    Wow every angle of the camera shots still she really look GORGEOUS whatever it takes!!

  • clare

    how is that beautiful. she is disgusting. and so is her sister. fucking ugly the pair of them.

  • Telle

    @clare: I bet your friends think the same about you but just like you who insult behind a computer just to feel better) your friends do the same thing or even worse behind your back and if not happened yet.. then get ready cause that’s real life &¨you reap what you sow (ouch).

  • Telle

    btw she looks very pretty these days i mean women with curves are really beautiful & appealing.
    i don’t know why but V remaind me to jen lindley the last couple days. SWEET

  • Tilbe Türkmen

    she’s the ROLE MODEL EVER !! i luv her style..she looks amazing like always she is

  • Katie

    @clare all I’ve seen from you is unessacary hate and I’m sick of it, we’re all sick of it. If you hate Vanessa so much (which I don’t know how you can seen as you’ve most likely never met her before in your life) then why are you on her posts wasting your time and making yourself look like a total bitch? Just get out of here and waste your precious time on someone you at least like.

    On another note: Vanessa and Stella look beautiful, as always!

  • Jenny

    She looks beautiful

  • chantal

    Does anybody knows is she still talks ashley?

    She looks great!

  • ZANE

    wow,so pretty even in short hair

  • daniel

    surely this is the look most beautiful I have ever seen her use in the last week in addition to her sexy curves appreciated. vanessa my every day is overcoming and getting wonderful!

  • Haters Suck!

    why u gotta be such a witch?

  • Haters Suck!

    Btw jj not to start crap but i liked the headline u used on the main site better. I know it won’t change anything for some people but hey what can ya do?

  • kerri

    Love her smile. She just has this beauty to her inside and out. Love her :)

  • laquida


  • Ivy

    I’m crazy about the dress, and I’m in love with the hair right now, I mean, at 1st sight I wasn’t a big fan of it, but now that I got used with it I just think it fits with her style and its gorgeous! *-*

  • Aly

    @Haters Suck!

    Smoking lipstick right? So, wonder what you will say know without sounding like a hypocrite… interesting.

  • Haters Suck!

    first off you were also the one who brought up the lip gloss point. Second here is what I said when someone brought up Vanessa smoking not bothering them.
    “i agree with you. Smoking is a frequently practiced habit where a person needs one after another and we have hundreds if not thosuands of pictures of Vanessa and not one of her smoking it just seems odd. And your right smoking does help some people relax and could u really blame Vanessa if she wanted to smoke for that reason I mean everything she does is watched like a hawk and seems to cause drama where there shouldn’t be any. I’m no fan of smoking either but I got no problems with people who do as many of my friends and family smoke they decide to, I’ve decided not and we have no problems with each other and get along just fine. Still at this point i don’t think V smokes, it could be her lip glosse again just like it was at Cannes”
    I stand by that. I have no problems with my friends who smoke. I have no problems with my family members who smoke. I have no problems with your golden boy smoking. Why would I have a problem with vanesa smoking. I wish none of them would, but it doesn’t bother me.

  • V Gone? HA She’s Still Here!

    Wow stella is as tall as Vanessa and looks almost exactly like her. Both beautiful the title says it all.


    I like the glasses, she is pretty!

  • ZANE

    short hair. long hair… still she’s pretty

  • italian mom

    Ref. to cigarettes.
    Even if not really vicious (2-3 per day) I was 22 when I decided to stop smoking by just waiting half an hour when I felt the desire.
    It took me 6 months to not light up anymore my cigarette, and it took another 6 months to not ask a “bit” when in a group of smokers.
    Now it can happen that (once in about 2 years), offered a cigarette I say “yes” and I smoke it, feeling a sudden guilty pleasure just like if I never stopped.
    But, I see the difference when looking at the faces of my classmates.
    After 35 years the non-smokers faces are all incredibly better!!
    Skin color and texture 10/15 years younger than the smokers. Not to talk about hiking and other sports.
    So, definitely it was worth it.
    And I feel free.

  • pao


  • pao

    Love V but Stell looks like. . .

  • pao

    What is the big deal about smoking???? Almost everyone in Hollywood smoke and no one have issues with it so, don’t be *****

    I mean if someone else smoke, no drama!!! but if she is smoking everyone is dying! !

  • Kro

    V looks great!