Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth: Peeta & Gale Cover EW!

Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth: Peeta & Gale Cover EW!

Check out your first look at Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as Peeta and Gale on the cover of Entertainment Weekly!

Josh, 18, who stars as Peeta in the popular Hunger Games film adaption jokes that leading lady Jennifer Lawrence won’t tower over him in the movie. “Jennifer’s not two feet taller than me! If anything, maybe she’s a half inch taller.”

Liam and Josh also formed a bond on set — Josh even brought Liam along on a weekend visit to his hometown in Kentucky to relax with his family and sample his grandmother’s famous fried chicken. “I think it’s going to blow people’s minds when they see that Peeta and Gale are actually best friends in real life,” Josh shared.


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  • HPgeek_21

    I don’t like Josh as Peeta! I prefer Freddie Stroma because he looks more like Peeta than Josh! Both are great actors though!

  • sara12

    Josh looks out of place in that picture, and I hope this is going to be a GOOD movie and not total BS like Twilight.

  • Jenny

    The look amazing! Josh looks so grown up and I love the muscles he got!
    In the beginnig I didnt really picture them as Peeta and Gale, but a good actor isn´t just about looks. I think they´ll do amazing cuz they both are great actors.

  • Skyler

    Jawsh Hutcherson looks damn good!
    I feel guilty I doubted about his dyed blonde hair before,
    this just proves me he ís Peeta.
    And he’s such an inspirational actor.

  • Aleguti4

    i love them!!!i’m so freaking excited 4 the movie!!

  • lol

    @sara12: Uhhh Sara Twilight and Hunger Games are 2 very different stories , you dont like twilight then big deal its still made 1billion dollars and has a worldwide fandom , there is no need to compare
    just keep your dumb thoughts to yourself

  • lol

    BTW i really cant stand the shallowness in people now a days, like Josh’s look matters, its his acting that counts to me he looks great as Peeta , maybe he was chosen cause he connected better with his character, why is it that people dont think about those things before starting to bitch and moan? you are not casting directors you dont know anything about that job , he was chosen for a reason, if u dont like him because he is not some hunky guy then just dont watch the movie when it comes out , simple as that

  • wow

    liam looks hoooot! josh looks ugly

  • Sarah

    omg josh’s arms are huge he’s so grown up

  • Gabby

    Liam looks so weird. I could have sworn he was buffer than Josh.

  • http://@danicanuto Danielle

    Josh is not my Peeta at all, but I’m SOOOO excited!!! I can’t wait. I know it’s gonna be AWESOME!!

    HG <3

  • Rachel

    peeta looks too built for what i picutred. and every single charecter ive seen so far looks ioor than i pictured they were.

  • Val

    Actually, for me personally is Liam who I don’t see as Gale.. Josh, was not my favorite but I can see what they saw in him. I like both of them though and I’m not being shallow, on the contrary, I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

  • Milania

    Ugh! Josh doesn’t have blue eyes!! :(

  • Sophie

    @lol: It’s not shallow to share your views on whether or not an actor looks the part. Yes acting is undeniably more important but when converting from a book series to a movie you need to appeal to the already established fan base by giving them their characters. Personally, I don’t think that either really fit the part

  • nessie bella

    Ahhhh!!! Can’t wait 4 this!!!! I LOVE PEETA!!!!! Josh looks GREAT!!!!!! I’m so in love with PEETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    Josh is the PERFECT Peeta!! If you have seen his movies and watched his interviews, you would agree! I’m so excited!!

  • nanseaseesthesea

    Soo can’t wait!

  • Maila

    Damn they look good, especially Josh!

  • Stef

    I am not happy with the selection of actors. At first it was fine but once seeing this poster… really disappointed but Jennifer lawrence as katniss is much better than i expected!!!!!

  • Bee

    OMG, they look PERFECT!!!

  • Rachel

    JOSH?! is that you ?! WOW.

  • Carla

    No matter what, The Hunger Games will NOT turn out to be the next Twilight. The Hunger Games has a strong storyline.

  • Ruby

    I truly believe that they will make an excellent job portraying Peeta and Gale. I think that Josh has better acting skills than Liam, but maybe he will prove me wrong. I can’t wait for March 23, 2012.

  • Judith

    OMG they both look hot!!! I’ve been waiting for this! Can’t wait for the movie and can’t wait to see Peeta (josh) and Katniss (jennifer) in action! :bd

  • Sarah

    I LOLed when I read that Josh said Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t 2 feet taller than him,maybe just half an inch xD I don’t care about whether they look like them or not…I’m just hoping their acting is good.

  • cat

    Chord overstreet as Peeta///