Vanessa Hudgens Rocks a Hair Piece!

Vanessa Hudgens Rocks a Hair Piece!

Vanessa Hudgens sports a fun, long haired wig as she leaves a store on Saturday (July 30) in Studio City, Calif.

Along with her brand new hairpiece, the 22-year-old actress bedazzled her face with jewels for an extra festive look! Vanessa finished her look with a linea pelle collection belt.

Vanessa recently cut off her flowing locks to film the movie Gimme Shelter!

“I grabbed the scissors and started cutting my actual hair and then my director decided that he was going to grab the scissors, he grabs a chunk of my hair and just chops it,” she said about the hair cutting process.

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Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Heather

    You will be screencapped on Tumblr. Hope you enjoy the wrath of Nessasaurs.

  • Aly

    She put on weight for her movie role you dumb! That shows dedication! If you don’t like her why the heck do you even comment on her posts? Go away. She doesn’t need persons like you.

    That might not be her best look but she isn’t ugly. She is far more beautiful than other “stars” you like.

  • Aly

    O.o What? Lol. Let’s hope those nessassaurs or whatever they call themself will stay put. The last thing I want to see is them coming on JJJR. I’ll never hear the end of it then.

  •!/CoolVanesStella lOIS


  • Aly

    Actually, forgot I said that. They already screencaped you both.

    You will be quite famous on tumblr/twitter until something else comes along and they go after that.

    I’m spamming JJJR… Great *rolls eyes*

  •!/CoolVanesStella lOIS


  • http://goggle BARBARA

    i like, vanessa’s long hair, besides she looks like she has lost some weight, it is better to take it off slow.

  • Aly

    Really? You are on your way fast from here.

    You apparently are a nessasaur or how on earth you type it. i have a question. Why do YOU – i mean nessasaurs – are always saying that the fans that do not agree with everything Vanessa does 100% aren’t true fans? I’m just curious.

    @Barbara! *jumps on her and hugs her tightly* How are you? You have been missing! Missed you so much :D Check you know what. Lady is there or was there some hours ago :-?

  • sophie

    she is not ashley tisdale! lol we all know that ashley calls the papss, and everyone knows that Vanessa HATES the papss… we see the pictures the other day…

  • peggy


    You really need to stop judging people by you and your family

  • sophie

    you have serious problems little girl… it’s so sad to see kids thinking that way… shame on you

  • Haters Suck!

    Long hair, short hair Vanessa is still a very beautiful girl. Oh and to the hater on your best day and on vanessa’s worst day, Vanessa would still look 1000x better then u.
    One more thing hi aly, :)

  • Ivy

    She looks sooo pretty! I hope they have lots of fun!

  • Meghan

    @sophie: Lol oh shut up you immature little bitch. It looks so bad when you have to compare your idol to somebody to make them look good…ashley doesn’t call paps they follow her because she’s actually talented not because they expect her to chase them when she gets caught smoking and looking like a hoe.

  • Xo

    @sophie: Exactly! Everyone knows Ashley calls the paps cause she’s not interesting or relevant enough for them to follow her anyway. Vanessa is a much bigger star and even though they hound her to know end, it doesn’t mean she likes it.

  • laquida


  • peggy


    As usual Meghan you sound like the fat un attractive ass that you are. Ashley tweets everything she going to be doing before she does it and if you every learn to get past your 3rd grade education you will realize that.

    Ashley did a Sharpay movie (now there is a stretch) and her tv show is gone.

    And as long as we are talking HOE that was Ashley letting Zac feel all over her with her boyfriend right there. You need a dictionary

  • laquida


  • peggy

    It Is supposedly is a costume party for Lauras bday

  • http://none juddy

    so true :)

  • Angie


  • smiley

    @peggy: you just read my mind

  • Estelle

    She looks like Blondie again with the outfit COOOOLLL!!!

  • nathalia

    I loved the style of clothes

  • Tay

    The comments on this post are hilarious.

    You either love her or hate her, I don’t see why people take time out of there day to insult some one they don’t know, personal insecurities I guess.

    Either way I love her and I think she looks great :)

  • liz

    she looks gorgeous! whether if is a wig or extensions i prefer her with long hair <3
    and honestly for those haters wtf are u guys doing commenting on her post u probably just jealous of her if u dont care about her then dont post at all !!!! if i dont like/give a damn about a celebrity then i dont even tryto go on their posts and write crap so that makes me think u actually love her deeply lol

    anyways hope they have a great time at the party

  • http://none juddy

    btw i love your smile baby V

  • Soni

    Peggy and Aly:

    I have a question for you two:
    What ever came of the secret that you two were having around the time that Zac and Vanessa split? the one where one of you would say look at my comment it explains it. DId any of your comments come true?
    I haven’t come on this site in awhile, so I was curious.

  • sophie


  • Abbyduh


  • leesadavis

    it’s a wig. her hair is too short for hair extensions and a weave wud prob be too tacky lookin or painful. remember britney’s weaved up days. a hot mess y’all

  • http://lala aiwen

    so beautiful!!!!
    actually same clothe….but whatever!!!!!
    just now i saw this post….and i din’t see the tittle!!!i was shocked why vanessa’s hair grow so fast!!!!hahahahha!!!! then the tittle is ‘ rocks the hair piece’ ==’ :D
    she is so beautiful :D

  • Miranda

    She is so pretty already so Why does she wear that painting thing on her face? Anyway I still love V, hope she had a fun night:’)


    i dont care what other people say about your short hair ,i think it looks dazzling , and the fashion style OMG cool jewels with that dress rockin ,no matter what i will always love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.and think your pretty.

  • kerri

    Gorgeous. Her smile could light up any darkness :)

  • musicgirl

    soo beautiful! a true fashion icon! :)

  • Aly


    To be honest, I have been kinda MIA from this site for the past few months. When I came back from time through time all i got was people fighting with me.

    Now, if you are talking about the 2-3 months theory, that is still going on. If you are talking about something else and I think I know what, I can’t say it here.

    Soni, Barbara asked me some time ago to get you on that thread. Do you want to come to it? Barbara, lady, sophie, me, and some other guys, they are there to. If you want just post here :D

  • londonlemminG

    Is it weird that I prefer her with the wig,hair piece thingy, than with her new hair cut, it seems more natural to me. Even though it’s not. Maybe it’s because I am so used to seeing her with long hair and the new short do will take some getting used to.

    The outfit,is one of the nicest I have seen her wear in awhile.

  • ZANE


  • Meghan

    @peggy: Yeah I’m sure Vanessa would be so proud of you judging a person because I was defending her bestfriend Ashley Tisdale. I guess you are too innocent to realise contact between a male and a female does not mean they are flirting or dating or w/e they’re just friends. Stop being so immature. What I said was out of line but I just got mad cuz somebody decided to bring Ashley Tisdale in to this for no actual reason.

  • http://none juddy

    and @peggy was defending ashley bestfriend.
    btw you’re the one Who began the attack here so shut up :)

  • Aly

    Why don’t you just go away… It’s obvious you don’t like Vanessa so why the heck are you on her posts?

  • Haters Suck!

    In my humble opinion I think it’s an insult to Laura to call Ashley vanessas best friend. And to me to call ash and v friends at all is a bit of a streach but that’s a fight for another time. Laura has been one of the people when vanessa most important days came and she really needed her friends Laura has been there while Ashley has been nowhere to be found. I’m more then likley gonna get my head chewed for this but it’s ok I can take it.

  • storyteller

    Why are Vanessa fans talking about Ashley in a thread that has nothing to do with her? You guys go on and on about how awesome Vanessa is and then turn around and slag off Ashley, in order to prop up your idol. Why? If Ashley is so irrelevant and unimportant and such a horrible friend like you claim she is, why mention her at all? Bizarre. As for Vanessa, you honestly think the paps are following her because she’s a superstar? Please don’t kid yourself, they ALL call the paps when it suits them, that’s the way Hollywood works. Vanessa is no Brad and Angelina that have photographers follow their every waking move just because. And why is she bothering with a wig? I thought her new haircut was so edgy and stylish and sexy? Or at least, that’s what we’ve been repeatedly told by her fans.

  • Haters Suck!

    why are u even here? You said yourself you don’t care about Vanessa so why does it matter to u what Vanessa does or what her fans say? But to answer you’re questions the reason Ashely was brought up was well because ashleys fans brought her up and started attacking Vanessa. And I always find it funny when people say vanessa calls the paps , there’s no point in calling the paps when they know where she lives. And yes some of her fans like vanessas short hair but Vanessa has said she misses her long hair and wanted to do this for her best friends birthday. To me long hair or short hair Vanessa is stylish and sexy either way.

  • Xo

    @storyteller: Why would V call the paps when she goes out of her way to avoid them? They almost ran over a man and one of her friends the other night! You think she welcomes that kind of stuff?

  • sophie

    everyone knows that Ashley calls the paparazzis… its not a lie, you should go to an Ashley´s fan site and ask to a couple of moderators there … She doesn’t have anything relevant since HSM, and her pictures doesnt sold really well… she calls them to try to stay relevant… its true… its nothing bad, but its the truth…

  • Aly

    Great… Ashley fans against Vanessa ones.

    Seriously, every time i came here you ONLY fight. If it isn’t for Soni and the fact i have to talk with her, I won’t even come here.

  • sophie

    Vanessa wasn’t being papped since may, because she was working filming her new movie, she was out the radar for almost 2 months, her fans missed her.. but we all understand that she hate the attention, she hates the paparazzis, is she call them, why she would be out without makeup? why she would like being papped without makeup? To be honest, she looks incredibly gorgeous without makeup, but we all knows that there are haters who would say otherwise. You have others so called “famous people” who i´m pretty sure have a paparazzis with them in the car always… and EVERYONE knows… its like obvious because the dont have any project since years…

  • annii

    she looks so adorable here <3