Selena Gomez Owns The Night

Selena Gomez Owns The Night

Selena Gomez wows the crowd in a bedazzled gold dress as she performs during opening night of her We Own The Night tour at Mizner Park Amphitheater in Boca Raton, Fla., on Thursday night (July 28).

The 19-year-old entertainer tweeted to the city after the show, “Boca really came out tonight, this is outside the venue!!! Thank you all for coming out, such an amazing start to the tour. I love you all. #weownthenight.”

Boyfriend Justin Bieber, wearing a tour shirt for his girl, was spotted leaving the concert too! Together with his bud Sean Kingston, they made a quick exit from the stage door.

JJJ Note: Apologies for the delay — we have a ton of more pics coming!

30+ pics inside…

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “We Own The Night”

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Credit: Monnier, Ait; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, WENN
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  • mmbop

    A little late Jared..

    Selena looks awesome though. She show looks great.

  • Candice

    this show looks amazing!!

  • Warren

    Selena really looks hot and sexy. What great legs she has now that she is older.

  • A


  • A


  • Ace

    @A: loooser

  • chichi

    she cant even sing.

  • soughtful

    miley concert was so much better than selena, but then again miley is a amazing performer.

    selena look like a kid with those outfit eventhought she trying to put the focus on her breast because well she got no ass.

  • http://misfits1985@twitter crystal castellanos

    @Ace: get a life and quit being bitter and mean she is not a slut

  • eney

    Look good sg

  • Chantal

    @soughtful Nobody gives a damn about Miley cyrus here! You just look like a desperate as ALWAYS, commenting on every move Selena does and try to write some fouful shit that nobody gives a damn about.
    It’s costumes and she looks fabulous & classy, and yeah there is some people who don’t have a BIG FAT ASS just like Miles doesn’t either!
    SG’s We Own The Night Tour is going REALLY well, so take that bitch.


  • A


  • Caroline

    How in the world can you say she looks classy when that dress covers almost nothing but her stomach and her non-existent behind?

  • poli

    omg. she can’t sing live at all.

  • http://twitter tzee

    shes a fugly slut. Plain and simple!

  • andy

    LOL AT Haters!!!
    She’s gorgeous, and has a rocking boddy. Keep it up SelG.

  • Ane

    Why people ALWAYS talk about Miley at Selena posts? Jesus how boring you guys are, if you don’t like her go to live your life instead of hating someone, it’s pathetic.

  • meiner

    And also here you have again written the same stupid crap about Selena Gomez, so we know that you’re not a fan of hers.
    I suspect still you are … Bieber fan? Cyrus fan? Lovato fan?
    But you’re is completely under her spell, otherwise you would not you take the time and every post by Selena read and assess.
    P.S.: Welcome to the Club!

  • hey you

    where are the pictures of her with the silver top and the purple pants ? where it shows all her belly? omg, you people are SUCH hypocrates, if miley would have used those clothes you’d be saying bad things about her.. selena just doens’t know how to move away from her child image, and she’s doing exactly what miley did , use more mature clothes that shows more skin, so now you can stop criticizing miley, because she is a very good person, and should not be judged by the clothes she wears.

  • Mellz89

    Wooow!!! She looks amazing!
    Don’t judge haters..the way she dressed? She’s 19!!!
    Next year she will be turning 20!
    Sooo back off!
    I love the way she really taking it slowly :):) not shocking us like
    ‘u know who’. Huahahhaahhah.. :)

  • mrsdestinyhope

    I don’t get it at all: If Miley wears skimpy outfits, she loses fans, but Selna’s (like sougthful said)) getting people to focus on her boobs, then it’s cute? Sorry, but she was one of the few celebs who I thought would never expose that much skin. Especially with a bunch of 12 YOs watching her in the audience. And Plz don’t throw me that Selena is 19 excuse and Miley was that age. They both work for the SAME FLIPPING AUDIENCE. And Plz dob’t give me that Selena w8ed and Miley didn’t excuses either. Cuz when Miley came out with the Can’t Be Tamed, the same people who throw those tired @ass excuses saying Miley should’ve waited for her show to end are the same idiots who are giving Selena the thumbs up for wearing the same shit.

    Selena, I hope u don’t grace this trend cause u just look ridiculous . And that’s coming from a fan.

  • headstrong

    She wore the same outfit that Cheryl Cole worn for her tour :S
    I dont like that much the sprkle dresses . But the tour looks fun.
    lol at bieber ‘s face xD

  • headstrong

    @mrsdestinyhope: I get why people bring Miley here cause i think the doble standar annoys miley fans the most, specially if it comes from selena stans. But as i read on twitter a lot of selenators dont like her image now and they blame bieber lol.

  • headstrong

    oh I think people make a big scandal when it comes to Miley cause that’s the image Miley has given them so they talk about her like it was a crime to show more skin. Selena has shown her innocent girl image until she turned 18. And then started to become a little looser. So people say ‘its ok she’s older now’ and that kind of stuff.

  • good-one

    All you raggers.
    Selena Gomez is a class act.
    She is perfectly fine.
    The affectation is your own.



  • Vanessa

    @mrsdestinyhope: I agree 100%!!!!! Selena is just tryna impress Justin Bieber by becoming a SKET!!! Sorry to say, but if I was justin’s girlfriend I would only expose my body by wearing a bikini and dats it not sketting around!!! Btw wats up wid Justin’s pictures on that box u were sitting on!!! I love Justin Bieber more than anybody does so piss off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Ak

    Miley started it too young with the anne leibowitz photo shoot. Selena was careful to wait. Miley became a warning for selena. Poor miley. Lucky sel.

  • if you knew..

    She is not a good performer. I feel like she’s trying so hard!! Miley is much much better performer and singer! Sel is also copying Cheryl Cole. Not so original…

  • soughtful


    there is nothing classy about that outfit where the hell you get that idea. the outfit she wearing are way to reveling the good thing is she has no body so she looks like a child playing dress up. and miley concert was way better than her one of miley song kicks her entired performance concert. at least we know who are the professional and who are mediocre. miley is a true performer selena performers are boring.

  • good-one

    You poor Lost Generation
    Robbed of your Sensuality
    Robbed of your Sexuality
    Robbed of your Appreciation of Beauty
    Robbed of your Joy of Song
    Filled instead with Bitterness, Hate, Fear and Resentment
    Steeped in Hopelessness
    All by Design
    All by Design
    Robbed by the Elites
    Robbed by the Eugenicists
    Robbed by co-opted Governments
    Robbed by the Consolidated,
    Corporate Mind-Control Media
    Rendering Youth,
    Youth Perceiving Itself, Believing Itself,
    Sinful and Ugly
    All by Design
    All by Design

  • Ace

    @A: CUNT

  • Patworx

    Miley and Selena haters alike please SHUT UP!


    Wow this is some serious BULL! People call friggen miley a hooker at her shows but selena looks all cutesy and innocent! Thats crap!!! AND I HATE MILEY CYRUS but still Selena is no better than miley now! She used to be like a perfect rolemodel and then ppl try giving me this She is growing up crap! IT DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO WALK AROUND IN BARELY NOTHING OR WEAR HOOKER LIKE CLOTHING ON TOUR! that doesnt mean she is growing up! Like i cant stand anyone in Hollywood anymore! ALL you Selenators SU!! Dont say she looks so cute in that miley is sucha bad influence BECAUSE SELENA IS TO! She is just a clone! AND IDGAC IF you think im a hater because im just keeping it real! She should stick to acting she is an AMAZING actress (sometimes) But singing..nooo. She is just like every other disney star. SWAG! im out!

  • http://JDB_shawt_y mystic music

    Ok, whats up with people bringing Miley into this?!?!?! Your just being ridiculous, go write about Miley in her blogs and stuff and things about her. But this is a Selena Gomez thing, if you don’t like her then why are you writing here?!?!?! If you truly hated her you woudl’ve just ignore this and moved on with your life, but NO you have to put domething hurtful here. I love both artists, ok maybe I like one over the other yes, but seriously at least I RESPECT THEM, not like SOME PEOPLE. If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone then don’t say nothing at all. Oh and this is for you HATERS:

    H: Having
    A: Anger
    T: Towards
    E: Everyone
    R: Reaching
    S: Success

  • Almostfamous

    i love selena gomez and i think she is an amazing i dont mean to hate on her! but i do agree that miley is a MUCH better performer..but miey also can SING>

    like yes selena has a nice voice..but not a concert, tour, and album making voice.

    she is just not a talented singer..miley, justin, jonas bros, jojo, lady gaga, britney spears (even tho shes lip singing) , they all make you really watch them and they look so comfertable and you cant take your eyes off em.

    selena doesnt have that..she shouldnt be singing.

  • laurent

    too bad miley cant sing or dance she just sucks! and selena is a million times better that miley! also selena can waer wahtever she want shes 19 and she knows hoe to looks sexy without looks like a s!ut like miley always looks, cause selena have class and glam shes no trashy *cough*miley*cough*

  • laurent

    *she know how

  • Chantal

    @soughtful: As in we you who do hell are you talking about? I will not say anything wrong about Cyrus because she doesn’t deserve it, but YOU, you are one foulsome little prick who is on practically on every post saying something about SELENA, get a life! Her outfit was not bad and she did really good, you have no right to call someone mediocre since you are EVEN MORE mediocre. Don’t like it, Get the hell outta here then.

  • adam

    Damn! She looks incandescent in that outfit, and her legs are about a mile long…even her hands are nice.

    Aside from her looks, young Miss Gomez is a very talented, personable and likeable young celebrity.

  • Naomi

    To me, this outfit looks awkward. Where are the other pictures from her other outfits? There’s one where she is showing her belly. Of course, other media outlets don’t want to show that outfit because they don’t want her to become another Miley. I find it funny how people would judge Miley for showing skin, when Selena is showing the same amount of skin. Don’t give me the “Miley did it at a young age and Selena did it at 19.” Please, don’t give that crap because age doesn’t matter. They have the same audience. So, it is a double standard and it’s hypocritical. Also, she also copied some of Cheryl Cole’s outfits. Not much creativity. I’m not hating on Selena, I’m just saying the truth that delusional fans don’t want to hear.

    If you guys want proof to my statement here it is :

  • Alyssa e.

    omg picture mileys head in that outfit… and this article was about her in that… People would be like OMG shes a slllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuutttttt blahhhhhh seelna gomez is better…. like no… miley is an actual singer from before she was famous… selena just wasnt… this is so unfair.

  • JJ

    People listen it doesn’t matter anymore how she is dressed at her concert.
    The real news it has been reported that at this concert the crowd was made up of the youngest set of little girls to date except for her satuday concer. And they were not looking for or at Selena they were trying to see if Bieber had showed up. And the satuday preformance he did and their was almost a riot as fan chased bieber out the back to his car
    If Selena expect to further her career in her own right on her preformance and with her trying to bring in older groups to her cocerts.
    Then she is going to have to get rid of the little squirrel who keep taking away from her preformance. She is a great actress and fair singer, but has a problem feeding the squirrels, Selena leave the Squirrels alone.

  • http://JCOEY jOCEY

    Wow Selena looks amazing in this and the video !!!!!!!

  • JJ

    @laurent: well let see you say Miley sucks can’t sing or act but Selena can. Forbes 2011 net worth Miley net worth is 48 million, Selena net worth is 4 million that with all her acting singing product sales everything. if she is better than miley than the money sure doesn’t show it. Even her boyfriend who hasn’t been singing for that long is worth more at 100 million true thats more than what miley and selena both makes, but your statement was selena and miley, someone must like miley for her to be worth 48 million,,,, get your facts straight.

  • juan

    ends with justin is gay