Vanessa Hudgens: Lovely in Leopard!

Vanessa Hudgens: Lovely in Leopard!

Vanessa Hudgens beats the heat in a leopard-print mini dress on Monday (August 1) in Los Angeles.

“Hey guys! I LOVED the props from the Candie’s photo shoot so much and they just told me they are giving away one of the pink suitcases from the Ad!” the 22-year-old actress recently wrote on her Facebook page.

Head on over to the Candie’s Facebook page to find out how you can win the suitcase filled with tons of Candie’s gear, as well as an autographed poster!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Tiger Lily petite shark tooth necklace.

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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  • Diamond

    When I saw this like literally my mouth dropped lol , she looks sooo Gorgeous and look at that bright smile ! I love how she has the bangs goin on with her hair and that dress is really cute ! V you continue to amaze me with you amazing fashion sense haha : ) Love ya ♥

  • vicky

    mmm that dress is too short for her legs
    but i think the leopard looks amazing on her

  • claud

    she looks so gorgeous!

  • claud

    her face looks amazing, her bone structure its like perfect..

  • You are all blind..Really don’t know where you see beauty in this.

  • claud

    I know!!! i love that she is starting to play with her hair

  • claud

    jealous much?

  • hey v

    she is really beautiful, but I do suggest that she work out just a little …harder, (no hate at all!!!) and stop smoking too, that way you’re going to be even more beautiful than this♥

  • hey v

    she’s beautiful

  • You are all blind..Really don’t know where you see beauty in this.
    Bye@claud: not…realistic :** kisses.

  • @claud not….realistic

  • Haters Suck!

    I got 20/20 vision so my eye sight’s just fine but thank you for your concern. And with my 20/20 vision is see a very beautiful Vanessa.

  • claud

    Jealous: Resentful or bitter; envious of the success of others.

  • lerner

    now she can get all those lesbian roles.

  • Joochi

    No matter what this beautiful young woman is doing, there is always one or more hater’s that plague this board, can’t they just skim the titiles and if it’s not what they want to comment on then just move on, it’s getting so tiresome that people are always bickering about looks, what they are wearing, etc. These young people nowadays are so hateful and spiteful and for what!!! they have no reason to be that way.

  • claud

    she is working.. a lot of teen actreses are out just shopping, going to gym and that.. Vanessa its just being herself, if she goes for that role, all her fans are going to be so proud of her because we know that Vanessa loves her job, and she will do it in a professional way… all Vanesa´s fans are so proud of her and the way she is taking her career, she isnt another forever Disney… she is a young woman in the business… a young actress

  • Mark

    Vanessa looks really hot!

  • BigTimeRush13

    she looks so different now…
    she got fat, her hair looks like she’s a lesbian and I don’t know ever since the break up things change…. I miss zanessa :(

  • claud

    ewww.. zanessa.. ewwww
    Do you know that she was filming a movie? she was playing a pregnant girl… pregnants girls gain weigth… sooo
    but yeahh… since the break up she looks happier than ever…

  • Haters Suck!

    For the love of,..UGHH!!! (Warning! Rant alert)
    Can we clear somethings up once and for all. Yes Vanessa cut her hair, yes she may have put on some weight. Why did she do all these things? FOR HER MOVIE ROLE!!! Dear lord why can’t people understand that!?!?!? AND SHE IS NOT FAT, it irritates me to no end how people call a beautiful and healthy girl fat. Sorry if she’s not a twig and u can barley see her but that’s not Vanessa. She didn’t do this because of “him”, she didn’t do it because she’s depressed she did it for no other reason then to get into character for her movie role. That’s it, it doesn’t get anymore complicated then that. Honestly she did what few young actresses would be willing to do but instead of giving her props for taking a chance some people just give her a hard time about it. If she wants to grow her hair back she will, if she wants to lose the weight will bit if she decides she wants to stay just like this that would be perfectly fine by me too. Just as long as V’s happy then I’m good.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Hot, hot, hot ! She’s looking great. :D

  • ehryle

    she is Beautiful inside and out!! xoxo V :)

  • clare

    so gross. she is so god damn ugly and so fucking fat

  • peggy


    Asshole you’re fat!!! Go get a life

  • Jenny

    She looks sexy

  • Meghan

    @Joochi: Don’t be a hypocrite, I’ve seen you post nasty comments on posts of Ashley before.

  • http://lala aiwen

    but i think the dress she wore before right ??haha whatever!!!
    she is beautiful eveytime put that big smile on her face love u so much!!!!

  • ZANE

    thats the beauty

  • maria

    Yes, she gained weight and cut off her hair for a movie role!! And guess what??? She’s not going to hide because of it!! What do some of you pathetically critical people want her to do? Hide in her house? No, she’s not going to do that. She’s been gone for months, and hasn’t seen her girlfriends, so she’s catching up, and enjoying some free time. She is still beautiful, young, and real. She doesn’t act like she’s perfect, and that’s one of the things I like about her. She’ll make mistakes like all of us human beings. But I still love her positive energy, her radiant smile, and the charisma she has.

  • http://facebook ana

    BigTimeRush13 vanessa did all those things because of her role in a movie not because of zac efron look her life is not that guy thanks god she is an independent woman you really think that she is so depressed to do all this thing for one guy she is young dam it zac efron is not her life and vanessa is not zac efrons life too we have to understand that life is not a fairtale they had been together for five years they grew up and they wanted diferent things so they broke up so all those stupid things that they belong together they are meant to be wake up life is not a firtale even if they love eotchother its their life they were kids when they started to date they want diferent things now i have heard stupid things like vanessa belong to zac how do you know that what are you god if they belong together they wil be together but if they dont then you cant tell her/him who to date at the end of the day its their decisions and life so you cant do anything but write commentsof what do you think about them i heard that girls were crying because they broke up i mean why you dont know them they decided it so its for the best be happy because at least infront of the cameras your idol is happy

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessas official website is live. Seriously you need to go check this out it looks really good.

  • Kylie

    She is so cute! I think she looks amazing and very hot!

  • laquida


  • http://none juddy


  • ______

    She looks hot in leopard.

  • troian

    f*ckk seriouslyy this can get neyy BETTER¡¡¡¡

  • troian

    oohh myyyy seriously thin can’t get any betterr¡¡¡¡¡¡
    f*ck V why you do all these things to mee freking gorgeousssssss¡¡¡ girl

  • troian

    i’ll stan by you VANESSA

  • laquida


  • j

    She dresses like such a ho.

  • troian

    freaking godess ¡¡¡¡¡

  • troian

    freaking godess ¡¡¡¡¡
    freaking godess ¡¡¡¡¡
    freaking godess ¡¡¡¡¡

  • troian

    @BigTimeRush13: hell no …. BRO
    vanessa was damn oppressed in that UNHEALTHY relationship & now she’s free WAHAHAHHAHHA & I couldn’t be more freaking happy cuz her ex bf or the jerk that she has like a boyfried slept with her friend i mean the blonde one & who knows with who elses more…BESTDAMN CHOICE¡

  • !!!!????

    Beautiful as always and so love her smile.

    I know the hair and weight gain is for a movie but don’t care if she cut or shave her hair or gaing weight. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

  • Ju


  • 333

    baby VVVVVV

  • Ju


  • Ju

    bye girl

  • Ju

    love you van

  • s