Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play 2011 -- September 24th!

Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play 2011 -- September 24th!

Big Time Rush, iCarly, Supah Ninjas, Victorious and Bucket & Skinner casts are coming together once again to promote Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play 2011!

Stars of the shows will catch waves, play tennis, skateboard, and enjoy other outdoor activities in a new promo campaign that shines the spotlight on the network’s signature health and wellness event – Worldwide Day of Play.

On Sept. 24, Nickelodeon will bring its flagship Worldwide Day of Play event to Washington, D.C. for its biggest celebration of active play in the eight-year history of the initiative.The network will host an entire day of activities and games for kids and their families to encourage active and healthy lifestyles.

Also, remember that Nickelodeon’s TV channels and websites will go off the air and offline during Worldwide Day of Play from 12PM – 3PM ET/PT to encourage kids across the country to participate in the celebration of healthy and active play.

15+ pics inside…

Nickelodeon’s Day of Play 2011

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  •!/Goslingsawagrin Mik

    Where can you get those SHOES!

  • Judy

    Where do you get those shoes??? They look so cool and I really want them!!!!

  • LiL-D

    i cant wait for this. the worldwide day of play has been all over but this is my first time

  • cory

    Where do u get those shoes i want them!

  • mommyJay

    do you have to pay to come to the worldwide day of play in dc.. its close to my home so i think my daughter would love it!

  • Court

    Is this free to go to??? Or do you have to buy tickets???

  • Ruby

    Anybody gonna be playing Ultimate Frisbee!?!?!:D

  • Coolkid

    Where exactly in DC? and how do we get in? Do we have to pay? Oh yeah, and what time?

  • I love James Maslow

    Does it cost money to go to DC and see them? if it does, how much? someone please HELP me!

  • Tyler

    Where will it take place I have heard lots of places like the national mall and other places. Where will it really be held? Please ANSWER!!!

  • Brady

    So cant wait to see the cast of victrous if want u guys could listen to me sing on day of play and see if I could be big one day

  • parker

    My dad says he would take me. but i’m still looking on the website if I have to pay…

  • Sheila

    OMG im soo there i <3 victoria justice imma try to be in the first row at the concerts and yes its free from 12:00 to 3pm :)


  • Happycraftykim

    where are the events taking place? What is the cost to participate/attend the events? Please ANSWER!

  • Anthony ponce

    Will it cost money and I love Adriana grande

  • Anthony ponce

    Will it cost money and I love Adriana grande

  • MaryClair Naro

    Hey, umm Where is this event taking place, where in washington D.c? i super excited to meet the cast of icarly and victorious, one last question… will it cost money? if ti would how much? :)

  • Victoria

    What time will it be at?! I HAVE to go! Yes it’s free but what time is it?! ILOVE ARIANA GRANDE AND BIG TIME RUSH!!!<3333333

  • MaryClair Naro

    What is the address? and do you have to pay?

  • madsy

    oh my god, i think i might faint… celebs in MY city???? no way, this is impossible…

  • Karla

    OMG! I live in Virginia. That’s like an hour away. I am sooooo going. BTW it doesn’t cost anything to get in and BTR will preform which I will love! And also the fresh beat band, and I love the fresh beat band. I’m 12 and I love them. But yeah Victoria Justice, Nathan Kress, Jennete Mcurrdy, Miranda Cosgrove, The Supah Ningas cast and yeah I will definatly be there.

  • Jasmine

    OMG! I live in DC. jealous??
    Yeah you are, I’m going to walk there. It going to be pretty awesome. I was like” finally!” when they said dc

  • Amy

    @MaryClair Naro: Ahh! how much does it cost?!?

  • Jessica

    I can not wait to go! I live in virginia,Fairfax! Washington dc is not that far! Can’t Wait!

  • MaryClair Naro

    Awesome i cant wait… but im worried my mom said MAYBE… we’ve been setting it up but there is one problem. How to get there! we might call a taxi and give him some sort of adress that we fonud on google but we are still a little confused any help with how to get there including an address, taxi, or any metro station leading to the destination would me nice… Thanks!

  • arifa p

    hey, my daughter would love to go, and i would love to take her , but i need to know where in DC this would be taking place

  • vanessa

    omg!!!!!!!!same here. i luv victoria justice!imma try to b there nd i cant wait!!!!!!!!but i think i will b there cuz i liv in virginia.idk if im goin but im soooo excited!!!!!!!ahhh!!!!!!!!!!i cant wait!!! : D : P : D

  • vanessa

    @arifa p: ummm….. i think in front of the white house or in front of the monument. im rlly not sure which 1 but im pretty sure it will take place in 1 of those areas.

  • christie

    Is there a rain date?

  • jeremy

    my son wants to watch some damn cartoons put the damn shows on that i pay to watch

  • Will Williams

    @Victoria: hey victoria i am a real big fan i am from greensboro north carolina and my friends make fun of me because i am a real big fan of u. well i am watching the day of play today and me and a couple of friends are going out 2 play football 2day well hey. and i watch ur shows everyday and i love them . u r really awesome. i hope i get 2 meet u in person sometime i gtg play have fun bye.; ) i hope u recieve this message.

  • Will Williams

    @Will Williams: how was the day of play 2 day

  • http://justjaredjr natalie

    i want my school to win my school is bower hill!!!!!!