Zac Efron: 'Paperboy' at the Playground

Zac Efron: 'Paperboy' at the Playground

Zac Efron works on his fitness at a local park playground on Tuesday (August 2) in Mandeville, La.

The 23-year-old actor took a break from filming his new movie, The Paperboy, to get in a workout.

Zac has reportedly also signed on for an untitled comedy opposite Seth Rogen.

The R-rated project centers around a guy (Rogen) who lives near an alpha male fraternity house. Zac plays a “member of the fraternity, whose raucous behavior wreaks havoc on the other guy’s family life,” Deadline reports.

FYI: Zac is wearing a Vans OTW Surf New Era Hat.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron

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  • lauren


  • Selena

    lol its so funny to see a guy wearing sweats and sandals lol.

    Whatever I still love ya Zac. <3

  • mayra


  • whatever

    Are there no gyms in Louisiana? “look at me, look at me”, I can do pull-ups on the monkey bars…….

  • Stephanie

    @Whatever….What is wrong with it and he is at least trying to get in better shape for the movie and FYI for all I care he can do what he wants…also if you dont like him dont comment on his threads and let us zac fans or people who support zac and vanessa leave comments on his threads.

  • A

    @Stephanie: What does Vanessa have to do with it? She’s irrelevant.

  • stephanie

    @A: Because I am saying tht we should be able to come on here and not worry bout someone bashing zac and i know she is only a nessa fan and not a zac fan and its like let us fans who support BOTH zac and vanessa be on here and not have to worry bout a big fiasco and its not like i was bashing her i was just saying can we plz not have someone hate on only zac……and ur right she is irrelevant but still I think if u cant comment on his thread about how we are happy for him then why comment at all…anyways I was just saying to make it more clear tht only people who really care about both or just zac should comment cuz at this point i am tired of coming on here and seeing zac being bashed all the time

  • Skylar

    Anyone know what the name of this park is? D:

  • love

    gosh he is awesome!

  • molly

    Yeah i agree dont bother commenting if your going to bash people. shame people feel they have to do that!
    Love ya zac

  • http://@StarSiteL Leila

    Awwwwwwwwn!, My baby is so talented!, He’s Working so Hard in a lot of Proyects!
    #ProudOfUZachy !:)

  • Storyteller

    @stephanie: I think you might have to get used to the fact that some Vanessa fans are still bitter he dumped their gal so of course they’re going to hate on him. They’re free to voice their opinion, not that it changes anything though.

  • florence

    It’s a public site and therefore people can come on and have their heard nobody forces anyone to reply to anyone’s comment unless THEY choose to.

  • stephanie

    @Storyteller: You are right and you know what I am not gonna let some hater bug me cuz I am proud to be a fan of BOTH zac and vanessa….and if u ask me i think tht the break up was mutual cuz both seemed devistated but we dont know what happened but like Vanessa says in her Candies commercial dont cry over spilled milk….and its nice to know tht he can take a little break since he is filming back to back movies and I am also happy tht both zac and nessa are enjoying thier single life and i think right now its best for them since both are busy and plus they need to grow individualy before they can grow as couple and we can say we are proud to be Zanessa fans and always will be

  • kerri

    I am so happy finally new pics of him. Love you Zac :)

  • Emem

    @stephanie: Amen, sister. You said it. =]

  • mv

    No wonder he’s got a great body. He’s doing TRX!

  • Proudofzacnessa

    Zac new photos!
    my baby….hot as always

  • http://peggy sue

    i have a question where is his tatoo?

  • kyle

    It is already August so I hope everybody moves on. Bashing Zac on his thread only attracts trouble and will not dissuade his fans from liking him, so why do it in the first place….unless someone is a masochist or craves attention online that they enjoy the nasty exchanges of words. :(

    Moving on, I’m happy to see Zac busy on several movie projects. He is a fine, young actor that truly deserves all the breaks he is getting. Way to go,Zac!

  • kyle

    oh my, JJ edited the word, ma so.chist. He he.

  • susan

    @sue: Good question. His tattoo seems to be gone. Was it temporary?

  • http://lala aiwen

    he is cute love ya :D

  • Xo

    @Storyteller: No wonder you hate Vanessa so much, you’re a tisdale fan lol. People here don’t hate Zac because of the break up (especially since it’s obvious Vanessa ended it), they don’t like his behavior since the split ( the partying, random chicks, being involved with people that get DUIs) since according to him, that’s not who he is.

  • Sara12

    @aiwen: His tattoo is there, you just can’t see it from these angles. Thats why I like where it is because he can draw attention away from it.

  • Sara12

    @Xo: But none of those things are good reasons to dislike him. I really don’t see what the big deal is with him partying and hooking up with people. He’s single and he’s not hurting anyone. So what if he said he didn’t do the club scene before, he was 18-19 at the time. Its easy to say what you won’t do when you can’t do it. He seems to be the same down to earth simple guy that he always was, if anything thats what you should be judging, and as far as Ryan’s DUI goes its just that….. Ryan’s DUI. What does his friends bad judgement have to do with him. lub scene before, he was 18-19 at the time. Its easy to say what you won’t do when you can’t do it. He seems to be the same down to earth simple guy that he always was, if anything thats what you should be judging, and as far as Ryan’s DUI goes its just that….. Ryan’s DUI. What does his friends bad judgement have to do with him.

  • Xo

    @Sara12: Lol I didnt say that I dislike him or that any of those reasons are good ones, I’m just trying to knock sense into these idiot haters that seem to think that everything Zac does is because of V or vice versa. This is a Zac thread and he is no longer with V, so why is she being brought up? Some people just come on here to hate & don’t realize how stupid they sound.

  • Luisa

    just FYI she dumped him

  • laquida

    I love the pics! Congrats on your new movie projects! Zac is so handsome! I love you Zac!:)

  • stephanie

    @Luisa: How would you know you were not there and no one has confirmed who broke up with who and we prob. will never know

  • stephanie

    @Xo: All I was saying was how we need to support both and let them get on with their lives…thts all if u were even talking to me in the 1st place

  • florence

    How is it obvious that Vanessa finished with him. And so what if she did there must have been good reason for her to end a 5yr relationship.

  • stephanie

    @florence: For once I agree with you and she has said they split cuz long distance relationships are hard…..its like she or him or even both know tht right now they are busy and need time to grow and be happy by themselves even if they dont make the right choices

  • pam

    Could have been a mutual breakup…..

  • pam

    Wonder if any of the Wildcats will go to see Corbin in Hairspry at the Hollywood Bowl??

  • Patworx

    @Xo: 1. There’s nothing wrong with going to parties. 2. He’s not dating Vanessa anymore so he’s allowed to date other girls. 3. It’s not his fault if one of his friends got a DUI.

  • Lawrence

    I’d love to do some squeezing under that boys boxers!*heh*.

  • Miranda

    Love the new Zac pictures (:
    Filming 2 movies and the New Years Eve trailer. Proud of him (:

  • whatever

    @stephanie: People need to stop thinking they split over “distance”……that’s a crock. They had “distance” for 5 years as an issue, that was nothing new to them. Stop being so damn gulllible. THey’re not gonna tell us what happened. And where do you get off thinking he’s “simple” and easy going??? That is NOT him, and he himself has said he’s difficult, as well as his dad. You don’t know him nor do I. And as far as I can see, there’s no sign at the door here telling us if we don’t like Efron, we can’t come in. Get over yourself.

  • whatever

    @Patworx: St Zac is alive and well in your tiny brain!! He can do NO wrong. LMAO.

  • stephanie

    @whatever: What about you get over yourself and like u said u dont know wjat hes like and fyi i do know him when he came for CSC premiere in MO I met him and he was as sweet as can be.

  • whatever

    @stephanie: Oh, and “meeting” someone really means you “know” them. That’s ridiculous. Of course he was ‘sweet’. What else would you expect????? He knew you were paying to go see his crappy movie. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    @whatever: FYI CSC was not crappy and I will tell u my bro cant stand Zacs movies but even my bro said he actually likes it……and I would expect him to be tht way but guess what we couldnt see it cuz only a select group of people were aloud to see it for FREE and also why is it tht all his co-stars love him and even his directors love him? and dont say he has to be nice to them cuz he doesnt and also he does a lot of charitable work (like Nessa) when cameras are not around

  • http://FACEBOOK i love haterz


  • armyofkitties

    omg he’s wearing the illuminati t shirt!

  • cutie

    Bit jealous can’t work that pull up fitness i kept pulling down .Zac is very good of doing that…
    I love him !!!he is soooo gorgeous..

  • pita

    He always look amazing!!!

  • Jo


    Just out of curiosity, What did his dad say?

  • Jo

    @Whatever: Just out of curiosity, what exactly did his dad say?

  • http://lala aiwen

    i think u reply the wrong person :)