Chelsea Kane Comic-Con Interview -- JJJ Exclusive!

Chelsea Kane Comic-Con Interview -- JJJ Exclusive!

Chelsea Kane had a blast at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con.

The 22-year-old actress called JJJ up the other day to dish on the convention, One Tree Hill and Fish Hooks. Check it:

JJJ: Talk to us about Fish Hooks
Fish Hooks was just magical. It was my very first time voicing a character. Fish Hooks was originally a short, 5 minute shorts that would air commercial breaks on the Disney channel and for me that was enough. I was thrilled that I was going to get my shot at doing voice-over work. My character Bea is the emotionally unstable dramatic fish, she’s all over the map, to be able to play that character is really fun. You get to goof around and have fun, in her world less isn’t more, more is more. It was amazing to do the short, and then to get to do the pilot and the full season has been amazing. We are now in our second season and it is so exciting.

JJJ: Congratulations on joining One Tree Hill!
Yeah, I’m so excited this will be the first time I’m playing a character that’s not in high school. It will be interesting for me to play more my age, it’s a little scary to suddenly be mature and play a role a little more layered. Tara, my character on One Tree Hill you’re going to have to peel back the layers of her character granted it is just a guest star I think you’ll get to see a different side of me and I’m really excited to play a little darker more interesting character.

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JJJ: You were just at Comic Con for Fish Hooks. What was that like for you?
You are in a booth recording the voice work and it’s not the same as being on a live action series, so you won’t get recognized on the streets for my voice for Fish Hooks like I have been for things like Dancing with the Stars. When we were at comic con we did a panel in a room that holds 1,000 people and I was hoping that maybe a couple hundred people would show up, by the end of the panel it was standing room only. It was really amazing to see how Fish Hooks has gained so much popularity.

JJJ: Did you walk the convention and meet with fans?
Yes! I walked the convention on Sunday and I love meeting the fans. I think it’s so cool, I’ve been on the flip side of that scenario where I’ve seen someone who I have wanted to say hi to. If someone comes up to me and wants to talk about the show I always will, I love doing that.

JJJ: Talk to me about your JONAS days, do you still have a close relationship with the cast?
It was so cool to be on a show at a time where we were all growing up together, and all coming into our own together. I think because of that we will always have a special bond, especially with the boys. We started the pilot before they even released their first album. To watch that crazy journey was so fun for me and for them to come to sit int he audience at Dancing with the Stars and cheer me on really meant a lot. I think it doesn’t matter if we speak once a month, once a week or once a year we will always have a special connection where we all know that we will be there for each other for the rest of our lives. I’m sure it’s a similar bond people have with friends in high school. When we were shooting the show those were our high school years, we even had classrooms there.

JJJ: What type of shows do you watch?
I’m kind of all over the place as far as my viewing goes. Granted being on the Disney channel I do find myself at 22 years old watching it, mainly just to see what’s going on or watch something that my friends are in. I do watch a lot of network shows. I’m a fan of the CW shows like One Tree Hill, so I am excited to be a part of a show that I have been invested in already as a fan. Other shows I enjoy range from anything to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Family Guy, to Californiacation I kind of feel I have an interesting range of what I enjoy tuning into.

JJJ: How did being a part of Dancing with the Stars change your life?
It was amazing! It was so challenging and so fun and something I am just so glad I put myself through. The ups and downs of it all. Something I really learned from that show is that it was the first time that I ever put myself out on the line 100% as Chelsea. I was saying here’s me, I’m learning new skills, I’m tired and I’m nervous and they are filming me 24/7 and this is my personality. You can’t help but be scared that people aren’t going to like you, I think everyone goes through life thinking things like “what if they hate me, what if I’m booed off a stage.”

I think Dancing with the Stars was that moment for me of not hiding behind the mask of a character anymore which was something really scary and totally out of my comfort zone. I think the thing I learned the most is to truly jump. It was an amazing confident booster having the people cheering for me and being a part of that show.

JJJ: Dancing with the Stars has such a broad audience as well, did you feel that was going to be a challenge for you since you had just a younger audience fan base with your work on Disney?
It is so amazing that so many people from all ages and people who I know never saw my work on the Disney channel because they don’t have kids or it’s just a different demographic. It was wonderful to gain fans from so many different ages. I would go to grocery stores and have grandmothers even tell me that it was fun to watch me on the show and thanking me for entertaining them on the show, that’s what it’s all about.

JJJ: What’s on your bucket list as an actress?
My aspirations are all over the map. As an actress I want to play cool characters, something different every time and fun females. I would love to play fun characters as well as dramatic and dark. I think Dancing with the Stars opened the doors a lot for me. There are some other shows in the works right now that I am really excited to share with you really soon. I love talking about my adventures as well, I always talk about new bands and new things to check out on my website and I love doing that.


The next new episode of Fish Hooks airs Friday, August 12 th @ 9:15 PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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