Lucy Hale & Elizabeth Gillies: Attached To 'Fallen'?

Lucy Hale & Elizabeth Gillies: Attached To 'Fallen'?

Lucy Hale might just be “Fallen” for Liam Hemsworth.

The 22-year-old actress and Elizabeth Gillies‘ names have been added to the upcoming film adaption’s IMDB page — although nothing has been confirmed.

Elizabeth would star as Luce’s friend and fellow fallen angel, Arriane Alter, and Liam, has expressed interest in Daniel.

“Fallen” by Lauren Kate revolves on a young girl named Luce who gets sent to “Sword and Cross” reform school in Savannah, Georgia, after she is accused of murdering a boy by starting a fire. At the reform school, she meets Daniel, a boy whom she feels inexplicably drawn to, claiming she has seen him before.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about “Fallen” becoming a movie? Who would you pick for the roles?

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  • Erika

    Perfect roles! I would love to see this into a movie!!! :D

  • samantha

    Nooooo,not Liam again,isn’t it enough that he is in Hunger Games???

  • teamDobrev

    eww. not liam. this book should be a movie but i’d rather someone better than him. and no offence but lucy hale isnt all that great either. hmm…

  • Sarah

    I love Lucy!!!

  • http://@meganlynch09 Megan

    Okay so I don’t know who I wouldn want for the roles, but SERIOUSLY! Why Laim and Lucy?? Yes they’re good actors but not for these roles. I like Elizabeth but I really don’t want Liam, he already has Hunger Games, which he is not good for, so why ruin another apdaptation. Lucy looks too…perfect and yes Luce is meant to be pretty and beautiful but Lucy is just too girly.

  • ripoff

    Liz should be the star of Victorious anyway (clearly change the name of the show to Hollywood Arts)

  • ashleylovestaylorswift

    i actaually like it:) lucy hale is a great actress.

  • harmony

    I think Elizabeth would suit Luce better… Liam could be a good Daniel but he looks a bit too built, I pictured Daniel as lanky.
    Lucy, if she has short hair could be a great Arriane.

    Though it’s still a better cast than what they’ve done to other movies that were books.

  • Nicole

    Lucy and Elizabeth are perfect for these roles! Not sure about Liam though…

  • Ms grey

    how has Liam Hemsworth gotten all the good roles?? Please anyone but him!!!

  • henna

    @samantha: IKR thats what im sayin -__-

  • Madeleine

    AHHH!! I didn’t know they were already looking to get this book made into a movie. Thats so exciting!!! I’ve followed the books since it came out and cannot wait for the third book to be released/this movieee

  • Dim

    I didn’t like the book, but isn’t Liam already attached to The Hunger Games franchise?

  • MImi

    NOT LIAM!!

  • tyrell

    seriously ??? nooooooo i dont want Liam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any1 bt liam please ! :@

  • tyrell

    no not liam !!!! please dont let dis ruin fr us !

  • marius


    I agree with you 1000%. I can’t believe that such a talented actress
    and singer like Liz has to play second banana to an actress who
    is as bland as a rice cake and just as appealing.

    At least it’s good to see Liz getting some recognition (and work
    outside of Victorious) . She deserves it.

  • gabby

    i love lucy and liz as the characters but was thinking more along the lines for daniel to be alex pettyfer or austin butler kind of

  • Scissorlove

    Definitely watching it because of Liz Gillies(:

  • Alex

    Fallen is one of my favourite books and I love Liz. I agree ELIZABETH NEEDS to play Arriane alter, I think that role suits her. I also read somewhere that Alex pettyfer was going to be in it?

  • Loveinisolation


    I agree, Liz would make a better Luce and Lucy would make a better Arriane.

  • Molly

    Jessica Stroup is attached to this movie now too. Does anyone know if that’s true?

  • Sarah

    Elizabeth should be Arrianne or Lucy. Alex Pettyfer should be Daniel

  •!/sam_lizchris Samantha

    I’m not a big fan of Liam..

  • Tanzey

    Lucy Hale – Luce
    Alex Pettyfer – Daniel
    Adam Gregory – Cam
    You’re welcome ;)

  • melannie

    Love Liam!

    don’t really like the books, though :/

  • gracey

    would love to see lucy hale as luce and alex pettyfer as daniel. i think they will pull it off.

  • http://@bekinhaarnaud Rebecca

    NO JUST NO. okay first of all arriane should be tiny, not Luce.
    okay hm…
    Kaya Scodelario as Luce, Chase Crawford as Daniel and Sean Faris as Cam.

  • Cinda

    Omg,lucy hale and liam will spoil the movie totally!!!! LUCY LOOK NOTHING LIKE LUCINDA,HELLO! AND LIAM LOOK NOTHING LIKE DANIEL! Please don`t let then spoil the movie!

  • kate

    Can Lucy and Liz switch roles please? :)
    And I don’t think Liam would fit the role. I mean physically, he won’t… :/

  • Marinette Unson

    Alex Pettyfer as Daniel, Aaron Johnson as Cam, Emma Stone as Arriane, and maybe Chelsea Hobbs as Luce? or Kaya Scodelario? :P

  • lovinglizgillies

    I don’t know if Lucy Hale is right for Luce, but I love Elizabeth Gillies for Arianne, she could even play of Luce if she wanted to! Not so sure on Liam though :/

  • Anonymous

    Don’t think it’s a good idea to cast Elizabeth Gillies, Liam Hemsworth or Lucy Hale for this movie. I think it’s better to cast some actors who aren’t that famous at all… But that’s my opinion. Not that Elizabeth, Liam and Lucy aren’t good actors, it’s just not meant to let them be in Fallen. Again, my opinion.