Ashley Tisdale: Multitasking with Maui

Ashley Tisdale: Multitasking with Maui

Ashley Tisdale lifts pup Maui into the basket on her bike on Sunday afternoon (August 8) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress tweeted, “Multitasking on a bike is hard. Had Maui in the basket and carrying my gym bag, that’s a work out in it’s self.”

Earlier over the weekend, Ashley headed to Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl and then headed out with a gal pal for a little retail therapy at Planet Blue.

20+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale biking around the block…

FYI: Ashley is wearing M2F Brand Denims Mini Shorts in Daffodil.

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Photos: AKM
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  • florence

    Could she look any unhappier must be missing Zac

  • Sierra

    Aww soo cute! :) <3

  • lila


  • lila

    she copies vanessa in everythings she do since when she rides basket

  • ashley *fame whores*

    @lila omg so true she copies vanessa fashion and now actions really xash .she must feels jalouse from v.honny u never gonna be nessa

  • ashley ****

    so true she copies her fashion and now her actions stops honny .u never gonna be nessa

  • ashley

    ok ashley hony u dont have to copies vanessa cause u never gonna be as good as her

  • Mara

    Aw, Maui *.*
    She looks beautiful :)

  • sarra

    i agree vanessa is a dive , and ashley well **** and disneyyy girl yaya

  • Lauren lipkin

    Her dog looks fake

  • taylor

    oooo i love maui more than ashley

  • taylor

    love her lol

  • Nicky

    @florence: you have really nothing better to do, am I right? If I would see idiotic paparazzi all I time I wouldn’t look in a different way. And besides all of that she misses Scott. He’s on the other side of the US and producing a movie. Zac has absolutely nothing to do with that. People here are nothing else than pathetic. Ash and Zac were kidding around on her bday an that’s it. I’m just glad that Zac vanishes from the scene as much as possible, so he can have a little bit of a private life.

  • lili

    @lauren lipkin
    she looks fake *lol*

  • Lubarus

    Ashley looks cute><

  • Lubarus

    Ashley is the best!!!

  • kerri

    Looking good Ash :) and wtf is with the hate? people why does everything have to be a competition? She and Nessa are best friends.

  • kerri
  • svenja

    Why all the hate. She is riding a bike. And she did it before. Many times!
    Why does it have to be a competition with Vanessa? They are best friends. And almost everyone goes bike riding. I do, too. And I´m not copying Vanessa. I just do it for fun.

  • LOL

    Does her publicist tip off the paparrazzi everytime she goes to the gym, gets coffee or goes shopping? Really… is she THAT interesting? I really don’t think her friendship with Vanessa is all that tight…know what I mean? Did she attend any of Vanessa’s movie premieres or her Rent performance? Tisdale is completely self-serving.

  • palma

    i know she ‘s friend with vanessa but she dont respects vanessa

  • lauren

    completely agree with you.

  • Nicky

    @kerri: you’re wrong, Ash and Vanessa are not so close anymore. Vanessa and her sis Stella visited Ash’s sister Jennifer, her niece Mikayla Dawn and Ash’s mother. But before they did they took care that Ash was not there. Sounds really like a close friendship. They also grew apart, the HSM times are over. Friendships break apart. Especially Vanessa has a new circle of friends.

  • Marine

    OMG people, NONE of the celebrities are interesting at all. They have a normal life just like us. Time for you to understand it!!
    You have nothing nice to say or you’re not interested in her, get out of here! You certainly LOVE creating drama and talking sh!t about her.
    “OMG she rides a bike, she’s copying nessa” Really guys? really? wow, I’ve been doing it since I’m 5 and I’m still doing it so that means they’re copying me? -_-’.
    Damn, most of you are complaining because people on JJ are full of hate but you are definitely not better. PATHETIC!!

  • Mara

    I’m sick of this competion between Vanessa and Ashley!!

  • tisdalefan

    why people don’t understand that ashley don’t copy Vanessa ? she is just herself..why people hate ashley? why they say bad things? I think ashley is a good actrees..maybe vanessa is a diva ,but ashley isn’t so…she’s like a normal please stop teling bad words about ashley tisdale.she is a sweet girl who loves her fans.Don’t compare vanessa & ashley.:) Ashley is beauty and vanessa also if you dont like ashley don’t comment.thank you.:) if you’re not a Tizzies. it’s ur problem just don’t say bad words about ashu

  • svenja

    I hate all those “Vanessa was at all of Ashley´s premieres but Ashley wasn´t at Vanessa´s premieres” comments. Vanessa wasn´t at all premieres. And while Vanessa was performing Rent at Hollywood Bowl or premiered Beastly and Sucker Punch, Ashley was in Vancouver shooting Hellcats.
    Just because they have different time schedules and couldn´t go to each ohters premieres that doesn´t mean they aren´t close anymore.
    Of course HSM times are over. That means they aren´t shooting at the same place anymore. So they have less time for each other.
    It´s like you are going to another university than your best friend. You have less time but you´re still best friends.
    Oh, and that Vanessa/Stella/Jennifer meeting you talk about: Ashley had a barbecue and Vanessa and Stella were invited. They didn´t wait till Ash wasn´t there, they visited her.

  • hailey

    Yes, Vanessa DOES have a new circle of friends. And I’m talking the ones with whom she smokes and drinks with. Does Ashley do that? No. Doesn’t mean she’s any better, but she makes better life choices. Both are pretty girls, but of course Ash-fans think that Ashley is the MOST beautiful woman in the world. And OF COURSE when some Vanessa-fans come here trashing her, we get right back at them.
    What I DON’T UNDERSTAND, though, is WHY do the V-fans come here to comment? You really care so much? Sounds jealousy to me.

  • true

    i love tiz

  • Haters Suck!

    the only time I’ve agreed with you about anything. Vanessa and Ashley are no longer friends if u ask me and you’re right Vanessa has found new friends, people that actually support her and she supports them as well. That’s friendship. And Ashley was not filming anything during vanessas rent performance or any of her premieres. She was in LA and could have supported Vanessa if she wanted to but chose not to.

  • Naty

    She’s so sweet! *-*

  • morpheus

    worry about your own life peoples.

  • sarra

    who cares about her .to all vanessa fans please dont makes comment here on her post .dont give her the attention that she loking for .sorry for my english

  • sarra

    to all vanessa fans dont comment in her post dont give her the attensin that she looking for .sorry for my english

  • lola

    yeah i agree dont make her popular in just jared jr.and who cares about her nothing intresting

  • kami

    “it’s self” means “it is self” lol

  • amtfan

    Ashley has many incoming projects coming up. Ashley isn’t sad, shes just not in the mood for paparazzi. As for Vashley, they are friends. Vanessa recently hung out with Ashley (picture proof on her twitter) so you guys can leave this post because this is for ashley fans, not annoying zanessa/vanessa fans.

  • storyteller

    Vanessa fans are obsessed with Ashley. Seriously. How else can one explain the constant comparisons? What the heck does Vanessa have to do with this set of pictures? It’s so silly and just goes to show how immature some people are. It really doesn’t make a difference whether they are friends or not, only desperados with no lives of their own would care so much about other people’s friendships and relationships. How about nurturing some of your own?

  • sara

    ashely you don’t have sweetie to copy vanessa in evrything

  • Meghan

    I am so mad right now. OMG Ashley is ridng a bike she must be copying Vanessa!!!! Shut the fuck up you sound like a 5 year old. So I guess every person who rides a bike is copying Nessa right? YEAH. I find it funny that Vanessa fans are so insecure and have so much time on their hands to read articles about Ashley when they clearly “hate” her. More like obsessed fans indenial.

  • cheryl

    @lila &ashley: oh well, so you are saying that Ashley may not have the right to drive a car because Nessa also did that??? LMAO. FYI, I’m Nessa’s fan.

  • cheryl

    @lila &ashley: so you are saying that Ashley may not have the right to drive a car because Nessa also did that??? LMAO. Seriously. FYI, I’m Nessa’s fan.

  • Lubarus

    vanessa is UGLY!!!!! I HATE VANESSA HUDGENS!!!

  • http://None Juddy

    To all my vanessa friends please don’t comment at Ashley post anymore . Enough with the hate =)

  • http://None Juddy

    Let us live in peace ok =)

  • MR.

    maui is soo cute!

  • MR.

    and she look’s good!

  • MR.

    her bike is so cute haha

  • Lucy

    Ashley looks cute!!

  • Lucy

    and..she is the best!